8 Lazy Ways to Make Money Online Easy

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Lazy Ways to Make Money

8 Lazy Ways to Make Money Online Easy

lazy ways to make money online

I never knew there were lazy ways to make money until I completed high school. I was so financially crippled to fund myself to the polytechnic. I had nothing to sell online or offline to gather money to fund my ideas.


Nevertheless, I went online to read articles on how to make money. I equally read books on how to make money with or even without a degree. It was not convincing enough that I can earn from the internet if only I can dedicate more time. I came across a video on YouTube that just answered everything I dream of.

Today, I will share some of the things I learned from others that will equally help you to earn easily. To make money from my continent Africa has never been easy coupled with the slow internet, high-cost data bundle, and government’s restriction on imposing levies on electronic transactions.

All these hassles and complications did not stop me from making money online. I will not hide it from anybody but legitimately let’s discuss it together. Many of these ideas do not require enough investment. Just remain focused as long as some require no money to start at all.

Let me be frank with you that these are not those types of get-rich-quick schemes. It all depends on the effort you put in to be able to make from $100 to $500 per month. Let’s look at some of the ways to make money online with these legit methods.

1. Make Money With Online Surveys

Some market companies are willing to pay for those who express their opinion on their service. The information they get from the opinions of people like you helps them in their product development. I can’t promise you quick success in surveys but it helps in accumulating wealth from online business. Let me share a few surveys that can help you make money.

  • Daily rewards surveys

This type of surveys pays you daily for activities you do. They pay you on surveys you do, you get paid for playing games, and you get paid from online shopping, emails reviews. You can start some for financial freedom. Also read: 8 simple ways to get a loan with no credit

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Join one of the Daily rewards Now.

  • Survey Junkies

Another wonderful way to make money online is to try survey junkies. They have one of the best sites that help make money from online surveys. When you answer questions posted on their site, you get paid into your account. Do the simple tasks and get paid here. Give it a try now.

2. Gramfree Money Making

Gram-free is also a great way to make money online. You will do small tasks to get grams that can be converted into money. You can make free grams by signing a smart contract, role 5 times a day to get grams, inviting people to get grams, watch 60 seconds videos, and also playing their lottery to make money. Every single gram is equivalent to $4 and immediately you hit 500 grams you can withdraw your money into your wallet. Join gram-free today.

How do you sign up for gram-free?

you just have to join by through the link with either your email or Facebook account. You now navigate to the side of the smart contract and confirm all the smart contracts. The smart contract is an online signature that helps to confirm your activity.

Now scroll to the Free role section. Make sure your roll 5 times daily to accumulate more grams. Each role helps you to get grams or record zero based on your luck.

Move to the video section and make 0.1grams from every 60 seconds of the video you watch. It is done every 24 hours to get more grams. You can also do some simple videos, and upload them to your youtube channel. Copy the link and submit it for verification. You will get 3grams of approved video.

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Referral: you can get 3grams for every referral you make successfully. Your grams will be credited fully to your gram-free account when the person you referred completes his/her second step fully.  Make sure you educate anybody whom you refer to this business to do the task daily.

Lottery: I don’t like this side of the game. You submit some of your grams for a probability of 0.1% win of a lottery number. You can give it a try but remember you can lose since it involves risk. Gram-free is free without any investment.

Withdrawal: you can withdraw your money through visa, PayPal, bitcoin, bank wire, and many more. It can take 3 to 10 months or a year before you can get your first 500grams which can be withdrawn. It all depends on how you pay seriousness to this work. I did my first withdrawal in the 7th month of joining gram free.

3. Make Money With Online Polls

An online poll is one of the oldest ways to make money online. One of them is the harris polls online. You earn and convert it to gift cards to shop online. You can earn harris points online just for simple opinions you share.

4. Digital designs

Another lazy way to make money online is by creating digital designs. They are in various forms and can be sold to people around the world. Create designs like logos, business cards, flyers, posters, book covers, certificates, and others to make money.

Where do you sell your designs? There is a lot of websites where you can sell them for money but I prefer you sign up with fiver. Fiver gives the platforms to sell your digital products to potential customers to make tons of money.

5. Start a Creative Blog

Are you aware that blogging is a full-time business for some people around the world? Don’t ask me how because you can make crazy money from your blog. Get a compelling niche and write about it. Most frequently if you want earn a lot.

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It is a great business because people are always searching for information. Start a blog with a compelling niche like finance, relationship, sports, lifestyle, etc for at least $3 per month. Bloggers earn money from affiliate marketing, advertisement, product reviews, sponsored ads or content, and so on.

6. Become a professional Writer

Writing is another source of lazy ways to make money for you. There are millions of blogs out there that need writers to pay them a reasonable amount. You must have the creative mind to blow people’s minds with your skills in writing.

Bloggers need genuine or unique content to pay in other to be able to publish on their website. Write unique articles and sell for money online. What we normally know is that some writers are lazy; they just copy other articles and send them for payment. You will not get paid for already paid content.

7. Teach Skills Online

Teach any skills you have online and make money. You can start with closed WhatsApp groups where some will join to learn the skills. Start with free courses as bait to get an audience. After they learn the initial processes, they will upgrade to learn the pro-version.

Skills like graphic designs, communications skills, copyright skills, presentation skills, YouTube monetization, etc. take advantage of social media to know lazy ways to make money online. You can also signup with udemy, skills share, etc to help reach out to people who will pay for your teaching.

People make crazy money for teaching people their skills online. Get skills and design a simple course to help others learn to make money. Who doesn’t like the money? Any skill you have at all can make you a millionaire.

8. Be an Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer earns a commission for promoting products or services. Affiliate marketers earn from every sale they make from promoting products or services to a client. Becoming one is part of lazy ways to make money online.

You can reach your audience through blogs, social media, or podcasts. There are several affiliate marketing websites to join such as ClickBank, commission junctions, digistore24, etc.

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