15 Best healthy food for lungs infection

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 15 Best healthy food for lungs infection

healthy food for lungs infection

The following are some of the healthy food for lungs infection and how to avoid lungs health problems. Just as everything is consumed, your body works on every food it absorbs. Your lungs are not an exception, it also works according to the food it gets from your consumptions.  If you really need good health for your lungs, then inculcate the following food into your normal diet.


15 best healthy food for lungs infection:

1. Turmeric Consumption

There is an existence of anti-inflammatory components in turmeric that assist lungs health and infections.  The chest is relieved from certain inflammations that tighten the airwaves of it leading to asthma.

Those that add turmeric to their food as daily consumption are having a higher chance of healthy lungs. As you want to avoid lungs diseases, add it to your food either powdered form or any other form.

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2. Garlic

Eating garlic also helps your lungs to work effectively and therefore reducing the health challenges of the lungs. The lungs get rid of the toxins and other inflammations when you consume garlic.

Garlic can be added to your diet either cooking or raw. It has a certain smell that desists many from using it but it has the best component to fighting many health diseases including lungs health.

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3. Green Tea

Green tea also helps lungs health due to the existence of antioxidants in it. It acts very well in reducing inflammations and as well reduces lungs irritation. Green tea has a lot of medicinal purposes if you take a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening.

Green tea is majorly used in used china, japan, Indonesia, and others. Green tea is exported to another part of the world for major consumptions. It has a high level of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), that reduces inflammations in your lungs.

4. Cocoa product

Cocoa is also one of the best healthy food for lungs infections and health. Cocoa which is also known as cacao has a high level of antioxidants that helps improve the airways in the lungs.

Consuming cocoa gives you the necessary antidote to fight lungs infections. Those that eat cocoa product have healthy lungs functioning due to the presence of flavonoid antioxidants that helps to relax the airways in your lungs.

5. Coffee consumptions

Aside from the works coffee does in boosting your energy level; it also helps in the healthy wellbeing of your lungs. Coffee contains enough caffeine and antioxidants which is good for your lungs’ health. It helps prevent major infections that do happen to the lungs.

6. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nut is also one of the best healthy food for lungs infection and health. It contains a good source of selenium that helps in lungs health. Research indicates that consuming just single brazil nut gives you over 150% of important nutrients to keep your lungs healthy.

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It is recommended for one to take a single nut or two per day due to the rich nature of selenium it contains it.

7. Olive Oil

Olive oil is also a great product for lungs problems in teams of its health. Asthmas cannot withstand the consumption of olive oil. As a matter of fact, if you consume olive oil, then you have the potential of getting good health for your lungs and other organs of the body.

It is one of the best healthy foods for lungs infections and promotes its health due to the presence of antioxidants.

8. Honey Consumption

Honey serves for medicinal purposes aside been an alternative for sugar. It has less effect as compared to the consumption of sugar which can affect your health. Honey helps in curing heart problems, lungs and gives good skin color. It helps in curing cough when consumed. Add honey to most of your diet to replace sugar.

9. Ginger

Ginger is a natural product that serves medicinal products for fighting inflammation. It is a portion of good healthy food for lungs infection due to its medicinal purposes. Ginger detoxifies every pollutant from the lungs. It improves the lung’s health by boosting its health.

Ginger helps in healing chest pain which is an indication of a lungs infection. Taking ginger tea may help you to help lungs problems effectively. It is very easy to get ginger if you prefer to use it as part of your diet.

10. Oysters

Oyster is a food product loaded with enough nutrients for your lungs’ health. It has some essential health component like Zinc, vitamin B, selenium, and copper that helps in improving lungs health.

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11. Blue Berries

Blueberries are health food for lungs infection. It has an effective element that helps improve lungs health. Blueberry is rich in vitamin C that is also good with anti-inflammation. Blueberry help in the fight against cell damage free radicals.

12. Apple

Do you know that Apple is not just serving as a fruit? It helps in fighting diseases of the lungs due to the presence of food nutrient like vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Apples also has antioxidants to improve lungs health.

The intake of apple lowers the risk of you getting lung cancer and other lung-related diseases. There are also full of antioxidants that help lower the risk of lungs inflammations.

13. Peppers

Vitamins are found in pepper which helps you in fighting lung problems. Pepper contains vitamins C which acts as antioxidants. Pepper is very important due to the element of vitamin C and is also very good for those who smoke.

The negative effects of smoking can lead to lungs cancer. Those who use 25mg of vitamin C per day are having positive effects due to the antioxidants elements.

14. Drinking Fenugreek Tea

One of the best healthy food for lungs infection is Fenugreek Tea. It helps in curing chronic or persistent cough. Those that use the tea have the experience of sweating which helps reduce body temperature that causes fever.

15. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are good for fighting diseases. They are filled with antioxidants that support lungs health. The presence of antioxidants helps the body fights any infectious diseases that come by the body.










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