Give Me a Reason to Love You When You Show None

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Give me reasons to love

Give Me a Reason to Love You When You Show None

Give Me a Reason to Love You


Babe, can you give me a reason to love you again when you show none? I feel I have been treated unfairly for all my effort in making you happy.

No lady treats a man more than what I have done for you. I have sold out my precious jewelry to support you in the business. Did you ever taught of meeting a kind woman like me? Babe, just give me a reason to love you.


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I was green before knowing you, but today you’re using marbles to pay me back in return for the gold you took. I have never regretted my act of doing that unbearable for you. I screamed during the first day you shoot into my womb. It took me 7 days of unforgettable pains you took me through.

I repeat again, give me a reason to love you again. I have no heart left in me when you dropped a cedi on the table without a word and left to have fun with friends. I am highly disappointed in knowing you due to the inhuman nature you took me through after exploiting my pride.

I was the lady chased by kings and princes around this community but I gave the heart to you to have love and comfort. You look into my eye and went ahead to do me what I wouldn’t do to you. You broke your own promise of being there for me at all times.

I was promised milk not bitter cola. I was made to believe I will be the only queen to rule your kingdom, not knowing I deserve not a maiden in your kingdom. Don’t forget, that kings and queens built empires of hope.

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I know that a man’s happiest moment is also his weakness but I didn’t use that against you. Can you give me a reason to love you again? I discovered to handle you with care so I care not to use my own money to prepare food for you at the time of difficulty. I remember selling my golden watch to support you pay your MBA fees.

Do you remember when I lied to dad to get money for your project? Hmm, you might forget why Angela hates to hear your name. You proposed to her by knowing she is my bosom friend. She denied your fake offer because she believed in me.

Don’t worry, your justice may not fall from me but it pays naturally. I fought on behalf of you when they wanted to expel me from my family of mine. Love blinds but mine took away the eyeballs themselves. 

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I still want you to give me a reason to love you as it was when you told Angela you love me no more. Don’t feel shy go ahead and let me know what changes your decision to even call me after 2 years of no contact. I was thinking you found peace and joy after dating another woman aside from the one you took her virginity to.

Look, I keep staring at the photos we had during our honeymoon at Blue Hills hotel in the Upper Region of the country. I can’t forget all the hopes and aspirations we had for this relationship. Uncle Uko was far kind to me and bought me that gold watch I sold but I didn’t fall for him.

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I trusted you with all I have so just give me a reason to love you again. I did all I did because of love being wicked. I listened to none but myself to always keep you a happy man. John told me what you did with Akofa at Golden Anekas Plaza when you went to the conference on “black Home Returns”.

I don’t listen to anyone who trespasses but it was real with evidence. Why sudden change to fall back on a poor woman like me. I still have the evidence so why come back to me?

I have tried my best to show you affection and love with nothing to hide. Kindly give me a reason to love you when you don’t love me. Is it because of what I have now or you want to finish me up?

You have your fame so you’ve forgotten the name. nobody will love a person who vows to cheat. Yes, I know you cheat but it was not my priority. I will leave you here with these words.

Let the old woman you push sit without checking what she might sit on. Forget about the reason for several calls and give me a reason to love you.

Go on your knees and pray for forgiveness for you have nothing good left in you. Be truthful to who comes your way and never do what you did to me to that fellow.

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