24 Ways on How to Make Him Feel Guilty For Hurting You

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How to get over a breakup

24 Ways on How to Make Him Feel Guilty For Hurting You

People hurt us every day and we forgive them for their shortfalls. Do you want to know how to make him feel guilty for hurting you in the relationship?

Many have gone through similar issues that make them feel guilty. This article will show you how to make him feel guilty for his actions. Knowing how to make someone feel guilty can give you all the power. [Read: 10 Strategies will Let a Lady fall in Love]


Guilty: How to Know When Your Stuggle with Guilt is Worth It

Even if you want to know how to make the guy who hurt you feel guilty, it’s not possible. Time can’t be turned back. The most important thing is that you focus on the future and learn to be happy with what you have now.

If the man is ignoring you, there are a lot of options to get back at him.

How to read the clues and know what he’s doing?

If a guy is ignoring you, we can appreciate you are feeling frustrated. If a date does not text back, this is unacceptable behavior in any relationship.

However, if you know his reason for doing so, it can help you to get past it and make progress with the guy you are interested in.

First, find out why he ignored you before wondering how to make him feel guilty for hurting you. [Read: How Married Couples will Manage their Finances]

What do you do when he ignores your texts?

The answer, this author posits, lies in understanding his motivations for doing so.

He can let you know when he has a meeting, or if he’s busy and cannot chat with you. If he is ignoring you, it’s not cool.

Pal tells you that he needs space when he’s upset before he says something he regrets. You can tell that when stressed, Pal will need a little time before he can talk with you, so next time he can just text to let you know he needs some time alone.

How to get a guy to feel guilty after hurting you

When someone hurts you, it can make you feel as if he has power over you. This is not true. Instead, the best way to retaliate is by turning your focus back on yourself. Not only will this make you feel great, but it will also show the other person that their choices have consequences.

Guys may hurt your feelings with an intentional act of ignoring you. There are many reasons why they do this, and none of them are good. They’re being cowardly or being manipulative.

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Both options add up to a guy you don’t want to be around anyway. So, whether you want to learn how to make him feel guilty of hurting you, or simply get back at him for hurting you, let’s check out some suggestions.


1. Make what you do the best

Take this time each day to focus on yourself, with whatever you love doing. Be kind to yourself and do the things you enjoy in life, even if it’s just listening to music or reading a book. Focus on your health by eating healthy meals and drinking lots of water each day.


After a breakup, you need to change your diet and start going to the gym. You will be healthier when he sees how well you are doing.


2. Find the best way to look amazing

One way to get your guy to want you back is to dress up nicely when you are likely to be in the same room as them. This is the best way how to him feel guilty for hurting you, which will even make him want you back faster than you can imagine.

Turning on your heel and ignoring him will make him think twice. It will make you feel so good that he might regret his experience with you.


3. Get inspiration from others and share positivity

When someone hurts you, it isn’t always important to aim for honesty. Sometimes it is better to take on a more manipulative approach and use guilt as a means to an end.

And before you jump on the “hey should be honest all the time” bandwagon, true honesty would give your adversary an idea of how deeply affected you are by his actions.

4. Post Happy Mood Photos

Posting happy photos and general positivity will help bolster your mood. However, don’t mimic happiness too heavily, or else it’s easy to tell that you’re faking it. It will also boost your mood if you occasionally post something sad or negative.

If you want to make your male counterpart feel guilty, just read this advice!

5. The Quickest Way to Delete Someone’s Number

Please, ask yourself if you want that person calling you. Deleting your contact with someone is hard, but you should do it. It will assist you to reach the next moment.

No matter how hurt, no matter how drunk, make sure you do not contact him. You want to maintain the mystery of why you are not in contact with him. For all guys, ego has them wondering about what is going on when something or someone is not available.

The truth of this is also that when someone isn’t talking to you, it could mean they are hurt and that would be a time to attack at their conscience.

Do you want to know how to make him feel guilty for hurting you?

Then, stop texting and call someone to help you resist temptation. If he is ignoring your call, text this to make them feel guilty.

6. If you are in the same space as him, then try not to pay attention to him

How do you make a guy feel guilty for ignoring you and making him feel bad?

The best way to make the other person feel bad about what they’ve done is to see you enjoying life and that someone else does nothing else. You can make them feel bad by socializing with your friends.

7. Force yourself to enjoy it!

It is hard to heal from the pain of a breakup unless you put on a brave face and make him think that it doesn’t affect you at all. If you appear over your past relationship, he will start to feel guilty for hurting you. To make a guy feel guilty for hurting you, show him that you are living happily without him.

Ensure you move on for the right reasons. Don’t try to get revenge on your ex by cheating with someone else. If you do end up dating someone, make it clear to them that you’re in love with him or her and not just trying to get back at your previous partner.

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8. Express your feelings to a guy on how you feel

If he hurt you, tell him. Let him Apologize and do better next time. It doesn’t apologize for his action then know he is careless about you. Letting someone know how you feel helps you to keep happy. Happiness is how to make him feel guilty for hurting you.

9. Alternate who gives for a bit

You should ask him how he would feel if you ignored him, and point out that he is not being a decent person.

10. Seek solitary moments to find balance

You need your time or time with friends, so take some space to make him realize how much he wants to be around you. A break away from your ex will make him realize his mistakes.

11. How to live your best life

You don’t need to make someone guilty of hurting you or ignoring you, just worry about yourself. Guys will always notice if you are happy and living your best life.

Don’t try to seem happy, or like you need him when you do. Instead, focus on yourself and your happiness. The thing is, the fact that you have ignored him is making him feel guilty.

12. Don’t let him get to you

It doesn’t matter how he treats you, or if he hurt you before. Ignore the pain and move on. You deserve more respect than being ignored by someone you are interested in. You will be happy now, knowing you dumped him and that he feels bad. Understand that he loses and you win in a clean heart.

Do you like him? Here are the steps to make your romantic feelings clear.

Sometimes you need to give your significant other some ultimatums, even if they are not adults. If he is exhibiting behavior that is unacceptable and you want him to stop doing it, give him one last chance.

Tell you’re significant other that this is the last straw, and he should be caring enough to hear from you. If he can’t be that guy, then he’s not worth a relationship with. Stand your ground, and the relationship will end.

13. Be delicate when breaking up with your partner.

Don’t just start to make him mad, do it smoothly and let him know you’ll still be there for him as a friend.

To move on from a breakup without a confrontation, slowly cut contact with your ex. This will make him feel the same emotions you felt after the breakup.

14. How to kill it on social media

Show your partner the great time you’re having without him. Do it for yourself and share the video with the world. If he ignored you, he’ll feel guilty and apologize. He might also enjoy it because he was checking your feed on the sly all this time.

Do not be upset if he doesn’t respond to your messages. Just because you have talked to him for a whole week, doesn’t mean he is spending time with you. When the time is due, he will surely make time for you and even talk to you nicely. Doing this shows how he feels guilty for hurting you.

New information will come to light and he may feel guilty for what he did. If you continue talking with him, it can make him feel bad. The best thing to do is stop texting and be productive with your time.

15. Create your own opinions

It’s not about being high maintenance, but about making your voice heard. Don’t just say yes in the name of being low maintenance. Be true to what you stand for and stick to your opinions.

16. One way to make a guy feel guilt, is by moving on

That’s the best way to make them suffer for hurting you or ignoring you, without needing to confront them about it.

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What you should do when someone expects more from you than what they are doing.

If your partner is great in every other way, maybe occasional texting issues are not that big of a deal. Trust what they do more than what they say. You may not even care to make them feel guilty for ignoring you on texts when you see the truth.

17. Never Stop Your plans for Him

When a guy hurts your feelings, it’s not a good thing. If he doesn’t want to talk to you, it may be difficult to get him to respond. When the guy does end up responding, it can be hard not to see or talk to him.

Rather, just keep on meeting your goals in life, and don’t give in if he reaches out catching you by surprise.

If somebody doesn’t return your messages, do not change plans. They are not worth your time.

18. Seek ways to make sex less emotional

One is the feeling you have when you’re in love, while the other might just be infatuation. But whether or not it’s love, sexual attraction, or lust, they all can make your heart beat faster.

If we use a scenario of two people and one becomes less attractive, which do you think would be most appealing?

Check how the relationship lies between you and your other counterpart. Does it make god move or is it just a fantasy?

Choosing the one you’re most comfortable with will give you the staying power to keep going past the fairytale phase.


You may want the dangerous and exciting person around you, but the one that you want to be by your side forever is the stable one.


19. Identify the type of person you are in the relationship

Opposites may attract initially, but in the long run, those opposites find that they butt heads more than get along.

Finding the one most like you can be done by finding someone who shares your goals, aspirations and has the same desires as you.

People who don’t share similar personality traits or have different temperaments do not make for good partners.

If you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you must accept their family as well. If one person’s family is more like what you’re accustomed to than another’s, it could make it very uncomfortable if they don’t accept you.

It’s not just when the two of you are on your best behavior; their family is too, and if you don’t feel at home and in the mix with his family now, you likely won’t ever.

Look for a guy with less baggage, who you can spend time with on holidays and with the family.

20. Choose the more empowering one

You need someone positive, someone, who can bring you up when you are down. When it is good, you want to do well.

Which one do you turn to when you’re feeling crazy?

Most people are not comfortable with relationships. They find a sense of comfort when they trust the person and are honest about it.

If you can’t ask for help when you need it most, then life with someone who prevents you from being yourself may be bumpier.

21. Find out what your gut is telling you!

We all have an inner voice, but sometimes it’s telling us things we don’t want to hear. Let him know what he did wrong against you and why it keeps hurting you. It will make him understand why he should never repeat it. It is quite sad that some men may not even care if you tell them. But don’t give up, do the needful and let his conscience deal with him.

 22. How to be more unavailable

It is easy to feel ignored when we don’t get attention from our partners. So when they start to reach out, it is okay that we do not always reply. Respond to him at random times, so he will make more of an effort when we are in contact with him. Make plans, be active, and stay off of your phone. Don’t wait for him.

23. Famous Quotes from “Harry Potter

The best way to make a guy feel guilty for hurting you and ignoring you is to just ignore him. It takes a lot of strength to do this, but it’s easier than figuring out what he wants. He deserves nothing less.


24. How to be happy

Ignoring someone back can make him feel guilty, but it’s better to tell him how you feel. Being honest is typically the best way to get the message across. Seeing how he hurt you will hit home.

When you push away the voice warning of potential problems, it will come back to haunt you.

What people make you feel accomplished?

If you want to know how to choose between two guys, find the one who challenges you the most and brings out the best of you.

You might think it’s easy to pick the one who shelters you, makes you feel awesome about yourself, and does things for you, but that eventually gets old. Am given you my word that it is the best way to tell him for you to know how he feels guilty for hurting you in your relationship.


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