Do Guys Really Want to Be Friends After a Breakup? Check Out the 10 Reasons

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Do Guys Really Want to Be Friends After a Breakup

Do Guys Really Want to Be Friends After a Breakup? Check Out the 10 Reasons

Do Guys Really Want to Be Friends After a Breakup
Get to be the best friend after a breakup

There are many questions we get from readers asking, “Do guys really want to be friends after a breakup? It will be a subjective term to say that all men really want to remain friends after breaking up with their ex. Many reasons count for a breakup; those who break up with good intentions may feel better being friends than those who bitterly break up.

I remember breaking up with Rosemary just because her parents objected to the relationship because of religious differences. I don’t have any reason to make her my enemy, but I still keep her as my friend. She is willing to share ideas and express her happiness, even being my ex-girlfriend.


The truth must be told about the question of whether guys really want to be friends after a breakup. It is difficult to give an absolute answer because many guys will never want to have their ex as friends. It continues to remind them of the past when you were with them in a relationship. 

Some guys genuinely want to just be friends, especially when you have kids together. It all depends on the circumstances, personality, and feelings involved in the relationship. 

In the meantime, there are various reasons why a man is willing to be friends to you even after a breakup. 

This article will give you a clear understanding as to whether guys really want to be friends after a breakup. 

Additionally, we will provide you with guidance on how to resolve the situation and determine whether or not to remain friends with your former partner. 

But if you are really interested in knowing whether your ex-boyfriend will be interested in being your friend or not, then keep reading this article to the last word. Do you have an interest in knowing the things that make a man happy and will remember you forever? You will get all the details in our post. 

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Do Guys Really Want to Be Friends After a Breakup?

It hurts to find yourself in a breakup, especially when you are seeking to get him as a friend. Some people may prefer to be friends with you, while others will want to end everything completely with you.

The question is, do guys really want to be friends after a breakup? The answer depends on personal issues and the reason behind the breakup. 

Friends feeling fine with tea cups

1. Personal Reasons

I would not be able to tell you all the reasons that will make a man want to stay with you after a breakup because decisions vary. The decision for me to love will be different for you as well. 

Staying as a friend has more benefits for men than women because of their personal reasons. 

This makes others find tough reasons to let go of the woman. They keep her as a friend to make things easy and to forget their grief. It equally helps them manage the pain as a result of the breakup. 

You may also have your own reason to keep someone after a breakup. One positive reason for a guy to keep a woman as a friend is their personal values. Maybe the man has developed strong emotional values and is willing to keep the woman as a friend because of that reason. 

When a man becomes friends with a woman even after a breakup, it helps to control emotional trauma, comfort, and familiarity that were catapulted by the breakup. 

2. To Keep you as a Backup

Some guys always want to have a backup plan, even after a breakup. This makes them request friendship after a breakup to determine future opportunities. 

This allows them to keep the woman they broke up with as a backup option. It is true that some guys may want to keep friends with their exes to make life better. 

They also dream of winning that woman back as they continue to be her friend. The guy intentionally gets her as a backup to build back the love they used to have and probably win her back into his life if destiny decides. 

It is just for you to know their hidden agenda and build your life around it. It is your own option to accept being their friend or cut ties totally. 

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3. Difficult to let go

Men feel embarrassed and emotionally hurt to let their love lady slip away from their hands completely.

They find all excuses to be given the opportunity to stay as a friend in their ex’s life. That makes it difficult to cut ties completely with the woman they broke up with. 

As a matter of fact, many men feel more emotionally offended when they break up with a woman. They are fully affected and find it difficult to let go of the relationship as compared to women. 

Before a lady breaks up with a guy, she takes time to plan and control it. The opposite situation befalls many guys who get the shock of a broken heart.

Such men will be more affected than the women who actually broke up with them. This will help the man to seek to be a friend after the breakup of the relationship.

4. To show power

Having many women around a man after a breakup makes him feel powerful. All men feel better when they are loved and cherished by a woman. Staying friends after a breakup makes a man feel valued and powerful. 

They feel like they have to rule you even if you are not with them. The power men have is always amazing and they find it tough to let you go. They choose to stay as friends to monitor you. 

5. To Control

Narcissists always want to control everyone even their partner in a relationship. They feel control with power, an affliction of pain on you, attention seekers, and can find it difficult to let you go completely after a breakup. 

One of the main reasons why that man wants to still stay friends with you is to be relevant and still take control of whatever happened. To stay friends, they have to have a look at their ex-partner and possibly have control over the situation to influence their life.

6. Regret of the act

Regret can make a broken relationship to be fixed no matter the time. As he moves out of the relationship, he thinks of getting back to you and hence maintaining the friendship. 

When this happens, it causes the healing process to take longer period because of the communication. 

It is important to make the analysis of the process and see if you can make things work as friends. If you cannot accept your ex as a friend, then it is better to ignore being friends. 

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7. Intimacy Reasons

Another reason why a guy may want to be friends after a breakup is to have the mindset of the intimate lifestyle he used to have with you.

Some guys may find it difficult to let go of the emotional and physical intimacy they have with you. Maintaining friendship will make it difficult to move on and have another implication for another relationship. 

8. To reduce the pain

Do guys really want to be friends after a breakup? Yes, they do just because they want to reduce the pain of the breakup effects. 

The breakup comes with emotional effects and psychological pain. In order to overcome this, some men choose to remain friends with their ex.

9. Emotional support

Some guys choose to remain friends with their exes to avoid any trauma resulting from the breakup. They choose this friendship just to get emotional support from the breakup.

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They know that the effect of the breakup can be dire so choosing friendship will help them to get a shoulder to lean on. 

This support will help both parties of the breakup and can also help you to get your ex back. Do you want to get your ex back after a breakup? Then you can find a related article to help you get your ex back

10. For Effective Transition

Maintaining friendship can help you to maintain the difficulty after a breakup, and help in the transitional process from a romantic relationship to a patonic one. 

This helps to redefine the boundaries of both partners and make things work effectively for all of you. It normally takes a long time for all of you to get out of the pain, but keeping the friendship will help you to get out easily. 

In this process, keep good communication but avoid the things that will mud your relationship as friends. Keep in mind that you are no longer in any romantic relationship so communicate casually. 


Guys want to be friends with their ex in order to avoid guilt. It is a source of motivation to forget the pain of a breakup and build back the emotional challenges resulting from the breakup.

Many guys believe that existing relationships are better than new ones because of the experience. They crave getting their ex back because of the memories of what they went through in their relationship.



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