12 Ways to Convince Him to Stay With You Forever

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12 Ways to Convince Him to Stay With You Forever

Ways to Convince Him to Stay With You

Finding yourself in a position where you need to convince your guy that he should stay with you might be one of the most difficult situations one can find h/her in, but it doesn’t have to be! Take a moment to read this article for 12 ways to convince him to stay.


In the event of a breakup, it’s not uncommon for one partner to try to convince the other to stay. This article is for all of you who are looking for ways to get your significant other back!

1. Where the Man’s Head Is At

If a man wants to leave because he needs his space, he is also exploring other options. Make him feel wanted by confirming that you want him and only him. Showing your vulnerability may help him understand you better and give you the chance to get back some of the control over the relationship. Now you know where is heading, will let you know how to convince him to stay with you.

2. What He Needs To Feel Safe

A man needs to feel safe to commit. If he’s not getting what he needs at home, he’ll go somewhere else for it. Make sure you do the right thing before thinking on the way to convince him to stay with you in the relationship.

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This is the one thing that drives almost all divorces. I don’t know what to do, I feel like he is going to be gone any day now. He’s been living with me for a few months and we live together and everything and I feel like he is going to leave soon. What should I do? Make him feel like this is his home.

Make him feel cared for, wanted, and loved. Please, just give me some advice on how to keep him from leaving my side.

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3. Show him you’re Trusted

The most important thing in any relationship is trust. Trust is the key to a long-lasting romance. However, sometimes trust can be difficult to maintain. One common problem is when one partner doesn’t have time for the other because he or she is always working.

If this becomes an issue, you should talk with your significant other about your concerns and try to work out a solution that will make both of you happy. This is the best way to convince him to stay no matter what you are going through.

4. Strategize on how to build a Healthy Relationship

If you want to be in a relationship with one person, the best thing you can do is be as healthy as possible. What have you personally done for the health of your relationship? Do the needful before the expectation of the other.

Show concern with your health, decency, home choirs, or probably your code of conduct. If you take care of your body and only eat nutritious food, your hormones will also stay balanced and good. You can’t expect any other person to take care of you if you won’t even do it yourself.

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5. Getting Him to Meet Your Needs

If you want your partner to be convinced to stay with you, you have to meet their needs. To do this, you might need to sacrifice some of your own.

What are your partner’s most important needs? Some examples are feeling appreciated, having their emotional needs met, being respected by their partner, and being listened to. If you can’t meet all of these needs on your own, then think about what might make it happen – giving up some personal time or doing an activity they enjoy with them.

6. Keeping Him Invested In Your Relationship

One way to keep him invested in your relationship is to make an effort to make sure that he feels loved and appreciated by doing things that he enjoys. For example, you could take him out for a fun night out now and then or cook for him in the kitchen. I hope you discovered the secret now?

You should also create a routine in which you meet in the middle and work together on decisions in the relationship. Active listening skills will also help you stay on his mind when he’s away from home. Remember that the way to convince him to stay with you is not just an easy task.

7. Identify your mistakes

You can fix your relationship by identifying your mistakes. If you are both at fault, then it’s best to talk about the mistakes you’ve made. This will take a lot of work on both parts, but it will make for a more fulfilling relationship in the future. The other solution is to decide that there are too many things that need to be fixed and agree to end the relationship.

8. Approach him in a mature way

Approaching him in a mature and understanding way will show him that you can be trusted, and it will make him more likely to stay. If he knows he is loved and respected, he will be less likely to leave. You have to do your best not to sound needy or clingy because these are the drives that push men away.

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9. Let him know you truly love him

Lately, you’ve been feeling like he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. You want him to stay and not go out on a date with another girl while you’re at work. The best thing to do is tell him how much you love him and why. He’ll be more likely to stay if you try new things such as cooking dinner together or taking an adventure outside of your town.

10. Improve your dressing

If you want to convince him to stay with you, you must dress up in a way that will make him happy. It’s also important that you be confident and keep your head high because this will show him that he is making the right decision by being with you.

11. Remember him of the good times

When he feels like he has lost everything, make him remember the good times. Try to make him feel needed again and remind him of the things that you two used to do together. Showing him that you still need him will always be a great way to convince him to stay with you.

12. Conclusions

In summary, you have to be patient and understanding. It might take a while but he will come back to you. In the meantime, just try to refrain from saying or doing anything that might drive him away again.

If you want to keep your man for good, you have to show him how much you care. Make time for him and demonstrate that you are a loving and attentive partner. Doing these will help you discover the way to convince him to stay with you.

Be there for him during his rough times and show him what it’s like to be in a happy relationship. Remember, no matter what he does or how he acts, he wants what every guy wants – the feeling of being loved by a woman who stands by him through thick and thin.



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