How to Get His Attention When He Ignores You (10 Exclusive Tricks)

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How to Get His Attention When He Ignored You (10 Exclusive Tricks)

How to Get His Attention When He Ignored You
Best ways to get his attention is to be focus

Are you worried now because of his attitude? I will let you know how to get his attention when he ignores you again. Don’t be worried now that he is acting as if you don’t exist anymore.

It is indeed a worrying situation when you are left alone to rack your brain on what exactly caused his sudden change in behavior.


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You may think that you have a problem with him but sometimes it is not. What if he may be having family issues he wouldn’t want to disclose?

What if he’s ill and doesn’t answer his phone? There are two sides to the story, one of which may be the primary cause.

You just have to be patient and focused. After reading this article, you understand how to get his attention when he ignores you countless times.

1. Create your Own Happiness

 Before his presence, you existed. He is not better than you at keeping your happiness in suspense. Do what you love that does not require his presence.

Try to meet new people or have fun with friends outside your comfort zone. Plan to have more activities that will keep you busy with your friends.

Make that world a happy abode for yourself again. When he is serious about the relationship, he will make things better to give you the attention expected.

2. Make Him Feel Jealous

One of the most intense feelings in relationships. Whenever you feel the spark in your relationship is missing, make jealousy a tool for winning your man back.

To make a man jealous and chase after you, you can ignore his text and calls by not being responsive.

Creating the impression that you have your own life mostly works wonders in making the man wonder what the problem is and thus begin to pursue you.

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Remember, jealousy can do wonders in a monotonous relationship with the help of giggling messages with friends. Learning to make a man jealous and watching him hang around u does the trick. when a man ignores you.

Go out with friends, post pictures online, make yourself happy and let him feel u are happy and living life without him and don’t care you losing him. This simple thing will make him chase you.

3. Time and space

If it is your behavior that is causing him harm. Give him space to process his feelings. Have an honest conversation with him when he is ready to talk about what went wrong. It’s always valid to give them space and time when he needs them.

It makes you show yourself in the best light possible as a confident woman. When a man needs space and time, do not cling. For desperation isn’t the best tool.

Respect a man’s wishes and decisions, listen to him, and don’t call or text him but be present. Excite yourself, and give an ear to his needs. By so doing, you make a man chase after you.

4 Express your feeling

Speaking your mind makes you think you pushing your man away just as he started dating you?

If he is into you and going to marry you. He should learn to respect and treat you as you deserve.

If, for instance, you don’t call him out for ignoring you, he can walk all over you. Give yourself the needed respect to demand better from your man.

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Besides, some people are passive and respect their partners for not getting it, while others are aggressive and passive. Be specific and clear about your emotions and watch him chase you if he has plans for you.

5. Make yourself Unavailable

Stop being there always for him. You can’t get his attention anytime you are always available.

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We search for money just because it is scarce. Add more value to yourself and let him search for you.

If a man is into you he will chase you in your absence. When one is flexible and available. If you want a man to stop evading you, stop tracking him all time.

Don’t text him to let him know you are free. The more you make yourself available, the less interested he will be in taking you up.

Your absence is the best way how to get his attention when he ignores you completely. Be resourceful and learn what made him act like that.

6. Develop different means of communication

To make a man get your attention when he ignores you, develop a different means of communicating with him.

When you used to text, it made me not respond. Try making calling or meeting him in person. Try surprises like video calls. He will be responsive in those settings.

Remember communication, an essential tool to a successful relationship. The medium and act towards such is important.

Know your communication skills. What he prefers and do accordingly. By so doing, he will get your attention.

7. Stop trying to force him for attention

If only you want how to get his attention when he ignores you, then never try so hard to get his attention.

Being desperate will end up confusing your situation. Keep your distance and behave as if nothing is happening.

Vindications lie in the womb of time, so keep the faith. If he is in it for you, he will undoubtedly return with full love.

Some men do these to get you furious enough to quit the relationship, especially if there is already a communication break.

8. Be Occupied or Busy with your Activities

When you are occupied and busy with the things you love doing, there is no way you will think about him and his ignoring attitude.

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You don’t care because you don’t care, but because you don’t care. use the time frame to do something entertaining, run an errand, etc.

The more he feels u not care, you get his attention towards you.

9. Focus on yourself and Build Happiness

To have all focus based on him, channel the energy into your own self. You deserve self-love.

Ironically, increasing your self-confidence increases your attractiveness to him. This causes him to catch your attention and run to you.

10. Never Understand His Excuses

Want to know how to get his attention when ignores you? Then never understand his flimsy excuses.

To avoid blame, most men try to turn their bad behavior into a bit of pity. Such men bring up excuses like “I am busy,” “I have been exhausted,” etc. just to have sympathy.

Don’t rush to jump to their side, as it’s a way to control you into feeling sorry for him while, deep down, he is treating you like an afterthought.


What is the cause of his ignoring me?

People ignore others based on several factors. Sometimes,, when they are seeing someone, they start to behave strangely. They do all they can to provoke you to cause confusion and get their way out.

Sometimes it is not intentional, it may be something beyond their control. It can even happen when the person is unwell or mentally unstable.

Is it Good to Ignore a Guy who ignores me?

Yes, it is good to avoid a guy who gives you less attention to get his full attention back. This happens when the guy truly loves you. Some may totally ignore you when you turn them off. It is better to see this than get disappointed when you waste a lot of time.


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