How to Get Her Back after Hurting Her: 10 Simple Ways

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How to Get Her Back after Hurting Her

How to Get Her Back after Hurting Her: 10 Simple Ways

how to get her back after hurting her

You called her to beg, informed her friends to help you get things done, you cried and told her you are sorry for the messed. But that is not the solution to your problem that you caused. I will show how to get her back after hurting her which led to breakup.

You need all the strategies to get her into your life but it requires patients and time to work things out. Before you make the mistake of kneeling to beg, let me tell you something important now. When someone dumps you because you hurt her, she is already in control of everything and would not need any begging or sobber to get you back. The person is in full control of the breakup that happened and would not have time for your begging and all sort of emotions.

Because she is already in control of the breakup, she will not have time for your plead or begging for the resurrection of the relationship. You may think that begging will make things work in your favor but remember she already made her decision before the breakup happened. When you refuse to accept her breakup by begging, you are rather making things worse and frustrating for her. Your best to do is to let her go by her decision.


You refusing to let her go is making her angrier than you can imagine. No perfect relationship exists but the good one survives all thunders and storms of life. But understand that your relationship can be fixed to get things back to normal. We will walk you through 10 simple ways how to win her back after hurting her.

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1. Give Her Space at the Moment

When things get wayward, we take patients to solve. Immediately she get angry with you leading to a breakup pronouncement, you will require some bit of patients to make her cool down for negotiations. When someone get hurts, you need more tolerance and patients to make things get better.

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You are worried finding all the possible ways to let rescind her decision. This requires maturity and diligence to allow her know you are remorseful of what you did. Let time decide for you as you stay cool for her to get back to her normal senses for reconciliations.

2. Apologize for what you did

Apologize to her of what you did by letting her know how remorseful you feel about your act. Let her know that you are sorry for all what happened during your actions towards her. Make sure you acknowledge that your actions hurt her and the way you feel bad about what you caused.

It doesn’t matter the magnitude of your wrong doing, just let her know that you messed up. If only she love you, she will forgive you and make things work better again. This is how to get her back after hurting her in a way that you feel so terrible.

3. How you hurt her

Sometimes we don’t actually know the value of what we have until we lose it. When someone trusts you and you don’t trust that person, she will be hurt. When she shows love to you and you don’t show much love, she will be hurt. You make her feel insecure and insignificant before you in the relationship.

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You must consider how you hurt her and find solution for it. Love is reciprocal and each and every one should play a role to sustain it. One must not be hurt to keep the others’ happiness. Remember to show her mush love as she shows you always.

4. Recognize your Situation and move on

if you actually want how to get her back after hurting her, then level up and move on. Breakup hurts and almost similar to losing a loved one by death. The only diffrerence in breakup is that, it takes time to get over it. You tried calling and texting but she still don’t give you attention, let things be and move on. If she loves you well, she will forgive you and come back for you people to sort things out.

5. Never Beg Her

You are at fault now and anything like pleading or begging will mud all your intentions. If you want to get her back never beg her to love you back. That will never make you attractive to her. You can only get her back with your character change, your self-development and total no contact rule at the initial stage of the break up.

6. Work on Yourself After the Breakup

Be strong after what happened and work on yourself well. Don’t let the situation take you over by making you less productive. It is the time to do certain things that will make you active to forget her a bit. Don’t think of what she is going through or thinking about you. Focus on building your career, mental, and your out looks.

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7. Law of Attraction

You attract what you think and get what you forcus on getting. Sit down and imagine you moving with her to the places you always go before the breakup. It is the best clue how to get her back after hurting her leading to your breakup. Build mental connection and attract her emotionally. It works like magic.

8. Don’t Pressure Her to comeback

Because you made her to breakup with you, never make the mistakes of spamming her inbox for  you to be together again. Take things cool and drive her back maturely. Ladies requires a bit of patients to bring them back to your life. Don’t pressure her because you love her.

9. Have a serious talk with her

If you get the opportunity to talk to her, let her feel emotional about what happened. Be a man to tell her that you are sorry and would want to make things work again if she gives you the chance. It is not easy but with time you will get back her attention for good.

10. Accept that and Move on

Sometimes we don’t get what we want in life and that’s normal. If you are destined to marry someone, nothing can separate you even if you had the worst moment. If you try all the best ways how to get her back after hurting her and it seems not working, don’t force destiny. It may work for you at the appropriate time.

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