8 0nline Typing Jobs to Earn Money from Home

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8 0nline Typing Jobs to Earn Money from Home

online typing jobs for home workers

I believe you would like to get some online typing jobs to cushion your finances? You have landed at the right place where to understand what goes into online typing jobs and how to make that extra income without investing any money. 


I am glad you are willing to increase your wealth management skills and the low-budget way to generate passive income. I will be discussing with you today the 8 best online typing jobs for even if you have no experience at all. 

The team was able to get you the best:

High Paying: Freelancing Work

High Earnings: Online Teachings Offers

Easy to do: Virtual Assistance

Social Media Payment: Using Twitter 

1. Edit, proofread to make Money

Are you good at reading and also grammar? This is your job that can help you enrich your pocket without any difficulty. I can see you smiled but be patient a bit to read through before joining any of these online typing jobs. Because they expect you to be the best, you will have to prove you understand your work. 

This type of offer requires you to go through all the written documents and make the necessary corrections. The reason is that no one will be perfect in editing his work and that requires another person to do so. 

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2. Data Entry Job

This is another great opportunity for people to make money online. As a data entry person, you don’t need any experience to start. What I know about these typing jobs is the payment which is a bit low as compared to other jobs. You can do it, especially if you are new to the work-from-home business. 

Before you start a data entry job, be well abreast with a spreadsheet-like Microsoft Excel or google sheet but you can watch videos from YouTube or take personal courses online to get the knowledge.

Per my own experience, you may earn hourly of $18 to $20 from data entry depending on the platform you joined. Some of the companies to start data entry works include but are not limited to:

3. Paid Online Surveys ($50 to $200 Per Day)

If you are new to online typing jobs, then surveys jobs may be the best option for you. It is among the freelancer jobs that do not require any academic qualifications to do. All that may be required of you is your computer and stable internet access. 

4. Squadhelp Typing Job

This is one of the biggest platforms that has been around for some time and will pay you legitimately for the work you offer by naming businesses. This website that pays for typing jobs, offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs or business owners to get creative names to their business. Entrepreneurs submit proposals for others to give them creative names for their organization. 

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This website is legit and allows you to earn money for naming businesses for different businesses. It is free to sign up for this job in any part of the world. There are 2 ways of making money with this website.

 Go to the naming contest section and select active contest to identify the available proposals you can work on. Check on the requirement of each proposal and verify if you can work on it. Try to enter into several contests and be part of those contestants. You can get selected for the project to earn a reasonable amount.

5. Upwork 

This is a marketplace where people with skill in designs, web development, and typing makes money from their services. This site helps professionals to get clients that are interested in their work for exchange of their services. 

This is a freelancing platform that works in a form of data entry. This is one of the typing jobs that pay very well than any other platform. On this platform, you just create an account to take advantage of the typing section to earn money. There are many typing jobs posted daily on the platform that you can take advantage of. 

6. Problogger website ($25 to $250 per post)

This website helps you to make many by posting articles. It is available worldwide as everyone qualifies to sign up to make money. Do you know the interesting thing about this website? It is free to join. What I know about ProBlogger is that payment is high for those who join. If you are eager to find any online typing jobs, then this is your job. You can decide to be a full-time or part-time worker.

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7. Atexto ($50 to $300 Per Work)

online typing jobs

I love this website because it is simple to join as a beginner. This is a site that helps create good speech recognition. This website has a low barrier to entry and works on a transcription form. Are you a complete beginner looking for any typing jobs to make money from home? Try this website and start earning with some small jobs. 

Some people are looking for opportunities to develop their skills ad improve on their finances, alexto is the best for you. What is expected of you when trying service is by editing transcript files that correct mistakes in the works given.

To get started is by sign up to this platform with your name, emails, and your other personal information. You can then choose a project of your choice to work on it and follow the instructions given as any other typing jobs require. 

8. Audio Bee

Audio bee is another transcription website that has little barrier to entry if you are a beginner. You can earn money here by language translation or just small actions. This is the website to make money from home.

Let me be honest with you that some online survey works are fake. I have been denied payment before when I got the threshold asked. Don’t see it to be difficult in getting the legit ones just read more or get the selected one that pays $100/survey. Browse more legit surveys here.

Making money online requires dedication, consistency, and seeking for more knowledge. You cannot succeed in your quest on leveraging financial gains from online typing jobs if you do not follow the principles. Work to improve your skills and the result will amaze you in no time.


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