25 Cute Ways to Love Your Spouse

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25 Cute Ways to Love Your Spouse

how to love your spouse

No one will come to show you ways to love your spouse if you don’t do personally. Let us not underrate what love can take you, it sounds normal but when you are losing it you start to feel the heat.

It is well to understand the love language and apply it at the appropriate time and place. Just let me guide you on the 25 cute ways to love your spouse at home and beyond.


25. Appreciate the little he does

To show love show appreciation for what you receive. The moment you show appreciation for what I do, I will know that you love me more than I do you. Do unto them what you expect them to do for you.

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Your husband will feel proud to marry you when you always appreciate the effort he puts to keep your relationship striving. I don’t expect you to fail in saying thank you for what he does for you.

24. Get him his choice of life

Is he your husband at all? Then do the best for him to know than to ask for it. You must know what he likes best and rightly do it for him to smile. If you still don’t know then find out from your observation and experience during your stay.

Surprise him with that thing he likes most be it on bed or food. Do it and do it better for him to love. Doing all these will spike up your relationship for better results every day.

23. Compliment your spouse

A compliment has several forms. Let your partner always feel better at home. Research shows that about 65% of relationship lacks compliments from both sides making them fail in a few years of tying nod.

Be the special person everyone would want to have a partner. Tell him, “Babe, I like the way you smile, the way you do that thing, and the way you take care of me.” That is a good move to add value to your relationship.

22. Be Romantic

Romance plays a key role in our relationship and allows us to feel the best in our marital home. It improves the love of intimacy and makes it upgrade from grade to grade. Show him that romance he loves and he will keep his love for you forever.

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21. Criticize but appropriately

Find an appropriate way of handling the flaws of your partner. I don’t say you should not criticize but do it maturely way to avoid sparking extra chaos. When something goes on wrong, feel free to let him know that you are not so happy about that and tell him to improve on it next time.

20. Listen more than talking

The more you listen, the more you end up getting different ideas and speaking sense. You only speak when you have information not just to make noise. Listening is part of the way to love your spouse and bridge the communication gap.

19. Be Calm when he is wrong

No one is superhuman, we are all shortfalls of our attitudes and actions. When your partner goes wrong, let him know but not fight back. Two wrongs never make right. Try to always let peace take over problems.

18. Tag Him on Love Post

We all feel good when we are tagged on a special post. Do the same to your partner when it is about love. Let his presence exist on your post on social media. Tag him and tell him that you love him unconditionally.

17. Celebrate your spouse

Let us celebrate the living not the dead. You know his birthday right? Buy him what to use in supporting the day. Be the special guest on his occasion and make him feel proud to have you.

16. Post him on your wall

People we love should always be our priority. Why don’t you post him too on social media? You have your social media stories full of other people’s videos and images, use it to also post your spouse occasionally.

15. Give him Love honey

The mature understand what love honey is all about. Feed him with the abundance of love you have. Both day and night let your love reign. You get to make him have access to any part of your body since you are both in love to share but not too scarce.

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14. Crack Jokes with him

Look, a boring relationship is the most annoying relationship you should never pray to experience. Create a platform that I lovely and convincing. Crack jokes with your spouse to release tension from work and the field. Jokes allow you to kill stress and release pressure.

13. Play with him like pals

If you become friends and play all out freaky ways you continue to love each other. Your best friend will never hurt you any day. Let your partner be your friend and play with him all time.

12. Be the Best friend

What do we normally do with our best friends? Letting your partner become your best friend means that you can easily share your problems with him,

11. Ask him to forgive

When you go wrong, just say am sorry and move on. Let your spouse see that you’re indeed sorry for what you did. Don’t discourage him with muscles.

10. Respect his privacy

Don’t jump to a conclusion when your partner is asking for some privacy. We all deserve some time to relax and meditate over life challenges.

9. Hold His Hand in Public

Move a step while he does with you. Firmly hold your partner’s hand in public to show how deep your love is towards him. Move together with courage and aspire to inspire him all days of your love journey. For now, you are not dating again but holding his hands will be a reminder to all of you on the honeymoon.

8. Love his Work

You have a personal dream different from what your partner may have and this should not push you to hate his work. Love his work as you love him. Let him feel that you don’t just love him but everything he does.

7. Help Him in Dressing

Take time and choose the type of dressing he should wear for the occasion. He feels proud when you do that for him and it makes him walk with confidence to his destination.

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6. Be Part of the decision making

The family comprises you and your husband. Let him add you to a key decision so that the family growth becomes a reality.

5. Invest time and resources

You cant work and forget the family you are all building. Get time to converse and take a decision for your family. Sit down with him and discuss how to do things right for the kids and yourselves. Letting him know this will help you to gain his trust more and more.

4. Support  him

If either of you finds yourself working or doing business, try to support each other during a time of crisis. He may go into financial difficulty, but be there for him to rise and do the business again. This is the critical ways to love your spouse as you promised “for better for worse.”

3. Show Affection in-home and in public

The world always wants to see how you love each other. Show them by hugging him if you meet. Your spouse is your best friend so loving him with care is the best and the way to go.

2. Surprise Gift

When you see something on your way home and it looks nice to you, buy and give it to him on special days. A special day can be father’s day or his birthday.

1. Make him your priority

I mean this point very well because my wife is my number one priority in life. She is the first person I greet and kiss before stepping outside. I always try to let her know how much I love her and we are the happiest couple I have ever known to exist. I don’t know of yours but make your spouse the best and the prime to all around you.

I believe this content will help you to have the love we all expect and grow to become old with love.  Let these ways to love your spouse lead you to have a beautiful lovely home on earth.

Do share with us anything you want us to write for you in terms of love and relationship. We are here to spice up your relationship for a lovely relationship.


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