How to Prepare For Marriage as A Single Lady (13 Ultimate Guide)

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How to Prepare For Marriage as A Single Lady (13 Ultimate Guide)

thinking of how to prepare for marriage

Are you in your early 20s and now looking at how to prepare for marriage tips? Then you are at the right place to identify what is required of you before the time comes to pass.

Marriage is a union between well-prepared mature minds to settle and build a family on their own.


It requires a bit of patience and thorough research through prayers and the ability to know who to settle with.

If you are a single lady, then how to prepare for marriage might require carefulness and good assessment since many men may come your way with juicy proposals.

Many mix marriage with ceremony (wedding) which is a different ball game altogether.

As a woman, these are the things I looked up to before I got married to my husband on 2018, January 14.

This article will you as a single lady out there how to prepare for marriage and the things you must do not to make the mistakes others are doing.

How to Prepare For Marriage as A Single Lady (13 Ultimate Guide)

1. Pray over your intentions

Praying on how to prepare for marriage

I wouldn’t joke about my religion since am a Christian and the Bible said we should pray without seasoning.

My husband and married met me while we were going jogging after a hard day’s work during the weekdays.

He mentioned studying my character for over 6 months in the locality I find myself. He tried to become my friend.

I took all that he said into prayers and it worked well for me. I don’t know the religion you belong to but never joke with your creator.

Try as you can and pray over what you want to do. It will help you how to prepare for marriage and the selection of your spouse will be perfect.

2. Prepare Financially

I must be honest with any single lady reading this to prepare financially before getting to tie the nod.  

It may not be a huge amount but something to support your expenses that may arise. There is a certain expenditure you can’t do away with as long as you get married.

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You may want to buy a car, or house, or give birth which requires financial support. This is what I did before going into marriage and it really helped my relationship growth.

As you are still single, learn how to manage your personal finance now to help you get used to when you get to your husband’s home.

When you plan your finances well, it helps you to stay in love forever and even adds more value to you as a woman

Also, plan well to settle any debt on you before getting into marriage. It helps you to have creditworthiness and clear financial goals.

3. Know Yourself 

Knowing who you are making determines the kind of man to attract to yourself. Else you will only fit into whatever you a man wants you to become.

Deciding on how to prepare for marriage requires your own effort to study what works for you and what doesn’t.

Identify your identity, your confidence, strength, and talents, and commit to becoming an idle lady. By knowing yourself, identify and pursue your purpose.

Your goals in life, your desires achievements, and how you want to be remembered. Create a purposeful life for yourself and work on it with that passion.

4. Learn to Communicate 

Communication is one of the best tools for a successful relationship when not taken care of creates problems.

The know-how to Communicate is also important as it determines the strength of your relationships.

Working on your communication style by being confident and bold in whatever u say.

Speaking in clear language and getting to know your love language is a must tool to consider when preparing for marriage.

Know how to confront challenges and effective ways to communicate with your partner if you become a couple.

Some ladies are shy, afraid to voice out their fears, afraid to talk in public, afraid of confrontations, etc. learning to conquer them and showing up confidently is a plus to a healthy relationship. 

5. Learn How to endure and be a good partner

Do unto others as you expect others to do for you. You want to get married and become someone’s dream wife. Know how to make a man happy when married.

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Don’t forget to start practicing now on how to be a good partner. Many fail to learn these and encounter many hitches as they get married.

As you are seeking how to prepare for marriage, try to learn how to be a good and loving partner for your partner.

Practice good habits with your own siblings before you become Mrs. for Mr. Right. The most difficult thing on earth is to change so try to endure and get the good habit before getting a partner.

6. Know God

We can’t do away with our spirituality when it comes to preparing for marriage as a single lady.

To leave out our spirituality in the pursuit of a relationship is to forget an important part of who we are.

Learning to love yourself just as God loves us is a must-know towards preparation for marriage as a single lady .committing all plans to plans to prayer for directions.

7. Work and Be Self Dependent 

When I was searching online about how to prepare for marriage, one of the greatest things I never forget is to be self-dependent.

Being self-dependent is s must need to be acquired by a single lady before getting married. To be self-dependent, acquire skills or qualifications that will allow you to work to earn money.

Depending on the man alone isn’t the best advice able trait even if he is rich to care for you.

The importance of being self-reliant shouldn’t be underestimated. To be a wife for the future, have a career that gives you solid ground which will even prepare u against hard times should in case.

8. Practice Forgiveness

The act of forgiveness should be taken into consideration in the quest for preparing for marriage as a single lady.

Know that both are human and are bound to fail or make mistakes. More so, know that your partner can’t always fulfill your expectations with that, learn how to process anger and seek reconciliation.

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9. Have Love  

Love is one of the elements needed in marriage. Analyzing yourself and your feelings and being sure about them is a must-know or do a thing before preparing for marriage.

When you don’t know how to love, how can you love your partner? Make sure you understand the importance of love, and you know how to love genuinely before you enter into marriage.

Love is a beautiful thing and a tool for a successful relationship.

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10. How to Prepare for Marriage as a Single Lady, know it involves Intimacy 

Know that intimacy is the number 1 element that lays a foundation for marriage or romantic relationships.

Intimacy has emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects.

Open up to your partner your desires and intimacy in life as a step to establishing intimacy.

11. Pre-Marriage Counselling 

An essential element in the quest for preparing for marriage as a single lady. Most times, couples do get stalked and worried about what to do before marriage, expectations of marriage, etc.

Opening up to a professional and qualified counselor might be the best way to get answers and deeper insight into things.

A professional can help u understand each other’s desires and expectations.

12. Do Self Introspection and work on your bad attitude (Be its behavior, attitudes, etc.)

Since you are the most important to a healthy relationship, figure out to become the best version of yourself by working towards it.

Identify what aspect of your needs to be worked on, taking into consideration the negative and positive habits that control your life.

Become the perfect version of yourself and it will help have a healthy and fruitful relationship. 

13. Check and work on any health challenges

My final tip for you about how to prepare for marriage is for you to optimize your health. Now that you are single, it may not be a problem when you don’t attend to some small health issues.

Your problem becomes your partner’s problem when you get married. Find every possible way to be healthy before getting married.

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