10 Signs You Are in A Forced Relationship with Your Guy

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10 Signs You Are in A Forced Relationship with Your Guy

forced relationship

We better to start the topic than Paulo Coelho “Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us.” So don’t do that to yourself.


Are you in love but seems like you are being forced into the relationship?

What are the signs that depict you are in a forced relationship with a guy?

Stop wandering and join me as I am going to state and explain some signs that indicate you are in a forced relationship.

Below are 10 signs you are in forced relationship with a guy.

1. You Find Excuses to Break Plans with Him

forced relationship

 Be it a weekend gateway or a romantic dinner, you always have tons of excuses running through your head.

You try to come up with the best one to stay home and watch your favorite show or spend the whole evening with your beloved pet.

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When you have no excuses, you force yourself to believe you are absolutely happy with him.

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2. You Ignore His Text and Calls

When he texts and calls you, you get irritated, and you either ignore or snap at him. Your excuse is that you are busy. Now take a few seconds to answer the question:

“Can you be too busy for love?” When you love him, you want to hear his voice, and you are happy to receive his emails and texts.

3. A Small Part of You Hopes He Will Break Up with You

When you’re forcing yourself to love your boyfriend, it might not mean you’re miserable all the time. It’s likely your significant other has some great things about him or her.

But when you’re truly honest with yourself, is there a part of you that hopes they’ll end things (even if you know you’ll be sad)? This isn’t normal for functional relationships.

4. You’re Suddenly Experiencing Extreme Mood Shifts

Relationships come with a workload. For two people to have their lives intertwined together, that’s not an easy one to swallow.

So, when you don’t love this other person, you will choke! The translation of that will be in mood swings form.

5. When You Fight You Hear Yourself Saying Things for The First Time

When you’re forcing yourself to love your guy, you don’t even allow yourself to think that. So automatically your brain tries to hide the things you might hate or dislike about this person (told you, it’s a stupid organ).

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It all comes out when you’re fighting and have no control over your thoughts.

6. Your Eyes Are Wandering Somewhere Else

The most obvious of signs, and I don’t think you need an explanation for this one! If you’re really in love, you will never see anyone but the person you love. Everyone else will fade.

 7. He/she is a good person, but…

forced relationship

That ‘but’ ruins it all! He/she is a good person, funny, smart, ambitious, and a whole bunch of other great things. BUT you’re not in love with this person! You’re forcing it!

8. You get tired of rejecting

If you’ve broken up several times and each time your significant other comes back begging for more, in time you can end up just giving in. If you felt right about your choice to end things, remember that feeling and close that door for good.

Studies show that couples with relationship cycling (breaking up, getting back together, breaking up again and getting back together again, etc.) are more likely to have less-satisfying relationships than others.

9. You’re Desperate to Be in A Relationship

Desperation rarely leads to good decisions. Here’s a secret that everyone needs to know: If you’re unhappy single, you’re eventually going to be unhappy in a relationship unless you change your life.

Don’t jump into a relationship because you’re so desperate for someone to make you happy. It doesn’t work like that. Get into a relationship when you’re with someone you genuinely enjoy who feels the same way about you.

10.You wonder if happy relationships actually exist

People might look at your relationship and think it’s great. And maybe it is … sometimes. But does a future with him seem bleak? Is it hard to believe life will continue to be happy with them? Happy relationships do exist, but if you’re forcing yourself to love them, it’s going to be a long, hard road.

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