10 Intimate Things to Do With Your Partner to Have Fun

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Intimate Things to Do With Your Partner

10 Intimate Things to Do With Your Partner to Have Fun

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What is the type of intimate things to do with your partner? Relationship is built on happiness of the parties agreed to be in it. There are many things you do which is not actually sex but create joy in relationship. Doing this is quite different from the normal things you do to other people except for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Relationships have challenges so unless you both get enough time to cuddle and have full time happiness to keep things on track. With work, friends, family issues, and the other life issues, relationship get less attention making it difficult to get the happiness you both wish to have.


Doing these is to promote the happiness and longevity of your relationship. If things are not working perfectly for you in the relationship, here are 10 intimate things to do with your partner to spice up the relationship. [Read More: 12 Best Relationship Tricks for women]

1. Have Modeling Day

Love goes beyond the usual things we do day in and day out. Set up a day to have fun and act like modeling stars in your own house. Pick up a day to beef up things in terms of modeling and act between you.

You can even set up a photo shoot for yourselves. Try and take nice pictures of each other in lovely manner. Review your pictures to make fun of those you dot want at all.

2. Cook Together

What is lovelier than preparing food with your lovely partner by you? It looks sexy and makes relationship more attractive if you hold hands to prepare food together. You decide to feed each other, keep laughter and praise yourselves over the good diet. It sexier to always have meal together and share meat like kids.

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3 Give Your Partner a Massage

Massage will help your man get relieved from tough work as he goes through the day. Give him massage to make him feel better. This is a good way to get physical with your partner without having sex.

Rub his body with smooth pomade and massage slowly as he relaxes. You should be there for him and let your relationship glow. Just let him show you where he want you to do for him and do it nicely.

4 Hold his hand to dance

Don’t wait pick up your dancing skills and dance slowly with your man. Dancing slowly to a love song holding hands makes things work perfectly and a way to make your relationship greater.

It is a way to have fun and make your partner the best. There is no any cute dance than slowly dancing to the tune and looking at directly to his eye.

5. Read Books Together

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Lie on his laps to read book together with him. Rekindle your mind by reading books together. Share what is inspiring in your books to him. Let the world admire the kind of love you have for yourselves. You can decide to read it loud sometime and also read silence as well.

6. Play with his bears or Hair

Sex is not the only solution especially when he is stressed from work. Play with his hair to make him feel comfortable and relaxed.

Just take a simple step to massage his scalp and smoothly playing with his hair. Doing this with him, will make him feel safe and comfortable.

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You will see him slightly closing his eye and the mood of him will be super. He will eventually know that he has a place to go and relax anytime he is tired from work.

7. Enjoy Bathing with Him

Have had a stressful day with your boyfriend or husband? Why don’t you have shower together after you returned? Do it together and see how life will be I that type of intimacy. All of you should do is take opportunity of your time and spend it simple together to shower and take a rest.

8. Touch you Partner as you sleep

Are you like me? My wife likes sleeping when hand is on me, scrapping and scalping smoothly. I hug her often and she smiles for the change in body temperature. Have fun with him as the couple of happiness.

9 Sit closer to him

Are watching movie or news? Sit near him as a sign of caring partner. Some people lack this in their relationship. Be close to your parther as you do  certain things happiness. Unless he request to have a little privacy to do something.

10 Have time to camp yourselves

Not all have time to take a long period for camping trip, so what about you? Have an agreement to pretend you have a camping trip. Set up your tents,   travellers, turn off lights and sleep under the tents. These little things help you to keep the kindle of your relationship burning. It helps to discover the intimate things to do with your partner all time for happiness.

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