10 Proven Signs of a Fake Girlfriend

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10 Proven Signs of a Fake Girlfriend

Signs of a fake girlfriend
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Do you have a girlfriend who continues to show unreliable behaviors? Does she give you unjustified excuses, emotional distances, phone restrictions, lacking efforts to resolve conflicts? Then you are lucky to be here because we will share all the signs of a fake girlfriend for you today. This blog will guide you in decision making relating to your relationship life.

1. Fake girlfriend shows unreliable behaviors


No woman or lady in a serious relationship will be showing you unidentified behaviors to break your heart. Fake girlfriend will continue to make you wonder how she is and the future stance of your dating life.

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What do you discus with her? And is she showing interest in that? That is a sign to quickly identify about the going concern of your dating.

Any serious girl never change but continuous positive behavior towards you. It will be quite difficult to know that habit, if you do not pay keen attention to her behavioral changes.

Be consistently monitoring her character to know whether she meant what she always says. In case it works the opposite way, then you will have to advice yourself.

2. Unjustified Excuses

Have you notice any unjustified excuses from her recently or before? It clearly shows how serious she is in the relationship as compared to your agreed plans.

True love will leave you with a feeling of goodness about your life. Fake love will leave with excuses and agonies.

Make sure you understand this as a reality. When you are in good love, you feel satisfied, respected, and happy and nothing like excuses.

When she begins to give you excuses about calls, text, or other meetings, then she is not real. She is pretending to love you but nothing good is left in her heart for you.

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3. Fake love will always restrict you from their phone

“Hey never touch my phone” that will be her quick reaction.

When someone is faking love, you can hardly have access to their phone. Fake girlfriend will never allow you to get in touch with her phone. She pretends always to be busy with no regards to your feelings.

When all these start to emerge in your relationships, have a second thoughts of the sustenance of it. It may be difficult to understand her tricks initially but with time all will be revealed.

Have you realized that she changed her password? What about her chat deleting? All these are signs of cheating and fake love. She may still want to have you as an option because of the opportunities she gets from you.

4 Fake girlfriend lacks efforts to resolve conflicts

Is she willing to settle the small misunderstandings? If no, then she has no feelings for you but just pretending to be with you. Fake lovers have real lovers who might be given them tough tome as well.

As you love her much with all your heart, she also love someone rather who might not also love her much.

As any problem arises, she use that to make things fall apart. Apparently, she doesn’t really think about your emotional health.

Don’t worry, just focus on self-development and change priorities for her. Give her little time without bothering her to resolve the problems. She will realize it when all is gone.

5. Fake Girlfriend Has the appetite of Cheating

Fake love will make your life terrible and even cheat on you. She is not faithful to the relationship. She constantly have affairs outside your dating path.

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Any committed person in relationship will never cheat nor hide anything from the other partner.

She fake to get the opportunity to cheat. Real people never cheat on their boyfriends. Any signs of cheating confirms her fake love towards you.

6. She hide her intentions

Intentions are not to be revealed fully to anybody but not to your serious boyfriend. Do you see her given excuses about what she want to do?

My guy, be smart to read her demeanor and plans in your relations. They said twice bitten once shy

Fake love will fake everything including her intentions. If you are with her, she will keep surprising you with her lifestyle. She can get enrolled in school without telling you her plans.

Any intentions about fake girlfriend are always kept secret. Nobody says secrecy is bad but to some people it is complete wrong.

Is it not nice to share ideas as partners? That is what brings joy and building strong bonds for you in dating. Immediately one start to keep it private, then something is missing.

Fake love will keep it away from their partners and d rather share with other people. Don’t waste time on fake people to derail you. Unlike a real relationship that bring s peace and happiness with trust.

7. She acts moody and distance herself

From her moods and behaviors when together of talking on phone tells it all. It is a clear indications to know whether she is real r fake.

Yes, we all have bad days when we need no one to talk to us. But we should be happy most at times when we are with our partner.

You will be expecting smiles, hugging and keeping each other warmth. Fake love will deny you all these opportunities

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If she consistently does those things, then the reliability should be slim. It is never a good sign than been a fake girlfriend.

8. She hides her family and friends

As we all find ourselves in dating, we always expect to know the family of our partner. It helps to trace the family when something terrible occur abruptly.

With fake girls, you will never know their family or close friends. These bad signs will never foster happiness and strong bonding.

She will say she has a strong feelings for you but will never make it officially to see her family. If that happens, it means she isn’t committed to moving on with you.

If she isn’t willing to introduce you to her family, it shows she doesn’t seem to progress the relationship with you in the long run.

9. You will always be guessing what is going on

In real life we date to be happy and share ideas. Fake girlfriend will always keep you thinking without knowing what is going on in the relationship.

If you’re always wondering what is exactly happening or going on in her head, then it sound bad and indicating she doesn’t wants you in. it shows her fake life towards you and not sharing her deeper thoughts.

10. She gives no attention to you

Attentions means spending quality time with your partner. Sharing feelings and everything to make each other happy.

Does she get time for you? Or she doesn’t get time for you to watch movies together? Such people enjoy privacy than being sociable.

Any serious person will devote sometime with their partner to make him happy. Fake relationship will never get you the best attention.

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