Let Him Chase You by Doing These 10 Things

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let him chase you

Let Him Chase You by Doing These 10 Things

Let him chase you forever

Are you pursuing a man to get him as your husband? There is something that you may be missing if you have not yet found it. The criteria are to let him chase you rather in terms of a relationship. The simple strategies and character will give you the green light to have your own man from today.


The past is gone let’s focus on the current and the way out. Going through rejections and disappointments is normal as long as you live as a human being. Some Men will fail you, others will want to take advantage of you, but the real man stays calm watching you afar.

Let me walk you through the tens of simple working strategies to let him chase you like never before. Don’t leave any step because you will miss a lot if you just take things slightly by reading just a point.

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1. Don’t let him think He is the only one

Some men hate to be monopolistic over a certain thing. The moment he sees that he is the only one possession of you, he turns to relax on what makes the relationship lovely. Let him see you as a highly competitive lady. Let him chase you based on your value.

Men are always jealous to compete with someone when it comes to relationships. Don’t cheat on him but let him chase you due to your value-added. He may even try to do things you never ask with the fear of losing you to someone.


How Will change the Narrative for Better?

Even if you have had a few misunderstandings, you can easily turn the table around to make him chase you back for the relationship to work again. Keep things cool and just have some fun with other people as if they are your new guys. He will end up calling, texting, and finding out with the fear of losing you.

2. Relax and let him come to you

When you have a guy who might have started living a certain life because of other people’s opinion, relaxes and let him come to you at the appropriate time. We don’t force people to love us. We just allow time to decide on the best opportunity for us.

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Continue with what you do daily and never get bothered for him. If you have gym or basketball you play daily, try to continue as nothing happened. Do things that make you forget that he even exists. That will be the time he will start to be questioning the reason for the self-distancing.


NB: Men Chase women who respect their value as a woman but not women who beg to be loved even if they aren’t wrong.

3.  Let Him Think About You

Do your best to leave memories for him whenever you are together. Let him think about you any day or any moment you stay together by doing things memorably to him. It can be a kiss or hug if you’re on a date.

You may be the last person to do this before you all depart from any occasion you attended. It will keep him thinking about your love and care. Let him chase you with your attitude of love and being different from any other lady he has ever met.

4.  Give Him the Best Care

What will make a man have a girlfriend or wife? Some of the reason includes care and peace of mind. If you are with someone who can give you all these with passion, you cannot also live without thinking about him.

To find out whether he has eaten breakfast or launch. Give him a bit of advice on why he must always avoid certain things and do other things you know will help his well-being. It will always sound deep in his mind the kind of woman he is going to live with.

Let him have the feeling of the care you have for him all day. This is the secret that will push every man to be with you. Let him chase you for your care but not demand your gains.

5.  Be Different 

Don’t act as other ladies do by following on a man because of his property or fear of losing him. Yes, I said give him care he should have but not compromising your right for his love. If you are busy let him understand you will be with him later after that time of your work.

Don’t rush in attending to all his demand because he will take you to be a low-class level woman. You cannot always attend to all his needs at the time. You need time to also do your things.

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Stop giving him the reason why you need to be together. Rather he should be the one doing that thing. He needs to see the value in you and the difference you make to him. If you are different as he compares to other ladies out there, he will the person to chase you in return.

6.  Let him Have His Boss Title

Let him always feel he is the one in charge. He should have the mindset that he makes decisions as a man for the relationship. Be yourself and let him feel that title of being in charge. It doesn’t mean you are not also in charge of anything. Do your part to make things better in the relationship.

7.  Have Confidence

Are you willing to let him chase you? Show confidence in yourself first. Men love women with self-confidence but not pride. No matter how attractive you are to him, he will be more reactive if you have confidence.

Be confident in your skin and make it as if you don’t need a man in your life. It makes them see you as an extraordinary lady. Don’t fall for anything he just says. Be bold enough to understand every step you take in your life.

8.  Show Interest In him

Just because you expect love from him demands you to also show part of yours to him. You can’t live like a monster and expect someone to love you in return. Pride and knowing all people scares good people from approaching. If you want to let him chase you, show some level of interest in him. Don’t live like a queen from a different planet expecting him to come and serve as a slave. Be compassionate to him, have fun, and flirt with him. Let your reason push him to chase you.

9.  Surprise Him

Ask about his birthday, and surprise him with what he never expects from you. Yes, you’re opening the chance to have him fully on your side. Build some thick walls that no lady can ever break to snatch him from you.

Be the first to attend to him if you hear of anything that breaks your heart. He has to see you as the best fit to be within terms of choosing a life partner. [Read: 12 Best Ways to Improve your Date for the Right Person]

As a caring woman, beloved and let your character attract the kind of men you want. These overlooked activities will let him chase you to live his entire life together with you.

10.  Have a Habit of a Wise Woman

Wise women are the women with some exemplary lifestyles that are rare in the current society. They develop a habit of queens and princesses who are well brought up to take over a king.

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Prince will be proud to marry a princess from a different palace to start their kingdom. They have a unique character that society lives to look up to and expect their children to also learn to be like them.

Living a life of a wise woman will let him chase you since he wants to be that prince from his palace. Wise women are visionary; they respect men regardless of their age, tribe, class, skin color, height, weight, or any other feature I may not be able to say.

Wise women know what to say at a specific time and when to keep silent for the decision to be made.

No man will shut his door against a woman all men are willing to have as a wife or life partner. You don’t have to let people know you belong to that class, your attitude and character will spell it out for society to know.

Relax and focus on his comeback

Do not pressure someone expecting him to love you as you expect. Give him a gap sometimes. By doing so, you are proving to him that you have a lot on the table. He will try to always be in touch to find you. Find the simple ways to step back for him to come:


  •  Calm Down

You will have to calm down when you have a problem with someone. Be silent on issues that have no value to your life. In a relationship, you will encounter all sorts of issues of which some are irritating when ignored


  • Don’t Message him

If the message or text you, especially if you have asked for a date out. Let him message you for you to go out together. No chasing. Let him come forward than you chasing him for a move.


  • Make Him Chase You Forever

Men will chase you forever if you have what it takes to be chased forever. If the guy sees you as low value, he will never chase you at all. If you want a guy to chase you is all about desire for you. The wave of desire is what makes a man chase you forever.


If you are already married, you have to still make your man get the desire for you always.

You have to allow your man to have affection for you. Your touch, kiss, or intimacy will make his desire to always be there for you.

  • Appreciation

Appreciate what small thing comes to you from your man. Let him know you did an amazing job for what you’ve done. It creates a huge gap of motivation for him to come to you always. Thank him for the little things he does for you.



You know the secrets of long-term desire and what makes a man have a strong connection for you now. Apply these strategies to your new date to let him chase you forever in your building relationship.









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