10 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist- Narcissist Love

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Signs You're Dating a Narcissist

10 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist- Narcissist Love

People with narcissist personality disorder (NPD) always have the perception of being better than any other person.  What are the signs you’re dating a narcissist? The narcissist sees themselves as the most important person than any other person by them.

People with this kind of disorder believe they have superior qualities and are unique as compared to others they expect different treatment.


They hardly recognize the opinion of others as compared to theirs and intend to be dismissive of other people’s issues. Check out these 10 signs you’re dating a narcissist.



1. They want you to hate people they don’t like

Have you seen your partner expecting you to cut off the people they hate? When he or she is arguing with someone, she expects you not to be fine with that fellow. NPD affects so many people yet their partners are not aware of them. You have to study her carefully to see what she will say after every person you meet to talk to.

Such people expect you to cut off family, friends, coworkers o any other person from coming to you. This can be a test to know the kind of person she is to you. Narcissist love, the difficult to cope with as she always wants to be the final say.

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Does she cause unnecessary trouble for a friend who visits you? She probably fails to respond well to their greetings.

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2. Narcissists Hardly Accept feedback

You’ve seen her reacting poorly to criticism? Clear signs you’re dating a narcissist is to see her avoiding feedback from her attitude.  They turn to use feedback as evidence that you don’t like them as a partner and confront you bitterly on it.

The moment a narcissist makes mistake, s/he accepts no other suggestions and any other ideas in their life. They feel that they are always right without any mistakes.




3. They break the principles set aside

They are known by many as rule breakers and boundary violators in every aspect. They enjoy getting out of rules and breaking all social norms including anything you agreed upon. They do not look at any physical or emotional feelings of any person close to them.

To know much of the signs you’re dating a narcissist is to study how he/she takes serious any agreed rules and regulations. If you see your partner always going contrary to what you discussed, then you should support her being NPD. It takes only a few to understand them but you have to stay vigilant.

They use others without considering the effects of their attitude. If you stay with them, you are less regarded in everything you do. Narcissists always want the law to operate for them and abuse it when it turns to favor other people.



4. They Preferred Treatment from others

The great feature to understand someone’s behavior is the ways he or she treats others in everything. Narcissists always want good treatment of others. They are not considerate of how others treat them. You can check how your partner treats anybody who offers service or goods to him or her. They like entitlement but give no entitlement to anyone.

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Reasons why Narcissist treat others with no entitlement

  • He/she thinks that nobody is better than what he/she does.
  • Narcissists think that no one deserves better than them
  • They feel fine treating others that way and want to be praised
  • They are not just doing it because they feel doing it just because of disorders



5. Narcists lack empathy

They have no way others feel due to a lack of empathy. They are unable to apologize for what they did wrong to other people even if they know it is wrong.

Narcissists understand what they do but lack the skill to empathize with others. Have you checked the reactions of your partner when you have a bad day? Or your partner turns to look down on you when things go wrong on your side?

A sign of she is not bothered as a result of the generic condition.

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6. They expect praise

Another sign you’re dating a narcissist is the behavior towards complimenting someone. He turns to expect praise for all that they do from others but fails to praise his fellow.

Why do you expect praise and them and never give to others? That is their feature and no one can deny that fact.


8. Narcist want to always be right

Do you see your partner always claiming to be right and you are wrong? They don’t see what is right for others to be right. They cannot accept their wrongs. They claim of being the right person and in the case of any misconduct.

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No matter how the person goes wrong, h/she will divert or reject his side of the story. They are fond of shifting blame to others for whatever they do not know about. Hardly will they accept wrong and they rather force others to do to them.



9. Your partner shows Superior

They always claim to be superior over everything they do. If you’re with them, they make you feel rejected or subordinate to control you. Is your partner always acting superior over you? Know the signs you’re dating a narcissist as your partner.

They find it difficult to be ruled by someone. Living with them is a bit difficult because of the inferiority complex they may cause.


10. Narcissists Think about themselves first

If you don’t know of a narcissist, then look at how he or she acts about others. They think of themselves more than any other person.







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