ENTREPRENEURSHIP My Candid Advice to the Current Government

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ENTREPRENURESHIP my Candid Advice to the Current and Subsequent Government


Alhassan writes

Entrepreneurship as a major national development tool. Entrepreneurship in layman’s definition can be defined as the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.
“The new business opportunities have encouraged entrepreneurship on a grand scale”
The following should be taken seriously to boost national development as a country.
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Personally, I suggest the government should give total recognition of entrepreneurship as a national development tool, it shouldn’t be like is a second or third option to those who are not employed by the government.
Moreover, vocational training should be given attention at the basic level, these may help students to identify their God given potential at the early stage.

No. 1

Retirement age should be changed to age 50-55 instead of the current 60.
That will allow the employment of fresh graduates. (Especially those posted to government agencies and departments during national service should be retained “sometimes”
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No. 2.

Employed graduates employed in the government should work for 10 years to gather the necessary management and business skills. And then given a period to set up their own businesses.

No. 3.

People who have worked for at least 15 years should have access to a percentage of their snnit contributions for business purposes.
My last point, even though unrelated: The National capital should be moved away from Accra. There’s too much pressure in Accra. Traffic, rent, water, proper transportation systems should be worked on. All other things will fall in place with time.


It is not only the governments that can make people excel in their business but the government can create the enabling environment for entrepreneurs to excel.

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African governments should provide the best to support the youth to achieve their dream businesses.

Having the idea is different and the implementation is another factor, more effort is required to help the youth than book speeches.

The youth need survival now due to the high rate of unemployment in African countries leading to high insecurities and Coupe D’état across Africa.

Before it explodes to escalate, more effort is required to help the youth to build sustainable and reliable businesses.

Entrepreneurship should not be regarded as an alternative for the hopeless or failures but a venture of the heroes and the great thinkers.

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