9 Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss If You Are Trying to lose weight

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9 Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss If You Are Trying 

foods to avoid for weight loss

Weight loss is a challenge for many people across the globe. Some people are naturally obese while others get it through the food they consume. It is something that is given some people major headaches on how to overcome it. Today we have for you the 9 foods to avoid for weight loss in case you meant it.


1. Meat

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Eating processed meat can lead to high cholesterol which might pave way for weight gain. Processed meat has an effect on you if you are planning on losing weight or not gaining extra weight.

Meats that are smoked, canned, salted, fermented, or dried are all classified as processed meat. Research indicates that consumption of meat increases weight gain in both males and females.

Eating meat according to the studies conducted by the European study group showed that over 400,000 found that eating meat is a factor of gaining weight. Meat is part of the foods to avoid for weight loss or reduce the rate of consuming it to help you overcome weight gain.

Consumption of processed meat such as sausage is not a good food to become slim. High protein foods cannot encourage a slimming body but a potential weight gain supplement.

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2. Beverage or Foods with Sugar

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Are you shocked? Sugary beverages are one of the greatest causes of obesity or weight gain. Sugary beverages are some of the Foods to avoid for weight loss if only you are in them now.

Many beverages that people consume have small nutrients but the high volume of sugar which adds only calories to our diets which is a potential cause of weight gain.

Sugary drinks negatively affect our health with no benefits to improving our health conditions. It is one of the major causes of weight gain given rise to obesity among children, adults, and other grownups in our society.

3. White Bread

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Due to the high refinery nature and a high mixture of sugar in white bread, its consumption gives rise to weight gain when you consume. It contains a high amount of glycemic index and increases your blood sugar level.

According to healthline.com research on 9,267 people who eats two slices of white bread (120grams) per day, are found linked to a 40% rate of weight gain and obesity.

This is not a conclusion that all loaves of bread can lead to weight gain but many white slices of bread can give rise to your sugar level and therefore causes obesity. White bread is also Foods to Avoid Weight Loss.

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Which bread is good for Weight loss?

Not all pieces of bread are bad or has a high influence on weight gain and remain one of the top choice in terms of breakfast for many people. Making a choice of the type of bread to consume to lose weight remains the difficult one to make.

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Bread like brown bread is the choice of other people though no scientific research is backing it. But choosing brown bread over white bread is the best especially wheat bread. Brown bread contains fiber, vitamins, and other minerals making it highly nutritious or healthy for human consumption.

 4. Fast Foods

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Restaurants hamburgers and fast foods are full of high fats and calories that cause a rise in weight gain. Foods to avoid for weight loss include restaurant fast food full of fats and cholesterol.

If you are on the way to reducing weight, then fast food is not part of weight loss-friendly foods that need to be condoned at all.

5. Fried Potato Chips

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Potatoes have no effect on weight gain but it is healthy to consume. French fry’s potato chips do not weight loss friendly; it has a high amount of calories which give rise to weight gains.

One needs to understand Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss for not consuming French fries potatoes. It causes more weight gain than many other foods that we consume. The best for you is to eat plain boiled potatoes then fried French potatoes that only increase your weight gain.

6. Eating too Much Egg


Eating eggs every day can increase one’s chance of becoming overweight. It has the potential of increasing the cholesterol in one’s body which can affect your heart and causes major heart failure. It has the tendency of making you obese and might increase the rate of contracting diseases resulting from obesity.

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7. Chips and Crackers Consumptions

Chips and crackers are full of calories which may be full of sugar, fats, and salts. They have the rate of making you fat if you are fond of eating it frequently. Everyone with the goal of reducing foods to avoid weight loss will have a healthier life.

8. Consumption of Sweetened Yogurt

Many people think that consuming yogurt is beautiful and nice for everybody. Yes, it is indeed beautiful and tastes good. Do you know it increases the rate of weight gain?

A variety of yogurts is available, some do not have much sugar but the one with a high level of sugar increases your chances of becoming fat. Sugary food has a potential risk to your health. Avoiding it will not only reduce the weight gain but your health as well.

9. Eating Icecream

I know you are aware of the rate of sugar in Ice cream? People may tend to overeat, which is full of calories, sugar, and another ingredient that may propel weight gain.

Most of the ice cream is full of sugar and calories and some people overconsume it which tends to aid weight gain. Ice cream is part of the foods to avoid for the weight loss journey to be accomplished.
















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