A Woman Who falls in Love With Toy Plane Gives Reasons

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in Love with a Toy Plane

A Woman falls in Love with Toy Plane Gives Reasons

in Love with a Toy Plane
Happy Sandra in Love

A young lady of 28 years of age from Budapest, Hungary fell in love with a toy plane she bought for £600 and describes him as her soul mate. Sandra for the first time finding such a lover describes her relationship as the best human relationship. She named her lover Luffancs.

The 28-year-old Sandra described the toy plane as her best lover and share the night with him. She fell in love for the first time with it unconditionally. ‘I don’t know why I love Luffancs so much,’ said Sandra.

in Love with a Toy Plane
Sandra with her lover

I see him as beautiful and a real soul mate. She mentioned that her lover is the first person she sees in the morning and the last when they go to bed. Sandra is an aviation worker who is from Budapest and falls in love with a toy plane and she is never shy to say it publicly.

Sandra started loving to work with aviation at age 3 and finally works there where she eventually had a romance with a toy plane. Sandra got her job in aviation in 2021 where her love for planes was at the climax.

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 She is very happy with her new choice of the relationship as her close friends have no issue with that as well. Her relationship with her cute friend is growing bigger and bigger as days go. Sandra said that she gets to do everything expected in her relationship with her new fiancée and nothing seems bad for her at all.

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She describes the relationship as mutual and will always want to have it with her toy plane. She mentioned that Luffancs is the best partner she ever met on earth.

She said, “I’m in love and have never had such before.” She commended her relationship to be the best and this is her first time in such love.

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“My love is always with me wherever I go. He is my best and they’ve never said anything. Luffancs is always there for me all time.”

Sandra promised never to cheat on her partner even though she is working 5 days a week surrounded by other planes. She trusts planes and said they can always be there for you when you are with them.

Sandra falls in love with the toy plane and promised to have that for life without any cheating. After her breakup, she developed an interest in objects and the reason for falling in love with the £600 toy plane she bought.

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