Man in Texas Divorced Wife without Her Knowledge

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Man in Texas Divorced Wife

Man in Texas Divorced Wife without Her Knowledge

Wonders will continue to happen as a man in Texas divorced his wife without her knowledge, and forged signatures on the paperwork that supported his claim.

Police searched for a man in Texas who allegedly divorced his wife through court processes by forging her signatures. He was eventually granted his request for the divorce on the wrong side of his wife.

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He managed to sign all relevant documents for the divorce with forged signatures. He came out with the idea to get rid of his married wife. He was able to do so with his plans worked perfectly.

Paul Nixon is the man in question living in the United States American City called Texas. Paul was able to present all legal requirements to the court with the forged signatures of his wife. The court did not notice the fake documents and granted Paul his wish for a divorce.

The man (Paul Nixon) filed for the divorce on the 15 of February and got the decree in April. The wife was not aware of any of the process thinking he is married not knowing that her marriage is on water.

Things like this don’t often happen as the police who were in the investigation process told. The man took everyone in the process by surprise including his wife.

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Paul Nixon was charged with presenting fake documents to the court and also lying to the highest authority of the court.

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According to the police, the man was able to go through the process of divorce now he is left with the wife out of the marriage process. The man has violated the laws of the court.

According to the report, the woman remained thinking she is married for about 3 months without knowing that she was divorced by Paul. This is what was hidden from her until she get to know about her marital status.

The woman in question was surprised after hearing the news of her divorced as her husband did at the blank side of her. She confronted the man later to know that she was living in a dead marriage.

According to the news report, the woman called the police to find out right after paul told her that they have legally divorced. After she visited the police service, she discovered that her husband had gone through the 3 months court procedure of divorce.

She told the police that she was surprised since they married not long ago. The police told her that as per the law, the marriage is still valid since the man broke the law to divorce without her knowledge.

They were told that the papers of the divorce were retracted and no divorce is enforced. The police disclosed that Paul Nixon was nowhere to be found after that incident. They are still searching to find him.

The law is clear that Nixon will be facing 10 years imprisonment if convicted.

Source: New York Post



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