How to Kiss a Girl like a Pro: 9 Tips to Make Her Melt

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how to kiss a girl

How to Kiss a Girl like a Pro: 9 Tips to Make Her Melt

how to kiss a girl perfectly

How to kiss a girl like a pro can be tricky, when it is your first time in a relationship. The girl may have the feeling that you are doing it the wrong way, and the communication may slumber until things get right. So how do you want to kiss her to make her overwhelm? I have here some great tips to make it smooth, sexy, and most importantly, enjoyable for everyone involved!

1. Make Eye Contact with Her

how to kiss a girl through eyes
Eye contact

Try to look directly into her eyes and feel no bit of shame for looking at her. Crack a little smile without displaying your teeth and a connection must be built through your action. Don’t forget that eye contact builds a strong connection to attract both of you. [ Read More: 8 Common Relationship Problems That Can Break Your Marriage ]

Making eye contact is a way to prove your confidence in her. Don’t stare at her for long just slightly and take your eye off. She will understand the body language you are displaying to her.

Kissing is paramount to every relationship. You don’t have to rush in opening up the gate of love and the summer of a relationship when you want to start the process. You just have to be focused and know that oral hygiene is good in order not to meet rejection.

2. Build up your confidence first

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Be confident enough

You cannot be nervous and expect a good kiss from a girl, build enough confidence. You have to program your mind that she will enjoy what I will do to her. I remember my first day kissing my first girlfriend, it took me hours thinking whether it was real or a dream I had. I did it anyhow and she was also new in the game. Confidence made me break all the barriers leading to the kiss I did without fear.

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3. Give compliments but don’t overdo it

What ladies like is by praising them in everything they do. It is a moment of happiness so compliment her and remember not to do it beyond expectation. Try to make her happy in the process by complimenting how beautiful you see her lips to be.

Don’t think that when you overdo it, it may make her happy. It will rather provoke her as you want to use that to kiss her. Try doing that simple in a mature manner. Compliments make people feel happy and even forget their sorrows. Related Readings: How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life: 5 Experts Ideas 

4. Open the kiss with your tongue

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I hope you know how to roll your tongue well in her mouth and on her lips. If you are new to it then let me tell you to open your supreme kiss with your tongue. It will make your process happily. Begin with a tip of your tongue, don’t rush make it briefly allow yours to touch hers lovely. Some enjoy saliva exchange while others too don’t so choose your favourite for the process.

The process requires patients, conscience, and mindset. You may decide to roll your tongue in her mouth or probably decide to lick her lips with it. It goes honeying and makes all your concentration supreme to how you kiss a girl like a pro.

5. Don’t go in too strong

This is not a tag of war but an experience that deepens relationships and bonds. Keep it smooth with no pressure. Do not rush in any bit of the process as you kiss with your mouth, not your hand. Build it up gradually as it is intense in the process.

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The kissing will heat up by itself making the intensity deep. Keep it cool and smooth, no rushing just look directly into her eye.

6. Get her involved in kissing you back

Her attention is well required in this so as to facilitate whatever you are doing. If one misses the process, it will render the process void. Her involvement is important to the process. Both must focus on emotional intimacy to spice up your kiss to her.

The opportunities you get in kissing her will always make her remember to see you or come closer. I use to ask “how to kiss a girl” for the first time until I realized it is not as difficult as others say. Get her involved in the process to make it work naturally.

7. Get some distance if she doesn’t seem interested

What do you see when you are kissing her? Is she showing interest or she is pulling back? If she’s not showing interest, it is better to give a distance to make things better. It is not all ladies that may give that audience at the beginning. Check her reactions and determine whether t continue or stop. If she is interested you can close the gap to keep your process tight.

8. Don’t wait for permission

Her permission is not required for kissing it is her mood that will tell you to keep the fire burning. It is better to teach her if she is not used to it. Good kissers help their partners to enjoy the process by teaching them what goes in.

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Explore for some more unique spots than only the lips. Good kissers go to the neck and even the ear to make the process effective.

9. Go slow – there’s no rush

Do you want the best ways how to kiss a girl for the first time meeting? Just take it cool and don’t rush in your decision. Read her body language to see how she is feeling about your interaction. If she smiles back at all you are doing, then she is so interested in what you are calling for.

Have fun with all that you start with the lady you are having at the moment. You are the luckiest person if she has given you the opportunity to touch her lips with yours. I see you winning the heart of the queen with your giggles and fun. Pay attention to all that is going on and take things cool as a proud man in love.

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