5 Ways You Overcome Challenges as an Entrepreneur In Africa

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5 Ways You Overcome Challenges as an Entrepreneur In Africa

overcome challenges as ah entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is full of challenges, and being able to manage and control the obstacles and challenges that come with entrepreneurship is what really makes anyone an entrepreneur.


3 years ago, I quit my Job to finally delve into the world of entrepreneurship despite the hurdles and challenges I encountered during my early days. Each time challenges come up; I always feel I made a big mistake quitting my day job.

Sometimes, I’d feel I should return to my usual 9-5. But, you’ll agree with me that going back to my job isn’t the best thing to do.

How have I managed, controlled, and overcame challenges entrepreneurs in this part of the continent, Africa?

In this article, I’ll share with you my 5 best-kept secrets to overcoming challenges as an entrepreneur.

Here are 5 simple tips which will help any entrepreneur overcome the tough challenges that come with entrepreneurship:

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  1. Have a Positive Mindset

Whatever you accept and agree with within your mind becomes your reality.

Looking at the various issues that entrepreneurs in Africa encounter, developing a thick skin, and developing your mind to think positively is your greatest anchor.

This will take both time and perseverance, but you just need to develop it. You need to get to a point where you train your mind to think only the right things, accept only true things, and act upon only things that will move you forward.

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Having a positive mindset is the only way you can be able to overcome challenges as an entrepreneur in Africa.

Truth is, it is difficult. You would always have different challenges. Your ability to have the right mindset, skillset to handle those challenges is what really matters.

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If you want to handle challenges and not feel bad about them, you need to begin to have a shift in your mindset.

You can practice having this through thoughtful techniques and speculations.

When you get good at capturing ideas in your thoughts and letting them pass, you can stop negative thoughts in their tracks and hack your mind into positivity.

  1. Face Challenges with a Proper Thinking Strategy

Entrepreneurial Challenges have become a part of an everyday problem for small business owners.

Having a proper thinking strategy will not only help you overcome challenges but will help you in knowing what to do at every given point in time.

When challenges hit, what is your escape route? What’s your next line of action.When challenges hit you, you’ve got to develop the courage to confront them speculatively without wavering. This is a dominant trait only a few entrepreneurs possess.

Nothing can ever be accomplished without the right thinking and strength to face major setbacks as an entrepreneur.Every time you see yourself failing, don’t give up. Obstacles are a significant factor of a negative impact but don’t give in.

Focus and think of only positive things in life. Take your time, think and get your act together. Because to overcome challenges as an entrepreneur requires someone who can withstand the business heat.

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There is no way you cannot overcome the challenge at hand if you think strategically. Learn to do that always.

  1. Don’t Give Upovercome challenges as an entrepreneur

When challenges arise, be it lack of funds, difficulties in getting loans, Poor state of infrastructure, Wrong Marketing strategy. No matter what, Don’t Give Up!


Persistence is what makes water pass through the rock. Imagine how hard rock is, compared to how flexible water is. What makes it thrive through the rock is persistence.

Persistence is a huge key to overcome challenges.

Don’t give up in the sense that you will need a high level of discipline to overcome the major challenge and quickly learn from them. Build capacity even as you go through challenges by asking for support, feeling your feelings, and making a plan to work through it.

  1. Make a Plan

The truth is no one knows what will happen tomorrow. As an entrepreneur in Africa, you need to always Plan. To overcome challenges as an entrepreneur, you need a good plan that is workable.

Always make plans for things you want to achieve. Make strategies for things you want to Do. Set goals and work towards crushing them.

Look at how things played out in the past and see what challenges you’ve struggled with and how you could overcome them. Analyze the necessary effects and give rise to a new plan on how you can overcome more.

The need for having great plans can’t be stressed enough. Make it a duty to make plans.

  1. Accept the fact that you’re Not Alone

overcome challenges an entrepreneurAs much as you’re an entrepreneur, you need to understand that you’re not in this entrepreneurship thing alone. Having a positive mindset is the only way you can be able to overcome challenges as an entrepreneur in Africa.

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What do I mean?

Some so many smart individuals are also into this thing of ours. And just like you, they all have their low points too.

Most entrepreneurs may handle or intermittently conceal it better than others. But the truth is, whatever you are going through, other people are going through it as well.

I want you to know that you’re not alone. Ensure you reach out to a community of like minds.

Share thoughts and ideas, and you’ll be surprised at the massive amount of ideas each person will bring up.

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