How to Make Girls Chase You – 10 Simple Tips

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Make a Difficult Woman Fall in Love

How to Make Girls Chase You – 10 Simple Tips

how to make girls chase you
Make her chase you

Guys let me share this honest opinion with you.  We all stay cool at some point in our lives, probably twice or once: you see a girl, you speak to her, and she turns your mood into a sad moment with no response or blows you off. Sound familiar to you right? If you have had this experience before, then you miss a step in your attitude towards her. Kindly let me guide you on these tips to make girls chase you after every interaction. 


1) Don’t Seem Too Available For Her

Being too available is one of the unquestionable ways to destroy any potential curiosity a girl has in you. Can you hold yourself from her sight a bit? This is the surest way to get her attention since she will wonder the reason behind why you suddenly change.  

Play it cool and make her work a little to get your attention. Attention is the strategy to make girls chase you if they seem not to do so at the beginning. Hey, don’t rush on her to follow your request, be like a scarce product in the market. [ Read: 10 Ways to Leave an Abusive Relationship: Step-By-Step ]

2) Let Her Know That You Have Other Options

Show her that you have other options that may be far better than her. She may seem to doubt the reason and the other options that may cause her to lose you. The reason is not for you to start dating other ladies, but to let her see how busy you are with your business not just waiting for her.

2) Don’t Be a Self-Absorbed Asshole

Being a self-absorbed asshole is probably the number one way to switch off the light to ladies who seem not to give you attention. If you keep talking about yourself or you’re only interested in your personal needs, she will not be interested in you.

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Instead of doing that, check on her and try to make her feel special in her life too. Praise her, ask her questions about how she lives, and show true interest in whatever she does. The moment you do this, she’ll start to chase you for true love.

3) Show Them the True Part of You

One of the best ways to make girls chase you is by showing them the great side of yourself. You have to be confident, funny, and charming, and these will draw her closer to you. On the hand, don’t try to be too hard – you don’t want to come across as a desperate person in her view. I want you to be yourself and let your natural charisma shine through.

4) Continually Remain Cool, calm and Self-reliant

Sometimes life may be tough but it doesn’t matter what the situation is, always remain cool, calm and be who you are. To make girls chase you, then you must be confident in your ability to withstand harsh times.

Women get attracted to men who can control their emotions and who seem to hold firm on anything that comes their way. If you can master this, you’ll be the best man to get her chasing you.

5) It is about how to help

Many ways are there to get a girl to chase you, and looks help. But if you’re not the best-looking guy around, don’t worry! There are still many ways to make girls chase you and that is what am interested to share with you.

Be confident

Confident people win the heart of queens. Be the best version of yourself and show no nervousness in approaching a certain girl you want to have. Girls look at all these to give you the green light to be with them.

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Be funny

Girls love to have guys who can create funny jokes to make them laugh. She will be halfway yours if you can make her happy.

Be kind to her

Be the kind of guy that she can put her trust and full attention to. She might have gone through specific challenges so be kind to her needs and happiness. Be mysterious, and let her see her future in you.

Pay attention to her

If you don’t have time you can’t be a friend to a lady. They need attention and love to be cared for. Pay attention to her and see how things will go in your favour.

6) Never lie, deceive or cheat a lady

Promise and deliver as you say. Being honest and trustworthy are key qualities to winning ladies’ hearts. No one would want to waste time on a deceitful person. After all, why would anyone want to chase someone who isn’t worth their time and effort? Lying, deceiving or cheating will only give her a false impression of the person she wants to be with. [ Related Readings: 10 Open Marriage Rules you Must Know ]

7) Give her your time and care

One of the ways to o make girls chase you is to have time and attention for others. Let any lady you want know that she is the best person you have an interest in and that you’re not going to tolerate the love for other women out there. This will make her feel special and appreciate your effort in her life.

It is important to listen more to her when she is talking. Show true interest in your conversation with her and get follow-up questions in your discussions. This will make any girl you love feel like you value her thoughts and opinions, which will in turn make her more likely to want to pursue a relationship with you.

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8) Compliment her as often as possible without being fake

Do you know how to compliment someone? If you don’t know then start to learn about it now. Compliments are a great way to letting someone like you from the heart. If you compliment a girl on something she’s done, she’ll be more likely to do it again in the future. Desirable, she’ll feel good about herself and will probably start to chase you as a result.

9) Let her know how she always makes you a happy person

The best way to make girls chase you is to let them know that they are the source of your happiness. I know you’ve shown interest in a girl who is also aware, try to tell her how happy she makes you.

This will let her make her feel special and appreciate how you care for her attitude. Also, try to do things that make her happy. If she sees that you are making an effort to make her happy, she will be more likely to chase after you.

10) Listen with all your focus on her

Don’t shift your attention somewhere when she is talking t you. One of the best ways to get her to chase you more is by giving her your attention. Give her your best attention when she’s talking, and let her know that you’re interested in what she has to say.

This doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything she says, but it does mean that you should be respectful and attentive. Plus, girls like guys who listen more than they like guys who talk.

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