7 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Out Faster

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7 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Out Faster

Make Your Hair Grow Out Faster

We have different ways of dealing with life trauma. Some deal with others’ support while others deal with self-support. No matter your choice we are here to share the best ways to make your hair grow out faster. The best way to get natural hair faster is applying a natural remedy.


We have practiced several ways of making your hair grow organically no matter the challenges you go through with your hair growth. We experimented with different hair products and home solutions that can rest assured of one’s hair growth.

This is the time to have self-believed to get the results you always dream of in terms of hair growth. We have tested and tried these practices to help the majority of people with hair loss regain perfect natural hair.

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1. Make your Hair Grow: Avoid Heat Usage

If you are always interested in using heat to grow your hair, stop using it immediately to help you gain natural hair growth. Although heat can weaken your hair, even alternating or going an extra day without it can improve its quality significantly.

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We are not totally against the use of heat but excessive heat is the problem we are talking about. You can rather use it moderately and also invest in quality hair protection sprays. This will help make your hair grow faster without stress.

2. Make your Hair Grow: Add Vitamins to your Breakfast

Vitamin supplements can help your hair growth if your food lacks certain nutrients to enhance your hair growth. Adding vitamins to your morning food is one of the best ways to make your hair grow faster than you can imagine.

3. Eat Enough Fruits

Make Your Hair Grow Out Faster

Your health is the same as any part of your body or skin. How flourishing your hair grows is an ultimate indication of how inside health you have in your body.

Fruits are the best source of fiber and vitamins that helps in hair growth. Taking the best fruits helps you in making your hair roots and scalps very stronger. It, therefore, helps in blood circulation in the scalps and helps in natural hair growth.

  • Banana: Banana is one of the fruits that helps in hair growth but many people are unaware. Banana helps in controlling the hair to avoid hair fall. It keeps the hair roots very stronger and energizes the ways of hair growth in natural means.
  • Apple: Apple is considered one of the fruits of hair health and growth. If you are not aware then eat enough apples to help your hair grow. Apple helps to cure dandruff and improves faster hair growth. You can use apple paste for shampoo for your hair management hair loss.
  • Papaya: Are you aware that papaya is used in controlling hair growth? If yes or no, let me reveal this secret to you immediately. It can be used to make your hair grow out faster than any other product. Papaya helps to improve hair growth, prevent dandruff and avoid baldness.
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4. Eat Nutritious Food

You are what you eat. Getting the right hair is not about the type of product you feed your hair but the type of food you take. If you consume the right food full of necessary nutrients is a recipe for good hair growth.

Eat food with high protein, in order to get flourishing hair growth. Improve the intake of food with protein such as fish, meat, grains, nuts, beans, and many more.

5. Use Cool Temperature When Cleaning Your Hair

You can dehydrate your skin leading to hair loss if you don’t control your shower. When you use too much heat in your hair, you end up getting rough hair. It is better you regulate the temperature to a moderate one if you are interested to control your hair strength and make your hair grow faster.

6. Take Care When Brushing Wet Hair

Don’t apply too much energy when brushing wet hair. Yes, it is yours and you can brush it anyhow but you can lose anyhow as well. Brush it gently when you know it’s wet. Try to brush your hair before shampooing. Avoid applying too much force in brushing wet hair to avoid hair breakages.

Combing your hair is not the absolute cause of hair loss, but how gently you do it can help prevent such problems. Incorrect combing can lead to hair breakages and eventually affect hair growth.

7. Use an Egg Yolk Mask

Make Your Hair Grow Out Faster

One of the home remedies for hair is to use egg yolk which can stimulate a greater percentage of hair follicles on the scalp. It helps prevent hair breakages, make your hair grow faster, and improves hair thickness.

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The procedure to make the mask is by mixing two eggs with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Get half cup of water to dilute the mixture and enhance its thickness. Apply it to the hair and leave it for at least 30 minutes. You can shampoo it as you always do and see how it will make your hair grow faster.

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