10 Reasons why he blocked and Then Unblocks You after Breakup

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10 Reasons why he blocked and Then Unblocks You

reason why he blocked and then unblocks you

Are eager to know the reasons why he blocked and then unblocks you after misunderstandings?


Several reasons make someone block or unblock someone on social media after a breakup. We shall be going through the deep secrets on why he blocked and then unblocks you after an argument in the relationship.

We use to chat happily, share experiences on what occurred during the day until he messed up the relationship unexpectedly. He ends up blocking me from all his chats and does not even respond to my calls as well as my friend messages.

This is common when you break up with someone either you caused it or he caused it. You need to understand what will make someone block you and end up unblocking you again after some time.

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How Will I Know He blocked me and unblocked me?

Some social media accounts will not let you know until you try to send messages, there they will alert you that you can’t send messages or receive any messages or calls.

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Frequently checking on his social media account will make you know whether you are blocked or not.

Now that you know whether blocked or not, let’s know the reasons why he blocked and then unblocks you after any misunderstanding.

1. He Needs Your Attention

why he blocked and then unblocks y

No one goes free after a relationship breakup, the causer and the victim of the breakup all get affected. He does that to seek your attention and see if you may react or not.

He does that especially when he thinks you have offended him much that he can not bear anymore. He does that to see how you will react and probably unblocks you later to check your messages.

2. Get your Attention

The main reason why he blocked and then unblocks you is to attract your attention. He does that to let you know he still cares about you even if you are not together in a relationship.

You have the power to ignore his attention-seeking and rather focus on developing your life. No one blocks me and unblocks to show his love that I might take it to be serious.

3. Accidentally blocked you

He might have blocked you not intentionally, but because his hand pressed on the phone settings. Immediately after realizing, he will unblock you hurriedly. It happens when the person thinks of doing it right after the breakup.

Whiles, he was looking at the block option his hand probably tapped it and accidentally did that to you. When he realized that he did it mistakenly, he will quickly unblock you.

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4. He figured out his Mistake

People don’t just block because of fans sometimes for a particular reason. The reason may not be known to you though; it can be realized as his fault. If he realizes his own mistake then quickly unblocks you.

When your guy realizes the kind of silly blocks, he will accept his misfortunes and finally unblocks you.

5. To Avoid Depression 

why he blocked and then unblocks

After a relationship breakup, none of the parties goes away easily without memories. Many go through life-challenging situations (psychological trauma) when they break up with their loved ones.

They block the other to overcome such challenge. As time pass by, the grief goes down and it becomes a normal situation. He suddenly unblocks you to clear those mental doubts.

6. The Power of control

Some people feel they are more powerful than others when it comes to relationship issues. They think without them others cannot leave.

A man blocks you after a certain misunderstanding in your relationship, just to show you that he has the power to control.

When all his intentions about you suddenly fail, he has nothing to do than to unblock you.

They do this knowing that they have upper hands over you. They know that you are sad and this will make them also proud. You don’t have to react but keep it to yourself.

7. Testing of Waters

Have you ever noticed someone who tests waters before? He wants to see your reaction after the breakup especially when he is the cause of it.

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He unblocks you to be able to check your social media reactions. Most of the time, he may be trying to come back but due to earlier action, he finds it difficult.

My little advice to you is that let the dogs sleep. Don’t worry about the scab that is on its way to healing.

8. He is taken back His decision

Nobody forced him to block you and no one chases him to unblock you. He decides to do the uncertainties to himself. What you must know is that such is human nature.

Some people cannot control their emotions when they break up with you. Such people act on their emotions and later discover that they made the wrong decisions

9. They want nothing to do with you

The moment he blocks you, the impression he creates is that he doesn’t want to have anything with you anymore. He is pissed off and will not be willing to have anything with you.

All of sudden he unblocked you. The reason why he blocked you and then unblocks you is that he wants to have communication with you.

10. He Has a Secret Partner

Let me tell you the truth, he may probably be having another partner but trying to have you as a playmate. He is trying to play a smart game by blogging you in other to avoid you from knowing about it.

The main reason why he blocked and then unblocks you is to be able to serve the purpose of his second relationship

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