8 Ways to Get Your Man Happy and Keep Him Hooked

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8 Ways to Get Your Man Happy and Keep Him Hooked

Give me reasons to love
Get hooked by making him happy

How can you get your man happy and keep him hooked? Several ways are simple to make a man happy which you can equally adapt to change the current happiness in your relationship. It doesn’t take any money to do these but just knowing it and practising is the way to go.

These are easier than you think, so don’t worry! Here are 8 ways to get your man happy and keep him hooked! [ READ MORE: 10 Reasons Why He Blocked and Unblocked You After the Breakup ]


1) Surprise Him to keep him hooked to you

A happy relationship is about giving and taking, and that includes giving small support you also have to him.  This is not about giving anything big just the small you have can make a surprise for your relationship.

Have you ever surprised him with just a kiss? That is something you may do to wonder about him as part of these secrets. I have tried that before and it worked well for me, so try that for a reason.

Buy him his favourite as you come out from work or any other gatherings. Look, this will spice up your relationship more than you can imagine. Do the little surprises you can as long as he continues to be your man, and your happiness is guaranteed.

2) Don’t be fast to Text All the Time

In any happy relationship, there should be a balancing way of texting each other not in a one-sided manner. I don’t think you should always be the one sending messages and even responding as well. Try to get a way to balance the communication.

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You are thinking that when you do so, you will make things better but it can get you bored. The magnetic way n a relationship is to make yourself relevant as you hold yourself in and during the conversation. [ Read More: Reasons Why Women Love Responsible Men ]

So mix it up! No, let me tell you that happiness in a happy relationship is not just by giving, but trying to get back your respect back in a relationship. When you adopt this strategy, you show him that you are really important and play a vital role in the relationship.

3) Know When Exactly You Must Give Up

There is no easy way to give up on something you love. Sometimes, we handle things for a long, even during the time we know nothing is working again. As time goes on we give up on it. My question is do you know when to give up? You always have to ask certain questions. Do I feel sad under this condition? Am I doing something better to change the situation? Am I actively working on my behaviour to change things in this house? If you can answer yes to all three questions, then it is the best time to walk away.

4) Give Him Space

Just like you need time with your girlfriends, the man you also have needs enough time for his buddies. That is the best way man relaxes, unwind, and recharge after tiredness. Don’t try to overlook this because it will go against your happiness and his. Give a lit bit of time or space, and let him have some time to himself. Even if you feel sometimes sad with him for something, give him space for peace.

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5) Know When He Wants Sex

Many women make a lot of f mistakes thinking that men want sex all the time. In reality, the majority of men rather want emotional connectivity before they think of that purpose. If you want to keep your man happy, it is very keen to know exactly the time that is required to make things work better for all of you.

Let all your plans be known to him to prepare his mind towards that in the evening if you want body touch.

6) Listen to Him Well

Men want to be with women who listen well and then make noise. It is important to listen to yourself well when he is talking.

If you want to keep him hooked, the best way is to listen to him well than to talk as he talks.  One way to do this is to ask what you don’t understand as he speaks rather than keep quiet and respond.

7) Be A Little Mysterious

Women who are a little mysterious can be more attractive to men than those who are not. If you want to keep him hooked, you shouldn’t let him know everything about you. Be sure to always make something hidden as a bit security of you. Just be who you are and plan as you are to make life easy for you.

Be a little bit confidential in terms of everything since life is not about selling everything about you. Keep surprises and take a wise decisions than how we see it.

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8) Compliment His Best Features

We all like to hear compliments when it comes to our unique features. Your man will love you more when it comes to complimenting him. Just be objective and tell him that he looks good in what you see.

You can praise him for his cooking skills or what you see. Praise his cooking skills and adopt what can keep life better. I want you to keep him hooked to you because of your lifestyle. Do what it takes to let love lead.

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