8 Ways to Make Your Ex Regret for Dumping You

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8 Ways to Make Your Ex Regret for Dumping You

make your ex regret

It is not easy to make an ex regrets leaving you but it is possible. There are some essential things that you need to do to make your ex regrets leaving you for another woman.


Yes, it is possible! Don’t just fall for all that you hear about your ex, just follow self-intuition. I am going to share some strategies that were used by close friends and myself which eventually will be of help to you as well.

You only have to use these proven secrets to make your ex regrets his move and probably turn to have a second look at you. I have not taken anything out of what I am just sharing in this article but what is working perfectly.

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When your ex wants to have an exit from the relationship, Give him the breakup, Never Beg to come back, Don’t overthink about the breakup, never reduce yourself to his traps, build your career, stop texting or calling him, don’t chase him, don’t be bitter to your ex.

1. Give Him The Breakup

The first question you may ask yourself is how you may be able to do with the breakup? What you must know is that your ex is feeling relief. It was very difficult for him to tell you and now he feels relieved from the relationship.

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What you have to know is that your ex has been thinking about it for several months. Breakup is not something people just wake up to do, they think about it for long before going for it.

What you might not know is that your ex was already finding it difficult to do that and when it happened he feels better or relieved. What your ex feels is that he can get you back easily at any time. The only way you can make your ex regret is to let him have his breakup.

2. Never Beg To Come Back

make your ex regret

You will be seen as vulnerable if you beg your ex to get back into the relationship. He may accept you to tear you apart totally. Just let it be as it is for now. Don’t belittle yourself for him to destroy your life.

Begging somebody for love means you don’t have an option in life. Your ex wouldn’t leave you if he truly loves you. You will be ignored forever if that happens. Let your ex have his free will and also ignore him if only you want him to regret his decision.

Your ex is expecting you to beg for your comeback but never do that. You have the right to your own decision.

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3. Never Reduce Yourself to His Traps

Your ex will come back clean to test waters.  Just because somebody wants something doesn’t mean you should give him. Your ex may come back when someone is chasing you just to pull down your treasure.

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If you want to make your ex regret dumping you, don’t give them their ego boost. He may be finding out more about you and will try to do things to see him feeling sorry for you.

Don’t become attracted to people who see you as inferior. He has the personal gains he may want to accomplish, either sexually or emotional trauma. Within that period, never feed your ex ego.

4. Don’t Be Bitter or Angry to Your Ex

make your ex regret

Don’t be mad over your ex for leaving you. If you do that, he will feel that he made the right decision. Though he rejected you of love, do not be angry with him.

Your ex may get back to you but you are matured enough to know the right way to handle him. Never get rude to him for leaving you.  Yes, he left you with pains and regrets, understand how to be professional in everything you’re doing.

When you pounce on your ex for breaking up with you, it means you will be considered weak and we don’t want them to see that from us. Being rude to your ex will not make their regrets of the decision.

5. Change Your Mindset

Stop thinking about your past and change your mindset. Stop blaming yourself for what you never did in the relationship. Some go a long way to ask themselves why sudden occurrences in a relationship.

Yeah! It is painful but never blames yourself. Change your thinking and habit to gain back what you’re meant to achieve. You need to know your value and let him go. If you want to make your ex regret his decision, know who you are and the value on you.

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6. Stop Texting or Calling Him

Do not be cheap towards your ex by calling him or texting him for a second chance in a relationship. Don’t and never do that. Protect your emotions when that happens.

Never try calling him back to show that your life is at fault. Move on with your decision to build your self-confidence. Have the best life possible to make your ex regret dumping you.

7. Do Not Chase Him

You can avoid all his social media posts. Show a sense of self-value by ignoring all his social media posts. He will know that you have your own decision even without him.

I will advise you not to delete his number just let him see how best you can progress in life. Blocking your ex means he won’t even know you exist. Make your ex regrets by seeing your progress in life.

8. Improve Your Personal Development

make your ex regret

Develop yourself right after that breakup. Work on yourself either financially, or physically. Create a room of high value in your life.

Explore new options that can make you far better than the time you were staying with him in the relationship.  Take your physical and mental development seriously to make him hear of the progress you have after the breakup.

Stay focus, remove his memories, and be the one all will be chasing to get. Find something better that can provoke the heart of those who never respected you. You have made the right choice keep moving.


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