Tired Of Excuses? Learn How to Hold Your Man Accountable

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how to hold you man accountable

Tired Of Excuses? Learn How to Hold Your Man Accountable

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Ask him how he spent the family’s money

Has someone you love ever disappointed you? Well, you may not need to answer me but if you continue to read this post, it may mean the answer is yes and you are looking for how to hold your man accountable.

This and many more are what many people face in their life. We often get disappointed by the people we love and they give us excuses to get away with their acts and responsibilities. This is not hypothetical, it is real life and when dealing with our partners and getting them to own up, accountability gets tricky.


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This is a really important issue since neglecting how to hold your man accountable is one of the most common mistakes other women make.

Whether it’s out of habit or fear, something small, like an inappropriate joke he made, not calling when he said he would, or not really listening when you’re speaking – or something big, like cheating.

Well, getting men to be accountable is not always easy but the question of discussion is “Can men do better.” Probably if men do better than they are currently doing then we not be discussing this topic today.

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The fact that all are talking about this in this article is evidence that men are not putting up their best and probably when women meet up with their friends, they will not be talking about men but actually focus on having a good time.

This is not to say women should treat men horribly but rather if we women could promote change ourselves then men could change too.

What exactly does ACCOUNTABILITY imply then?

According to Webster, it is the readiness to accept responsibility.

Accountability, in my opinion, is holding someone to a standard that represents their best self.

In other words, men need to communicate to women in the best version they seek seeking to achieve in order for women to keep them responsible… and the opposite.

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If you don’t know who someone aims to become or their objective, how can you hold them accountable? You can’t.

Below are 10 ways you can learn How to hold your man accountable.

1. Be specific with your expectations

The first piece of advice on our list on how to hold your man accountable is to become clear with expectations. Ensure he is aware of your expectations for the relationship; if he does not respect them, it is obvious that he does not respect you or appreciate your opinions. He also does not deserve you. There might be a common ground for mutual understanding and respect to thrive after you make your expectations plain to him and he abides by them.

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2. Do not take blames for his behavior

It will only become worse if you take responsibility for his conduct and deeds. Stop assuming responsibility for his behavior and start allowing him to accept responsibility for his own mistakes, that’s what you need to do. This is the second way to hold your man accountable.

3. Do not tolerate his inconsistency

Our research suggests that if he is inconsistent in his behavior toward you then you should probably hold him accountable. And to do that you do not have to tolerate his inconsistencies. If he is inconsistent with the way he treats you then say goodbye to him. If he only treats you well or with respect whenever he needs something but changes his attitude when he gets what he wants should be the right time for you to call him to book.


4. Let your needs and value come first

This is the best advice you can give and that is to value yourself most and you’re your needs come first. Remember always to prioritize your own needs and values. Valuing yourself first will provide you with the self-confidence you need to stand up to men who wish to take advantage of you rather than take responsibility.


5. Lead by example for him to follow

Do you want to hold your man accountable? Lead by example. When you set a good example, you will always receive what you desire. If you want him to be accountable, you need to be a responsible woman first. Leading by example is one of the most fundamental aspects of holding your guy accountable. He will have no option but to follow if he sees you leading by example.

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6. Once you lead by example, encourage him to also take responsibility

This is related to the second point. You must not take all the blame but rather let him take responsibility for his actions and decisions. You must encourage him to be himself and take responsibility and be accountable.


7. Speak your mind openly and be honest

This is connected to the second point; however, they do not have the same meaning. You have to be truthful to your partner no matter the circumstances. Do not keep anything hidden in your heart, but constantly express yourself. Keeping things to yourself will just make you feel worse, so the sooner you let it out, the better, and the sooner he takes responsibility and accountability. Speaking your mind is another way to hold your man responsible.


8. Let there be retributions for his actions

His deeds must have repercussions. You two should make rules for yourself, and anyone who violates them should face the full repercussions. This might be a viable option for ensuring that he is totally responsible.


9. Make sure you enforce retributions when he goes against them

Once you have all agreed to establish rules and regulations for yourselves, it is your responsibility to ensure that these rules are followed and that consequences are imposed when he violates them.


10. Do be taken for granted

If he takes you for granted, it indicates he doesn’t value you well enough. It shows a lack of gratitude in which he takes advantage of or undervalues you. For instance, if doesn’t acknowledge the things you do for him, and doesn’t make an attempt to be there for you when you need him, he’s not valuing you enough.

Once you stop letting him take you for granted, then he will start being accountable if he really values the relationship.

In this article, we have successfully discussed 10 ways how to hold your man accountable. We really hope this will give you the answers and the help you need.  

What do you think was missing in this post? Share with us!

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