8 Secrets Signs Your Ex Is Still Waiting For You

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A man thinking which shows the signs your ex is thinking about you

Know The Secret Signs Your Ex is Still Waiting for You

A woman thinking in front of a computer which shows the signs your ex is thinking about you

Breakup happens to many people since the creation of humankind. When two people break up, they do not automatically lose interest or feelings for each other. What are then the signs your ex is still waiting for you even after a long breakup?

Keep faith this article will reveal all the secret signs that show why he or she is still waiting for you to get together. Not all relationships end because it was intended. Mostly, it is due to petty misunderstandings that could not be resolved with peace.


If one person does not show soberness and submission relationship will never survive. What I will let you know is that not all your exes seem to lose feelings for you. Some will still feel for you and make an effort to get back to you.

The fact of the matter is that not all relationships ended because couples wanted it to happen. But have you made an effort to see whether your ex is still waiting for you or not? Well, follow all the write-up till the final word about the word to understand the signs your ex is still waiting for you.

1. They Make an Effort To If You Are Willing To Get Back

Some exes will boldly ask you if you want them to come back or be together with you. It is up to you to read this sign and understand how to handle such a situation.

Your ex will not hide their feelings for you but will open up to be with you again. This can happen by text, phone calls, or actions with emojis. Studying them carefully, you can testify to what they want to happen to you.

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2. Your Ex Makes Efforts to Be Better Than Before

What do you see after the breakup? If he or she starts improving themselves to be better than they met you, then know what it means.

When your ex seems to fix things for you to come back together, you see from them that they are now better than you use to be with them.

This sign tells you that they mean it and will be a better person than they used to be. There are so many things that tell you that, they are better people now. Working on self-improvement, improving academia, self-sufficiency, and building strong mental ability.

It is also a reliable sign for you to know they’ve moved on and wouldn’t want to associate themselves with you again. Study their actions and know how to decide about them in terms of the relationship. This is when to know whether the game has ended or not.

3. They Keep Communicating with You

Your ex does not cut you off from communication if they still want you back. They keep in touch no matter what brought the break-up. The person that does not want you will never get time for you again.

They enjoy talking to you and will never feel like abandoning you. They interact to know how you also feel about them.

Without communication, relationships cannot strive. Your ex tries every possible means to get back to you and makes life better once again.

4. Your Make Effort to Know Your Relationship Status

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They want you back so they make an effort to know whether you are still available. They make a way to know your current relationship to see if you can accept them back.

Continues asking and other funny things about your relationship are signs your ex is still waiting for you.

5 They Remember You of Your Past Happiness

Your ex will make an effort for you to feel about your past relationship. This is a way to rekindle your emotions and keep you people back on track. Once your ex can ignite your feelings again, he can predict the way forward of being with you.

Do you remember her asking you for some happy moment again? These and other signs show your ex is still waiting for you. Check out the ways to surprise your crush in love.

6. Signs Your Ex is Still Waiting for You: She Makes You Feel Jealous

After the breakup, you may intend to be friends but your ex may take it different angle and drag it far.

She will post things about relationship or love and plays around with them to show she is missing something special. This can happen when your ex still loves you more than you think.

This always happens because your ex still loves you and tests your faith to see whether you can come back again. They will not show anything publicly if you seem to be silent.

7. Your Ex Keep Asking About You from Friends

One of the signs your ex is still waiting for you is when they always ask about you through your friends. It doesn’t just happen when the love is gone or your ex has moved on in life.

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They will even ask whether you are dating or not. These are clear signs of desperation to get back to be with you. Tips: The Ways to handle rejections.

This tells you that they cannot continue with their feelings about you and wants you back in their life. At this point any small effort will get your ex-back becomes very simple and easy to do. 

8. Your Ex Never Returned Anything You Bought for Her

Your ex will never return your kinds of stuff if they think of getting off a second chance. Some will throw your things on you if they have no interest in getting back to you.

Keep watching their moves and you’ll understand the signs whether they are waiting for you or not. [Read More: How to make him regret disappointing you.]


There is nothing wrong when someone keeps loving you after a breakup. Some people see your worth after a breakup when all you do for them is completely missing. The above indications show the signs your ex is still waiting for you to be together after all that happened. Keep in mind that it did not work well for you at the previous time so if you are now trying make sure things are done differently.

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