How Should Just Married Couple Manage Their Finance? 8 Financial Strategies

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How Should Just-Married Couple Manage Their Finance? 8 Financial Strategies

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Marriage is a blessing to you including the people around you. It brings happiness and joy to all those involved. But how can just-married couple manage their finance after all the celebration? 


It takes only a few people who think about financial management right after the honeymoon. Today we shall learn and understand the type of financial management for the just married couple who are still honeying. 

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1. Plan first 

Marriage is not about the celebration. It starts immediately you agree to be in the relationship. The best couple starts the immediate thing of planning what they will do in the marriage. 

Have a laid down plan on what to do in terms of how much will go into your wedding, how much will be saved and how much will be spent on other life supports. As I said your finance management will affect you all if proper plans are not set up.

Money has more work to do but people think it is just meant for spending, No! It goes beyond spending only. As just-married couple, you have to see to it that there is a long way ahead of you. The fun and the early happiness will evaporate as soon as family and friends leave you in your house. 

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What next? Understand children will come in soon and expenses will go up so start to work on your money management skills. If you are both working start planning towards your future today. The wise among us will say save and invest. The wisest among us will say save, invest, and donate when you become rich. 

2. Break your finances into Baskets

As a just-married couple, break your finances into 4 baskets. Each basket has a specific role to play in your family business running. If both of you are working, let your first basket take at least 60% of your earnings. It will take care of your expenses in terms of utilities, housekeeping, transportation, feeding, telephony, and others. 

Let 10% take care of your investment needs which will help you for any project you would want to embark on in the future. 10% is also meant for emergency purposes so that you will want to run into a crisis. 

Another part of the basket that constitutes 10% of the money basket is also meant for retirement purposes. It doesn’t matter what you are doing today retirement will come so you keep some part of the money aside to handle that part of your plan. 

The final part also gets to do with fun or entertainment which also takes 10% of your earnings. Yes, I mean entertainment should also be pegged on that percentage to keep you happy in marriage. 

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3. Prioritize Your Needs

You’ve been able to break down your expenses into great baskets. You can still run into a budget deficit if you do not put things in place well. Know what to buy and what to leave because you may not be financially sound at the initial stage. 

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Some things cannot be ignored make them available at home and the other ones may be ignored at that stage. No one owns your money but remembers you just married so starting well will have a positive impact in the future.

4. Don’t save money Home

It is prudent to save your money at the bank to secure your finance against any intruder. It is safe to save at the bank to avoid the temptation of spending money outside your budget. Besides spending, you may even be interested in investment as savings with the bank attract little returns. 

People are tempted to spend money because they see it by themselves. You cannot practice all the basket systems I shared on the second point if you just want to keep money with you in the house. Every aspect of your savings has a role to play in your marriage as just a married couple. 

If you’re a monthly earner then you’ll need more than one account. Let your bank set a system on your account for it to automatically deduct the money to various units depending on the money basket. 

5. Build Income Stream

Things remain different today due to the global crisis. Inflation continues to rise to make our earnings diminish against our personal needs. You cannot rely on only one source of income to keep you in a happy mood. 

You can start something small to add up to what you’re earning. If you are a woman and is only your husband who provides for the family, then support him with any work you can do. You may not see it now as just-married couple but you will be there as newly married forever.

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6. Keep Separate Account

You may disagree with my opinion but that’s what is causing a lot of conflicts in marriage. You may go for a joint account if you understand yourselves well. I won’t advise just married couples to have the account together. It is rather better to share the burden of supporting each other on a specific bill from your money basket. Remember marriage is a responsibility to support each of you. Be supportive to yourselves to have a lovely marriage. 

7. Do not let Your Salary brings Disagreement

When you are a couple, both people might make different amounts of money. The problem occurs when the one who makes more money is making Ghc300 or $6,000 more than the other.


A stay-at-home spouse can become resentment of the breadwinner. Partners might not just view family funds as “our money,” but rather a percentage of each person’s earnings.


It’s not just you or me- it’s us! No need to feel threatened by the success of the other team member. Start acting like a family.


On the other end of the spectrum, those who stay at home with the kids often feel guilty for expressing their opinion on how their money should be spent. I’ve heard many stay-at-home moms tell me they feel guilty for speaking into the budget or even spending money on anything more than the bare necessities. But remember, you have equal say in your finances and marriage. And don’t forget about all of the sacrifices you make as a stay-at-home mom that provide value and save your family lots of money!


8. Have time to review Your Finances

You may have time to review your finances as you become one on the journey of marriage. A financial review will help you know how you are progressing in your finances. As just a married couple, work on it well before you get children who will add up to other expenditures in taking care of them. 




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