Why Men Fall in Love and How to Recognize the Signs

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There are currently no specific criteria that makes men to fall in love with a women. Some people suggest that they fall in love not based only on how a woman look, while others join the love train because of beauty and some are for other reasons. Today, we will explore why men fall in love with a woman they have feelings for. 

Numerous relationship experts have reported that men are drawn to women who they perceive as valuable—women who are respectful, attractive, modest, and capable of supporting them during trying times. 

What is the deciding factor for a man to decide to commit to you forever? You recall how you made that attractive man feel attracted to you, and then the chemistry of love started to pull the strings to make things work out nicely for you. 


1. Men are attracted by what they see

Many men are attracted by what they see before thinking about real love. Out of the ten men you select to decide with a gorgeous woman, seven will put beauty before genuine love.

According to other studies, men are more drawn to what they see than what they hear when it comes to falling in love. 

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They are drawn to what physically attracts them. Does this imply that women must have a beautiful appearance? It is not the only thing that makes someone fall in love. Men initially fall in love with what is physically appealing. The more a man gets to know you, he will get what attracts him most to fall in love with you.

2. Men fall for the value

In this world of change and dynamism, men choose value over beauty alone. Men feel appreciated by women with value and are excited to have their love life with them. 

You have to elevate yourself if you want to attract that kind of man with genuine love. And a real falling in love occurs when a man prioritizes his own worth over others.

The top reason why men fall in love is to find a value that can support them in achieving certain goals. Men fall in love with women who value who they are over material possessions. It is paramount for men to build deep connections and increase their sense of belonging. The sense of belonging associated with this makes men have a deep love for women who appreciate their efforts.

Authenticity and comfort are highly valued by men, who typically experience them best when surrounded by friends. You become a very lovable and approachable person if you can support him in being who he truly is. He will be more forthcoming with you when he feels secure and at ease. 

3. Men fall for someone they can have plans with

Plans for personal growth are among the many considerations that influence the decisions made by men. With these things in mind, some men choose to wed a woman who will help them plan their future.

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Men value women who can help them find peace and stability. Future-oriented women are valued, particularly those who can align with their plans for the future. Are you wondering why that guy is still not giving up on you? It has to do with his plans that are aligned with yours.

Men’s time to fall in love varies based on their mutual preferences. Some may take time to study you before engaging you in such a conversation. While others just fall easily without any plan.

Men and women value finding love equally, despite the fact that this may seem hard to accept. This study shows this. Most men believe that deep and loving relationships are essential to a happy and fulfilled life, even though society and culture have trained men to see emotional vulnerability as feminine.

4. Men fall for a woman who respects

Another important reason why men fall in love is the respect they get from a particular lady who accords respect.

Why do men want respect from women?

Men regard women as the opposite sex and respect them for it, but they will not put up with disrespect. As the saying goes “Do unto others as you expect others to do for you”, men want women who show respect. As the head of the family, they detest disrespect and would never want to fall in love with a disrespectful woman.

Why is respect so important to men?

Men expect respect from women, but it is not because they are arrogant; rather, the truth is that most men experience feelings of inadequacy. Men, as you know, have fragile egos. When men feel disrespected, their ambitions become difficult and tough to achieve. 

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Men will always be at ease when they get the type of woman they can look into the eye and ask a question. It is not about a woman; they turn to fear.

5. Men Wants Ideal Love

Love is the ideal reason many come together as couples. Nothing will drive a man into a relationship when there is no love. Ideal love is what makes men fall in love, not just for fun.

Men love it when the person they are choosing becomes a compatible partner. They want a true friend instead of just a wife or girlfriend from a woman like that. The reason why men fall in love is to get respected and get the love they expect.

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