7 ways to please a Man When He Is Angry with Gestures

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how to please a man when he is angry

7 ways to please a Man When He Is Angry with Gestures

How to please a man when he is angry with you
Please a man with patience

Though everyone experiences anger occasionally, the family may be concerned about a man’s anger. If you have a man with anger issues, you always have to exercise patience and tolerance.

It can be super stressful when he is angry, and you seem not to find a way to control it. You are lucky! This blog will guide you on how to please him when he is angry.


Find out the top 7 ways to make him happy even if he gets angry with you.

1. Be Patient for him

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Men want to be respected, especially when they are wrong. When you are patient, you find ways to handle situations peacefully.

No matter how angry he is, do not show your side of anger too. Let him do the talking while you patiently look at his behavior.

It will guide you to answer appropriately and avoid escalating the issues. It is normal to be upset as married couples. However, the way you handle it will show your level of maturity.

2. Find out the cause of his upset

Nothing happens without a cause, so find ways to get to the root cause. You cannot please him when you don’t get the reason for his sudden changes.

If he begins acting differently, make sure you understand what is making him act awkward. It may not be easy to identify the reason unless you sit down to reflect on what you probably did long ago.

It will be difficult to solve a problem without knowing what caused it. Ask him to know what went wrong if you cannot recollect what you did wrongly.

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If he fails to talk to you about it, don’t push him. Rather, respect his wishes and allow some time before you ask again.

3. Apologize if mistakes occur

You might make mistakes, because mistakes are made by everyone. Take the responsibility to apologize when you do something wrong. It is one of the ways to please a man when he is angry with you.  

When you apologize, it shows respect and remorse for what happened. When that happens, it will deepen your bond and show your loyalty to him.

Admit that you made a mistake, and give him a genuine apology. Asking for forgiveness will allow things to settle down for yourself.

4. Cook a special dinner for him

Do you realize he’s not happy? I guess you know his favorite food? Just prepare for him and see what will happen. Tell him that you’ve prepared something for him to eat.

Your guy will be surprised that, despite all the arguments, you still prepared him food. Be kind and never retaliate against his upset.

5. Listen to him

Listen while he talks. Yes, don’t respond. Let him rattle out all his worries. Adding your voice could worsen things but be professional in your conduct.

Nothing worthwhile happens quickly; in certain cases, you have to exercise patience. With good listening, you’ll be able to know the cause and how to handle it.

Though it may seem difficult, wise listeners make wise choices. Listening helps to understand each other to communicate well.

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People can appreciate and empathize with others when they listen, and this can help others feel important. Better communication and teamwork can result from this, which can enhance problem-solving and reduce miscommunication.

Try to listen to his side of the story to know what he is saying. Allow him to share his grievance and calm down. With good listening, you can hear his feelings and thoughts.

6. Give him space

When all factors fail, you will need to give him space to calm down. Some people become upset about the situation when you are present. Living on his side and returning later will help to cool the situation.

Just take a walk out of the house for a while and return. After all, he cannot talk to himself alone. Using such a strategy may help you to avoid any retaliation.

7. Give him time to cool down

When you are looking for ways to please a man when he is angry, you must give him some time. do not rush to get things solved immediately. It takes time to make everything stabilize for you.

This will help to regulate his emotions and reduce his stress by increasing his relaxation.

Never force yourself on people when they are furious. Leave the situation to go down before taking a step.


When you are looking for ways to please a man when he is angry, be patient and identify the root cause. Get to the bottom of the matter to be able to resolve it.

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Giv listens to him to express his emotions and thoughts. Apologize genuinely when you are at fault.

Express yourself to let him know your side of the story. Allow him to calm down by giving him space. This will help to reduce stress, and emotions and increase relaxation.

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