Is Serena Williams Dating Drake As They Were Caught Kissing?

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serena williams dating

Is Serena Williams Dating Drake As They Were Caught Kissing?

serena williams dating

The question people use to ask is whether it is true Serena Williams Dating the Canadian singer, actor, and singer, Drake Aubrey Graham. He is popularly known as Drake who is an influential figure when it comes to contemporary music. He was sighted with the tennis star Serena Williams on certain lifestyles perceived to be dating moves.

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This is sparking arguments as to whether Serena Williams dating rumours with him are true.  This rumour has been on the airwaves about whether Serena Williams dating Drake is really true. Some pictures posted by some sites alleged the two friends coming out of a Cincinnati restaurant.

The two superstars were also seen sitting at the back of the eatery enjoying love conversations presumably. They were seen holding hands and their lips were not spared as patrons keep watching.

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It was also confirmed from other sources that Drake and Serena are just friends and not into the type of relationship presumed to be. They are good friends since 2011. The question of whether it is really true Serena Williams dating Drake is a rather false claim.

Drake gets time to even play tennis in his leisure time with the tennis star as good friends. When the rumours spread across the board, these friends have been close since 2011 as they played happily on tenniscourts.

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At the point when Drake was gotten some information about the idea of his relationship with the remarkable person of tennis, he talked exceptionally of Serena and applauded her. He said that he cherishes her and really focuses on her a great deal. He called her inconceivable and admitted that he is pleased with knowing her.

He additionally added that he appreciates seeing her play tennis, and she is in every case extremely amazing on the court. All in all, Drake affirmed that they are both associated with one another’s lives, despite the fact that he didn’t explain whether they are simply dear companions or there is another element.

Will the fans still ask whether the rumours of Serena Williams Dating are true? I believe it is clear now that the fans of both Serena and Drake the superstars in their field, will be put in the trash. They are just normal friends without any other negative thinking.

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