10 Finger-Licking Places Men Love to Be Touched

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10 Finger-Licking Places Men Love to Be Touched

Men are generous and romantic when it comes to reality in relationships. The best places men love to be touched are those that show deep connection and bring joy.

When you are in a relationship or yet to be in one, this is your article to read without missing a word.


We do not doubt that you will adore it and value it forever as the most responsible woman he has ever met.

Men love it when you show them genuine love and let them enjoy what is theirs. You will have a contented household and a strong partnership once you find these sensitive spots.

1. His Chest

man, woman, kiss- as places men love to be touched

This is a soft spot when men love to be touched, which makes them feel happy. When your husband seems tired from work, the smooth touches on his chest will relieve him completely.

Wait, do you think he will ever tell you? No, unless you discover it yourself and exploit the advantages.

Many men express happiness when they get a humble touch on the hairy part of their chest. As a woman, this is your magnetic spot to attract love.

2. Their Nipples

This can be located in the center of his breast. It is a spot that men love and show appreciation when touched by their loved ones.
It shows the best feelings and ignites the happiness expected from a love partner. Girls this is a spot you can use to make your men happy and keep loving you forever.

This place has the secret to turning him on and putting him on top of issues. Are you curious to know? Try it.

3. Lip spots

ai generated, woman, lips-kiss his lips as Places Men Love to Be Touched

Another place marriage or couples should add to their spice of love is the lips. It has soft veins and the eagerness to make a man understand the deep world.

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Love is about the emotional connection that comes from both parties involved. Men love it more when they get a deep kiss from their wife or girlfriend.

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and when you throw much of your body on it, you won’t ever lose them.

4. Ears (Back Side)

Touch ears to show love
Places Men Love to Be Touched are their ways

What do I mean by saying the back side of the ears? You cannot have a happy ending without titillating the ears for joy. It gives inner joy to partners in crazy love.

It should be handled with care and romantic words to get the attention of the man. Yours is to learn and use it to your advantage.

5. The Gun-Spot

When it comes to relationship issues, many things come into play, and nothing can be taken lightly. This is the spot many men like but cannot tell their spouse.

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It contains all the happiness a married partner gets, especially when the woman is successful in terms of romance.

As a married and loving partner, adopt the way you handle the G-spot to make him feel real and emotionally connected to you.

6. The Feet Point

Even with little kids, when you smoothly brush your palms on their feet, they feel relaxed and relieved from the act.

The same applies to the discovery of handling a man in such a manner as handling him with love touches.

Giving him a foot massage can easily turn him on and make your day the best one. This process gives the best romantic balance and allows him to enjoy the process.

When one talks of places men love to be touched, then the feet are one of the prime targets.

7. Massage his waist

Massage his waist as Places Men Love to Be Touched

Men love to be touched, especially when you discover their romantic spot for love. Run your palms on his waist by whispering love words into his ears. It kicks him beyond the underworld and ignites his hidden love to be kindled.

8. Touching his Butt with a Kiss

Use your hand to hold his butt with a light or deep kiss he never dreamed of. It easily turns him on and makes his moment full of joy.

This place is one of the most sensitive spots being ignored by many. Just let him feel energetic for a play with smooth touch on his butt. Just massage his butt as you all wish to go down together.

9. The Beard

wedding, newlyweds, marriage-play together

Many love it when you fondle their beard with a light but romantic kiss. Play with his bears as you call him with all the romantic names. It makes your man feel better and love to have more of those touches.

10. The Tongue

There is nothing more touching and memorable than playing with each other’s tongues. When you initiate love with tongue plays, it makes every intention successful with joy.

It can be easily done when you lie down and play with his tongue as a love activity. You can ask him to poke his tongue and be ready to make things better for him. Play gently with his tongue by cycling yours around his.

Those who know what men love will always make time to practice it well. Love is dynamic and must be held well for greater happiness and success in marriage.

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