How to Get Over a Breakup: 8 Simple Ways

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How to Get Over a Breakup: 8 Simple Ways

Breakup isn’t the problem but the outer math associate feelings are what break heart.”-Gambo

How to get over a breakup

How to get over a breakup is not just a word of mouth but self-control and emotional tolerance. Break up hurts especially when you love the person so much and are willing to even sacrifice your life for the fellow.

Several cases of break-up issues continue to pop up on the internet every day even leading to unwanted cases. We have identified the best ways to help you overcome breakup effects. We will be sharing with you these 8 simple ways of how to get over a breakup even if you were dumped.

1. Think Of what makes you happy


After getting dumped in a relationship you trusted, cherished, and loved to live with it forever, pain is inevitable. You have to look around and reconnect with what makes you happy.

Are you a sports fan? Get busy with sporting activities with your friends. It may not entirely solve your problem but can subsidize the rate at which you can feel the heartbreak.

Socializing with friends is how to get over your ex and even forget what she did against you. In the meantime, you won’t find it so easy but time will heal you without numbers.

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2. Think of the Future

The person is gone and won’t even come back again. Why worry over who dumped you for another person? Will you receive back the person who doesn’t value you? If no, then move on.

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Think about the future and what you want to achieve. Surprise your ex with the self-control and dedication to forgetting her. You have to think of how to work towards what you want to achieve.

Never look back because focused people don’t rely on what is gone but on what is ahead of them. Put your strategies in place and release your master plan for achieving them.

3. Let your break be like an injury

How do you get injury cured? The same applies to this process. Think of how to get healed out of emotional trauma. Gather yourself well and go through the healing process. As the day in and day out, you will forget those feelings for your ex without any medication.

I said how to get over your ex from your way is to go through emotional treatment. No one ever praised a breakup, even the person who caused it will not be spared. Your mindset will let you get healed faster than any counselling.

4. Accept Social Invitations

Accept social invitations to get over the breakup. If you know of some friends who have a party or any program, make sure you attend. It will help you overcome the full troubling mind and the trauma as a result of the breakup.

Go to the beach and meet new friends to be able to overcome the feelings. Have fun with friends around you and take photos of happiness. This will help you forget who caused you a problem. 


5. Talk to friends

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A friend can help you overcome any breakup challenges. Connect to your friends you have lost touch with for years. Communicate with your friends to forget what happened.

When mine occurred months ago, I went through a lot but had my solution through friends’ communication. Though I did not tell them about my problem, I was able to talk to them for a long and even forgot my own problems.

Create that enabling environment if you want how to get over a breakup so fast. When it demands you t cry, cry out the pain in you. Don’t keep anything for yourself alone. You can also share with a trusted friend to help you with advice.

6 Delete and Blocked off your Ex

 Those who throw pepper spray on their colleagues are also required to have a feeling of it. Do unto others what you expect others to do unto you. Your ex should not have access to any of your social media channels again to increase your pain.

If you want to overcome the emerging pain after the breakup, you must take the step to block her to reduce memories of her.  I passed through this by blocking everything called social media of her linked to mine.

I quickly changed all my passwords and removed her as admin on my blogs. I deleted all emails to her and deleted everything relating to her on my account. I wouldn’t do this because she broke up with me for no reason.

I called but she never answered all my calls and I tested to ask what I did, she replied that I have not offended her. I asked whether she was tired of me but she never replied. The relationship ended in bad faith so I deleted and blocked her on everything relating to her. In less than a month I was fully recovered from the pain she caused me.

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7. Be Patient with what occurred

How to get over a breakup depend on your level of patience with the issue in question. How long will it take me to get healed? The healing process takes time and not just a day or two. You will go through ups and downs until you fully recover from it.

It also depends on the length of the relationship. You will feel better someday and feel bad on other days but it is normal. As the process continues, you will feel bad and sometimes think more until you get fully recovered.

8. Do Away with Things that makes you remember your ex

Do you have photos together hanging in your bedroom? Take them off and keep them far away. It will help you to recover fast. You may be having chats that still remain on your phone or computer which will hinder your healing process. You think she may come back so you are keeping them which will not help you to get over the breakup.

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