How to Avoid Cheating In a Relationship

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how to avoid cheating

How to Avoid Cheating In a Relationship

how to avoid cheating

Being in a relationship is a constant commitment.  You and your partner were constantly strengthening your relationship to keep moving forward.  But past failures or the distance between you sometimes creates some relationship fears. How to avoid cheating can become a mission for both partners.  But is it really possible to avoid it?


Faced with the pervasiveness of infidelity in everyday life, as in the media, many would be tempted to say no.  But it is possible to avoid cheating in a relationship.

To do this, spouses must be honest with each other.

Being able to meet the needs of the other and continuing to engage in the relationship are also ways how to avoid cheating.  Maintaining good communication, supporting each other’s projects and their independence is also important.  There is, however, no magic formula to avoid cheating.  What matters most is accepting the other for who he or she is and having an honest outlook on the relationship.  The inability to discuss in your relationship, the withdrawal into illusions, or lying is all vicious circles that lead to secrecy between you.

If you cannot avoid cheating, you will have to face its consequences.  The important thing again is to establish a dialogue with the other and to get everything straight.  Otherwise, there is a great risk that you will find yourself trapped forever in “the fear that he will cheat on me again”.

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Never take the other for granted

Avoiding being deceived is not really a clear goal in itself.  Each person has personal feelings about what causes adultery in a relationship.  Even though there are quite rare cases of pathological infidelity, unfaithful partners are usually still very much in love with their partner.  Cheating is then the expression of a lack, of an unfulfilled need in the relationship.

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It is for this reason that avoiding cheating requires, above all, not taking the other for granted.  Over time, the couple settles into certain monotony.  The other seems to be a fixed, unshakable point in your daily life.  However, it is important to remember that the presence of your spouse is a gift.  It is therefore important to express your affection and gratitude to others on a regular basis.

Failure to sustain compatibility

Psychotherapist, actor Alexander Rapaport said that people in a relationship should maintain their great importance in the eyes of a partner in order to avoid cheating.

Not many people support it, when people meet, psychophysics works, they have compatibility, which feeling has to be maintained.  A little you let go of your attention, you already know who will say what and what will happen next.  Predictability comes; you have to find something new.  People don’t do this, – said Rapoport.

According to the expert, this doesn’t happen because people are lazy, but because they don’t know how:

-This is not taught anywhere.  It is important to know that sooner or later this result will start to show up somewhere.  Predictability must be prevented from the start.  Men, like little children, like to be praised.  A wise woman can be surprised and delighted where there seems to be no particular reason, the expert noted.

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They can turn a blind eye to infidelity if it is practiced in the family.  In the Russian subculture, the male “walking to the left” is associated with the manifestation of a man, Rapoport noted.  Someone in a relationship can cheat because the love is gone from the relationship.

Before changing a relationship, the therapist recommends that you deal with your partner and try to make a connection.  You have to make sure that the love stays alive.

Find time to chat and have fun

“Having a good time together should be a priority for the couple,” says Beth Mares, a psychotherapist in Toronto.  But it is also important to exchange regularly on the various aspects of daily life, whether it is the chores of the house, the education of the children or the couple relationship itself.  We are so overwhelmed by our obligations that if we do not take the time to share, in the long run, small conflicts are likely to take on huge proportions. ”  Some couples only need one talk a week to resolve important issues, while others need more time.

“Every night when we are in bed, we talk about what happened during our day,” said Siobhan of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia *.  It may sound simplistic, but it’s certainly not unrelated to the fact that we’ve been swimming in happiness for 16 years! “(A word of advice, however: your date shouldn’t coincide with discussing your respective or mutual issues; it’s anything but an aphrodisiac.)

Reinvent your sex life

To avoid cheating, create the sex life you desire. People don’t put any energy into reinventing their sex life; they have a bi-weekly relationship that lasts about 16 minutes and they expect miracles to happen.  A fulfilling sex life begins with communication between partners, who must be able to discuss their respective needs and desires.  It also goes beyond the sexual act itself.  Maybe, deep down, you just want to take a bath together or massage each other’s feet.

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You could also talk about sex gadgets together.  What matters are physical contact, open dialogue, and a willingness to devote time to your sex life?  To rekindle a somewhat pale flame, it is recommended that couples have sex together for seven days in a row.  “You will be surprised at the results!” I can say.

Oxygenate yourselves!

It may sound contradictory, but having a reliable group of friends outside of the relationship can help strengthen bonds and help avoid cheating as well.  “When you are too dependent, you expect more from your partner than he or she can give, which can only lead to conflict,” says Beth Mares.

In conclusion, it is essential to fully explore your relationship

It’s when the emotional dimension of the relationship is lacking that you start looking elsewhere,” says Sue Johnson, a British clinical psychologist, couples therapist, and author.

Reconnecting, which means asking tough questions about recurring conflicts, and openly sharing your fears and needs?  As she explains in her book, “To love you have to be attentive to yourself and to others.  Knowing your own needs and meeting those of your partner can help create a much stronger, if not indestructible, bond. ”


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