Sarkodie Got Me Pregnant- Yvonne Nelson

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Sarkodie Got Me Pregnant

Sarkodie Got Me Pregnant- Yvonne Nelson

Revelations keep popping up from the just-published book of Yvonne Nelson She wrote a damming allegation that “Sarkodie got me pregnant but refused to accept responsibility.”

She claimed that she never dated the hip-hop star, King Sark when he wasn’t as popular as today.  Among her revelation from the book, I’m Not Yvonne Nelson, she decided to terminate the pregnancy because the man who sowed the seed was not ready for it. The reason was that he had another girlfriend and cannot add her.


Yvonne Nelson explained why she terminated the pregnancy she had with Sarkodie in the book. Things were not like today because King Sark was living under the care of his mother during that time. Sarkodie got me pregnant but failed to accept responsibility.

She claimed that after telling the rapper of the pregnancy, he said he won’t be able to handle or take care of her at the time. she decided to have a pregnancy test to know the real issue behind her pregnancy. At the time that happen Karen and I were together. She claimed that, when the test was ready, she wasn’t able to open the envelope. She exclaimed, Charlie, that is there.

She explained in her book that “on an ordinary day, she will have to laugh out loud and that activated a string of cheerful chats and jokes. But in the real world, it wasn’t meant to be a joke or laughter.” It was a grim of peace of information.

In part of the book I read, “Sarkodie was a young musician with the potential to rise to prominence both in Ghana and internationally. But at the time, the future seemed hazy, and it seemed impossible to predict how he would find his way through the labyrinth of life. Failure was not assured. He was still living with his mother and wasn’t prepared to take on additional responsibilities while still being supported by her.

“I wouldn’t describe the relationship that had grown between us as serious. I was drawn to those who worked in the music business. For the majority of my life, music served as my escape from all the unpleasant things that life had to offer. I appreciated his talent, then. As we conversed, our proximity increased.

 Yvonne explained that she aborted the pregnancy due to a fatherless and not responsible man like Sarkodie. She went on to explain that when he refused to accept the pregnancy, the first thing that struck her was her personal life. She explained that she was told how she was born accidentally and managed her life.

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She also claims that she always tries to know whether the person she was named after is her real father or not. How was she going to keep such a pregnancy too? She asked. And how will she agree to give birth when the father doesn’t accept responsibility? She decided because Mr. Nelson also rejected her. She wrote all these in her book backing her decision to terminate her pregnancy.

She made this assertion that she took a regrettable decision in her life. She wished she had kept the pregnancy if she could turn the hand of time. Sarkodie Got me Pregnant but I wish I never terminated according to her explanation in the published book.

About the Book;

The book title is ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ is a great book that covers major portions of her life. This drama of her life covers her life with Iyanya the Nigerian musician and her love life.

She discussed her encounter with ‘DumsorMustStop, Akkufo-Addo’s call, and the offer to contest on NPP Ticket.

Some of the chapters include:

A Man’s Word

Nigeria and Its Powerful Men

Genevieve Nnaji and the Rest

An Entrepreneur, chapter fifteen

Celebrity Bubble and The Ring I accepted with Tears.

The Prize and Price

Now Blakk Rasta is out asking sensible questions as to whether Yvonne Nelson lured Sarkodie into the act before killing the innocent child.

He asked this during his radio show program on 3fm. Because he still finds this difficult to understand why Yvonne is now spilling the beans.

She didn’t want to bring a child who will be fatherless. Blakk Rasta asked if this was the reason good to abort a child.

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He made it known clear why she lured Sarkodie into doggy style and other styles. She just decided to destroy Sarkodie because he has made it in life.

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