10 Best Home Remedies for Sore Throats That Works

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Home Remedies for sore throats

10 Best Home Remedies for Sore Throats That Work

Having a sore throat can be worrying, especially if you are not getting the right medication. But do not worry; I have taken my time to bring you the 10 best home remedies for sore throats that actually work well. I know it may also work well for you since I have tried most of them.

This does not guarantee you avoid the hospital since these are not backed by any scientific research. But remember that not all home remedies work as quickly as orthodox medicine.

Know the cause of your sore throat before turning to a home remedy, whether it be from dry weather, the effects of smoking, viral or bacterial infections, or other factors.


Viral infections usually have symptoms like muscle pain, body weakness, in line with a sore throat, and loss of appetite. To help you get these issues resolved, let’s jump into the remedies of health from home.

1. Use honey as a home remedy for sore throats

Honey is not only sweet for the tongue but it is also a good product for the cure of sore throat. It is a good remedy that accelerates the healing of sore throats and keeps your throat healthy against any bacteria or viral infections.

From many researchers, medicines containing honey properties are good for eliminating bacterial infections and are capable of reducing inflammation in the cells.

How to Use it:

Take two spoons of honey with warm water twice daily; morning and evening. You can also mix it with tea or green tea to take it for effective treatment.

2. Use Salt Water with Garlic

You can also use salt water with garlic to help you solve sore throat problems. Garlic salt water is a good remedy for your health and it contains many medicinal values for throat infections. Although there are other remedies we recommend, taking salt water with garlic can help you solve your sore throat problems fast.  

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How To Use:

  • You don’t need much but mix ½ teaspoon with at least 4 to 8 ounces of warm water.
  • You can create this antiseptic solution at any time, provided that you have access to salt and water.

3. Drink Icy Water to Reduce Pains

Sometimes your first encounter with a sore throat becomes difficult to swallow saliva. Drinking icing liquids can reduce the pain and help to reduce the swelling. It can also calm some inflammations that keep worrying you.

4. Drink Herbal Tea with Honey

A cup of tea with honey may be a soothing experience, especially if your throat is in pain. When you have a sore throat, this relaxing beverage may have an even bigger influence on your health.

Herbal teas with anti-inflammatory characteristics, such as peppermint, chamomile, green tea, licorice root, and black tea, help relieve pain and swelling. Herbal teas mixed with honey have anti-inflammatory characteristics, such as peppermint, chamomile, green tea, licorice root, and black tea, which can help relieve pain and swelling.

What you don’t also have to forget is that herbal Tea, helps to keep your throat wet, which can aid in the healing process.

5. Ginger with Sugar or Honey

Our body uses sugar and starch from carbohydrates foods to provide the brain with glucose and energy. If you use either sugar or honey with ginger, your healing for sore throat becomes easier.

Ginger is not just meant for spicing our food in the kitchen but highly effective product for the body to function well. It helps manage several health conditions which include sore throat.

Many studies show that medicines with ginger component help in treating and solving inflammatory problems.

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How to Use it:

  • Mix a little bit of organic ginger powder with your tea or soup. ½ a tablespoon is enough to solve your problem.
  • You can also mix small ginger, warm water, and honey as one of the home remedies for sore throats.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is not likened by many people because of its taste. It is not one of the delicious home remedies. However, it is one of the effective remedies for treating many sicknesses including sore throat. Because of its antimicrobial properties component, it helps to fight the bacterial pathogen. The acidic component in apple vinegar helps break down the mucous, making way for oxygen.

A tablespoon can help, albeit it is not the most pleasant approach. It contains acetic acids, which are antimicrobial, meaning they combat germs that lead to respiratory ailments.

7. Lemon Juice

Lemon also helps in fighting many diseases and sore throat is not an exception. When you drink lemon juice often, the possibility of getting a sore throat is low.

It helps in clearing the mucus that causes sore throats. Lemon clears the mucus that will cause you to feel the pain of the soar.

How to Use It:

  • Use ½ a slide of lemon and press the lemon juice into your usual tea.
  • You can also mix lemon juice into warm water if you are feeling sore throat.

8. Marshmallow Root

Many people don’t know that marshmallow root does wonders when it comes to health. Research conducted in 2005 showed that herbal cough syrups containing marshmallow root are good in treating cough and other related challenges.

How to use Marshmallow root as Home Remedy for Sore Throat

  • Add some dried marshmallow root to a cup of boiling water to make your preferred tea.
  • Sip the delicious tea two or three times daily to cure the sore throat.
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9. Coconut Oils

Coconut oil has a lot of health benefits to our body which does not exclude our throat health. Some studies suggest that it may fight against infections and reduce inflammation.

One of the greatest benefits of coconut oil is that it helps lubricate the mucous membranes inside your throat.

How to Use it:

  • Get a spoonful of coconut to your hot tea or cocoa.
  • Also, add some to your soup.
  • Put a small in your mouth and allow it to melt into your throat to reduce pain.

Don’t abuse the consumption of coconut oil as it can have a laxation effect at higher dosages. If it is your first time using coconut oil, start small as 1tsp (5ml) at the time to reduce it effect.

10. Use Cinnamon

Cinnamon is known for its efficacy in treating many health challenges. It is known for\ its delicious spice and has a high antioxidant content. It has antibacterial benefits.

Chinese use cinnamon to cure colds, cases of flu, and sore throats. In need of Cinnamon tea? You can get some to buy and use it to cure your sore throats.

You can add Cinnamon to your herbal tea and other diets. Adding cinnamon to your food can help you to get the health you are demanding.


Using the above remedies can help you solve sore throats so fast and easily. We have other recommendations that can help you solve this but take a critical look at the one which suits you.

These home remedies for sore throats were well investigated and studied before publishing. Don’t forget to share your comment and suggestions with us now.


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