How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life: 5 Experts Ideas

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How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life

We don’t take a single tiny offence to do away with someone. But if yours is beyond your imagination, then I will tell you How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life

How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life
How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life

In real life situation, how do you unfriend someone in real life totally? It is not just a mere word of mouth but the reality of doing it is not easy. Without any ambiguity, experts always have the greatest ideas for dealing with situations that are not easy to do.

I don’t see it as a crime by unfriending someone who seems to be against everything you do in life than leave him to become torn in your shirt. We sometimes meet people who are more toxic than poisonous substances. Such people require no delay than to just unfriend them to save your time, energy, and emotions. [Read More: How to Get His Attention Back With These 8 Complete Guides ]


Dzidjor is my boyfriend whom I loved so much and even supported paying his rent because he lost his job due to the pandemic that hit in 2020. I taught I was helping a friendnot knowing he was in different world of thinking.

He decided to take advantage of my benevolence to cheat on me. I decided to do away with him and never want to ever set my eyes on him again.

It wasn’t so easy to end a relationship you have in just a day, unless you develop a tough skin to endure the related pains.

I first watched video “how to unfriend someone in real life”, and read several articles. I discovered these ideas from other people who were faced with similar issues in life.

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1. Think about your Decision

How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life
Just think about it

Yeah, do this before any other issue evolved, think about your decision. We do not jump to conclusions by randomly blocking and unfriending people due to what they did.

What if it wasn’t deliberate or it was a manipulation? Life can be forgiven as those who worship God seek his forgiveness.

You have to sit down and think if what you want to do will solve your problem. If you fight with your husband or boyfriend, you will need time to see how things can be put in place.

You must take some time to calm down if you are hurt. If actually you want to know how to unfriend someone in real life, remember that cutting the person immediately won’t be the solution.

It hurts and I sympathize with you on that instance, but you may be able to change the dynamics when you carefully have a second look.

I have faced similar cases before, ranging from breakups and failed promises. This did not push me to be harsh on them but I give them time o have a second look.

2. See If there is any change

How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life
Know What to Do

People change when they offend others. I will want you to take your time to review his lifestyle to see if he feels remorseful.

Probably, it wasn’t a deliberate act but an accident. You may have to see the life trend and determine your next action.

The strategy on how to unfriend someone in real life is factored with these in order not to be self-complacent.

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If the person seems not to change, then you can go ahead with your decision to unfriend him. [ Read: 9 Secret Ways to Make Her Think About You Non-Stop]

3. Check the Magnitude of the Offends

How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life
If it will hurt you then do it now

You trusted your partner with your entire mind and gave out all your heart without having any negative thoughts.

You made him who he is today with meagre amount you earn daily, weekly, or monthly. After he achieves the goal, he or she went ahead to tie the nod with a different person trying to tell him that you’re outmoded. Huh! That’s unfortunate.

This request is for no second chance at all. Cut him off your way. If you allow this person to be part of your friends’ list, you will continue to feel bad till the last day of your life. Keep safe and unfriend him with no explanation.

You are not a spare part to be replaced after rejections. If I’m rejected, I move on with serious-minded people. Keep your pace tight and never give someone like that a chance in your life again.

4. Unfriend him on your social handles

How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life
Block him in all

Social media can determine how people react to situations in life. If you have such people on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, remove them entirely. 

Unfollow him on your entire friend’s list.  Don’t engage yourself in any form of social media conversation in a form of liking photos, commenting or reacting to anything about such a person.

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You unfriend to show what went wrong not what pleases that person. Be unavailable for that person to get to interact.

Any moment you see him changing the account to message you, ignore or block him again. Send this message to deter your conversation. This happens when you don’t want the person in your life anymore.

They may contact you through a friend to DM you about what happened. Just say nothing is wrong but you don’t need him in your life anymore. You don’t owe anyone an apology.

5. Delete Every Picture you have

delete, please, erase-331908.jpg
Get back your happinness

Make sure you delete all media about him from your device. This is another strategy ho to unfriend someone in real life. What is not likened by many shouldn’t be tolerated by you.

Because you are not interested in moving on with him, let nothing of his remain with you. It will help you clear off the memories of him to rebuild your personal life.  let this piece guide you in case you want to take such a bold decision.

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