10 Best Tips for a Good Marriage (For Women)

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Tips for a Good Marriage

10 Best Tips for a Good Marriage (For Women)

Tips for a Good Marriage
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As a woman, your pride is to get a man who loves you and you equally love him back. Marriage is not just easy as we see in movies. It has its own rules that need to be abided by each partner. We will unveil the 10 best tips for a good marriage that will help you solve marital issues and be a happy family. 

Whether you are yet to get married, newly wedded, or already married, understand that no relationship goes on without ups and downs.


What is a good marriage?

A good marriage can be defined based on an individual’s preferences. What I refer to as a good thing may be a bad thing for others. In general, a good marriage is one where both parties involved see happiness, understanding, good communication, and love and are supportive of each other.

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It doesn’t matter whether yours seems to be bad today. You can make things work better again to bring the joy and happiness expected. Men expect their women to behave in a certain way that makes them feel proud of having a wife.

1. Respect him

There should be mutual respect in your relationship to make things work for you. Without respect, your marriage will not last longer. 

As a woman, think about the best things that could help you eliminate anything that can lead your partner to disrespect you. 

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Respect comes from both sides of the parties in marriage so do your best to sustain your integrity. Man must respect his wife and woman must also be respectful toward her husband.

I agree that we may sometimes have different opinions on issues but that shouldn’t ruin the beauty of marriage. 

2. Go into marriage as a partner, not a gold digger 

In my research for the best tips for a good marriage, I discovered that some women don’t marry because of love. Some marry because of the burden of being offloaded. I guess you are not part.

Yes, I agree that men should provide for their wives to look good and happy. You have to be in marriage as part of problem-solving but not the problem itself.

The moment your husband discovers that you are in to support him and add more happiness, he will not wait for you to ask for anything before he does.

Be part of decision-making to help him to succeed. There is a saying that, “the moment he makes it, we all gain.”

Have a positive mind in his day-to-day work and let him feel your involvement in his life. Don’t go to exploit his wealth.

3. Be Supportive

Having a supportive wife makes every man happy and willing to stay in that relationship forever. Only a few men do the unthinkable by not appreciating whatever their wives do to support them.

Notwithstanding, many men prefer a supportive wife to the latter. It is important to have a wife that can support you in so many ways to prosper.

It can be spiritual support, emotional support, financial and love. If you truly want a happy marriage, then be the pillar of your husband in many ways mentioned.

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4. Set Your Boundaries

Don’t be that woman who wants to control her husband. It is important to allow your husband to do certain things without your interference. 

Make sure you keep your individual life afar and get some time for yourself. Your husband may also need his privacy sometimes to do things for the family. Let him be when he requests for privacy.

5. Learn how to communicate

 Another important tips for a good marriage is to be a good communicator in marriage. Never be arrogant towards him nor a loud voice when you have some little misunderstandings. 

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Believe it or not, communication plays a role in every successful marriage. Make things clear to him when communicating. Never hide any fact from your husband and expect nothing but the best.

6. Do your part in the marriage

 You have a role to play in the marriage and as a woman do it better. Take your responsibility seriously without failing. 

You know what to do at what time to keep the family moving. When it comes to house activities you are the master of all. 

Do what it takes to make things work better for you and the family. As a woman, try to keep him active to love you even when he is outside. Your intimate life, romance, cooking, and all others should be your priority.

7. Trust in Marriage

I will give you the tips for a good marriage but you have to execute it to make it work for your good. 

The first thing that kills every good relationship is trust. When there is no trust, marriage will collapse no matter the guidance of marriage counselors. 

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You need mutual and unbreakable trust if you want to succeed in your marriage. Don’t listen to what others will say because it can lead you to evil. 

It may take a longer time to build such a trust but put in the effort to win his trust. When you trust each other, nobody can come in between to destroy what you plan together. 

8. Be a Good Listener When Married

We cannot be in marriage without talking, we need to talk and have fun. No one can make your relationship more successful than yourself. Create a platform for healthy conversations with your husband. 

Work on your ability to listen well and take action on what is discussed. Men need their partner to give them a listening ear to be happy. 

Learn to listen more and act to help your marriage succeed. The more you listen than take, the better you make the right decisions.

9. Accept Failures and Apologize

You cannot be a saint, so long as you live as human. You will make a mistake sometimes either deliberately or not. 

Accept your failure and apologize for any wrongdoing. Another thing that kills every good relationship is the lack of acceptance of wrongdoing. 

It generates misunderstanding and promotes evil in marriage. Accept your mistakes to show how mature you are in the relationship. 

10. Compliment him

Marriage is about accepting what I do for you by appreciating my effort. This applies to your husband who married you to be his wife. 

Acknowledge his good efforts in the marriage. Tell him you love him for all that he does for you. This will keep away that divorce attorney and keep the everlasting marriage. 

Other Bonus Tips:

  • Don’t control your husband
  • Encourage him to do greater things
  • Have patience when things go wrong
  • Pray together as couples
  • Keep intimacy alive to bring love and joy
  • Have time to move out together


Having these 10 best tips for a good marriage can help you and your partner to succeed in your marriage. Adopt the best and apply to avoid divorce.

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