Narcissistic Marriage Problems (8 Problems to Handle)

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Narcissistic Marriage problems

Narcissistic Marriage Problems (8 Problems to Handle)

Narcissistic marriage problems
Narcissists have problems in terms of marriage

Marriage may have problems but Narcissistic marriage problems differ in terms of comparison. Most of the time, it is caused by Narcissistic Personal Disorder.

Narcissistic Personal Disorder (NPD) can have an adverse effect on every marriage and can even affect the way to bring up good children in the family. [ Read More: These things can make him love you again ]


Even in normal marriage without any disorder, it is not smooth as we all know. It comes with its own challenges. In the case where you’ve identified that your partner narcissist, make sure you don’t leave any word article without reading.  Because we will share with you all the narcissistic marriage problems and the way to handle them easily.

Do Narcissists get happiness in Marriage? Yes, they do get happy marriages because it differs on the severe nature of the problem. The fact is that handling them in marriage is problematic.

Finding yourself in this form of marriage is a bit tough. When partners can compromise in every relationship, the possibility of success becomes the result. In narcissistic marriage, it is quite ambiguous.

When you are able to identify the traits, it becomes so easy for you to handle any narcissistic marriage problems. Many people are seeing clear signs of it but due to religiosity and cultural differences, they are just enduring the pain instead of solving it.

We at, are eager to share with you all the traits of narcissists and the clues that can help you solve any related problems.

In order to deal with the problems of this type of partner, you first have to know the problem.

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How Do I Know the Signs of a Narcissist?

When your partner consistently shows sign of self-importance, need attention always, lacks understanding, fails to value your worth, claim ownership, lack empathy, and so on, then it is described as Narcissistic Personal Disorder (NPD).

Here include some of the signs of a Narcissists:

  • Lack of empathy
  • Always have feelings of being the superior
  • See themselves as Unique above any other person
  • Too much sense of entitlement
  • Always envying others and thinking they are also envied
  • Arrogance displays and other naughty behaviors.
  • Always want to be right even when at fault
  • They do not have any long-term friendships no matter the situation

Narcissistic Marriage Problems and 8 Ways to Handle

1. Full of self-belonging

A such person thinks that she is better at decisions and has all to decide. It becomes a bit tough to convince such a person to be in line. It affects the success of a relationship.

To handle it, you need a sense of acceptance of who they are. (Tips: See some signs that you’re dating a narcissist)

The best way to understand someone is to accept who the person is or other people. You cannot change a narcissist since it is natural. You only have to accept and continue to compliment their attitudes.

There will be peace at home and the marriage will succeed when you are able to do that for them. It helps bring peace and harmony to your relationship.

2. Jealousy

A narcissist is full of jealousy and will never have enough attention. You will not find things easy because of the jealousy in them. They may show some sense of generosity but deep within them, they are full of jealousy.

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The anger in such a person is so extreme that it easily causes problems like arguments in the marriage. (Read More: How to let Him Chase You, Doing these 10 Things)

To handle such a person, you need to be patient and compromise with all the things she does. Accept to stay with her and ignore all that she will do to you.

3. Always have time to Insult

This type of person can insult without regret. A narcissist always wants you to react to the attitude portrayed. They easily call for a fight with their attitude. Don’t fall for the insult because it is a game to take advantage of you.

This is bait they use to control others. Be prepared for more insults if you find yourself in the hands of a narcissist. Just let her rant and will soon calm down.

4. Always Want to Control Everything

One of the behaviors of a narcissist is absolute control of everything. It is their hallmark. They can manipulate, blame others, emotionally blackmail others, have emotional control, and other awful behaviors.

A narcissist will make sure he or she takes advantage of your weakness and pounce on you to take charge of everything. They can adopt several forms to control you including arguments.

How to handle such narcissists is to be calm and get an education about them.

Educate yourself about narcissistic personality. It is quite complicated to live with them if you don’t have knowledge about their character. Know their traits as we explained at the beginning of this post.

5. They show less care for others

This is one of the narcissistic marriage problems because marriage is about caring for your partner. They have the sense of feeling they are the head of the family and must be cared for but not by others.

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Trust yourself and avoid anything that will discourage you. Accept his attitude and live with him in harmony. (Read More: 10 Signs She Loves You Deeply and Willing to Settle)

6. Seeking Favoritism

When you are born out of narcissistic parents you will understand this point well. They play favoritism even in terms of their children’s selection. When it turns out to be your partner, then you have a lot to do.

As she shows favoritism to the children you have, try to bring them together and encourage those who are rejected due to the behavior of your partner.

7. A narcissist will always take full credit

A narcissist will always want to take credit for everything that happens in the family. They are interested in taking credit for every good outcome of what you do in the relationship.

They can take it to an argument if you don’t allow them to have full entitlement. As you already know their trait, take it easy and let them have what they want just for the sake of peace.

8. Getting Married to a Narcissist may result in self-esteem issues

If any partner is characterized as a narcissist, it grows to affect the marriage with self-esteem, dismissiveness, and other life issues. In the situation when the other partner is not aware, it brings blame and other issues.

If you find yourself in such a person’s hands, try to have patience and let that not affect your marriage. It is one of the common narcissistic marriage problems many people face.

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