8 Signs Your Spouse is having an Affair with Different Person

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8 Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair with Different Person

Cheating is a great problem faced by many people in their marriages. Here I will share with you the signs your spouse is having an affair with someone different although he may pretend to love you.

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1 Always hiding his phone from you

Your partner starts to hide the phone from you all of a sudden. You cannot just base on suspicions to get your spouse complicit. Your accomplice’s cell phone can turn into the most definitive piece of proof to help your doubts of their cheating.

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You may see they act progressively overprotective of their telephone, conveying it with them wherever they go and setting it face down when they invest energy with you. They likewise may erase instant messages and contacts to conceal them from you.

You see no one does a bad thing without a plan, they are always ahead of you in their ideas of cheating. As this red flag signals you, then start to understand they have suspicious affairs aside you.

2. You will never know his password

Finding your spouse cheating is always a shock but it happens when we never imagined it. Most at times try to conceal their deals by placing and changing passwords to avoid their partner knowing.

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You may know your partner’s password at the beginning. Your spouse then changes it without your notice. This is the beginning of the suspicion of cheating. They do that to cover their wrongdoing for you not to uncover it.

Nothing seems confusing than having a spouse who continuously hides things from when you don’t actually have much in mind. To identify the signs your spouse is having an affair, monitor how they change their password even when you know.

3. They Give Excuses When Late from work

They always give excuses on every good discussion you have on the life change. The moment you bring out the issue of why he doesn’t give you much attention, he will excuse you.

How to identify this is to look at his behavior at the beginning of your relationship, and compare it with the current lifestyle. Even when you catch your spouse is cheating, they continue to give flimsy excuses:

  • Am sorry she seduced me
  • I wasn’t on myself
  • I was drunk that made me get involved
  • I don’t know how lipstick got to my shirt

4 Avoiding answering certain questions and calls

A cheating spouse has an answer to almost all questions. They learn how to get an escape route to all questions you ask. They even sometimes reject the questions you ask them.

No matter how they may be, they can still answer calls but pretend to avoid calls. They sometimes ignore your calls and never return the call after seeing missed calls. This includes signs your spouse is having an affair without your knowledge.

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5. Sudden Changes in Sex

The appetite to have intimacy with you suddenly declines. He never discussed anything relating to sex that may also let you know you are in a relationship.

No magician needs to be your point of identification but understand something is wrong. If your partner suddenly tries to pressure you into a new sexual act which you are uncomfortable with, then there is a red flag.

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6. Unstable finances

They withdraw huge sums of money from the bank account without any proof of work. Their fiancé demands money and the way to get the second partner intact is to lure them with money.

You will then see monies withdrawn without any reason. It is part of the signs your spouse is having an affair with someone you may not know.

7. Gives you less time

The time for you diminishes every blessed day as their attention is been taken from you. They hardly get time to discuss relevant things with you.

Even sometimes, they will nod to certain things that demand oral answers. You have to be very vigilant when you see such signs.

8. Rumors about their behavior

There is no smoke without fire my dear. You will start to hear a bit about the behaviors outside. Don’t fight them but approach such situations maturely.

If you’re in haste to know, you will be in haste to destroy the evidence. Pay attention to what they do and pretend you’ve not heard anything.

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