Thoughts Results in the Building of Memories, Whether Good or Bad by Andrew

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Your Thoughts leads to thinking



Your thoughts can be good or bad
Your thoughts can be good or bad

The more you meditate on the scriptures, the more branches you build in the cortex of the brain, and the stronger that memory in your brain becomes.

In summary, if you reject a thought by the decision of your free will, it will become hot air and it will not penetrate your brain any further.


If you choose to think about that information, it will shift onto the nerve branches in the trees of your mind and memory is built. Good thoughts result in the building of a good memory.

Negative thoughts result in the building of a bad, toxic memory. Every single thought, whether it is positive or toxic goes through the same cycle when it forms.

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The only difference is that the thoughts release different quantities of chemicals. Depending on which kind of thoughts it is (positive or toxic), it will have a different structure caused by those chemicals.

As a result, memories that are built from toxic, negative thoughts look very different from a positive healthy memory. When meditating on the Word or you thinking on what’s true, pure, lovely, of good report, praiseworthy, a positive memory is built in your brain.

This memory looks like a lush tree. However, when you meditate on toxic thoughts such as fear, anxiety, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, rage, resentment, self-hatred, guilt, condemnation, a toxic memory is built.

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Thoughts leads to forgiveness
thoughts and memories

It has a different type of chemical structure to a positive memory. A different electromagnetic field is formed around it that looks heavy and dark.

A toxic memory built from toxic thinking looks like a thorn tree. I will therefore be referring to negative toxic memories as “thorn trees”.

Toxic thorn trees of anger, hate, bitterness, and so forth grow like weeds and occupy space in your brain. While you are building memory, you also experiencing emotion. Learning is also an emotional experience.

The chemicals in your brain that carry the information from your thoughts also carry the emotions you experienced with those thoughts.

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They are information – emotion chemicals. They carry both emotion and the imprint or copy of the memory that was built in your brain. The chemicals of emotion are living and dynamic.

They’re released in response to your thoughts and flow through your entire body. They connect to receptors on the cells of your body and that is why you physically feel that emotional reaction.

For example, while you are meditating on that thought of unforgiveness and bitterness about your mother in law, you physically feel that high octane ping going off inside you.

By the way, when we talk about a “gut feeling” – it is real. Your digestive system is connected to your brain by nerves.

thoughts of toxic memories
Thoughts of toxic memories you think

The intestines and brain communicate via the nerves. The small and large intestines are densely lined with these nerves as well as chemicals called neuropeptides and receptors that exchange information laden with emotional content.

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That is what gives you “gut feeling”. So while you meditate on a thought, you build memory and you also experience motion.

The information from that thoughts is stored in the cortex of your brain as branches on the trees of the mind. The emotion is also physically stored in the brain in the form of chemicals that are housed in an area of the brain called the Amygdala and the deep Limbic System.

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Depending on what you think about, you’re either building healthy lush trees in your brain which are good memories or you are building toxic thorn trees that are negative strongholds.

Every time you think about that thought, those pre-existing memories in your brain are re-activated. For example, say that you have a pre-existing memory in your brain of toxic thorn trees of bitterness towards your mother-in-law.

At this point, you begin to meditate again on a thought concerning how she has wronged you and your unforgiveness towards her. While you are busy meditating on that unforgiveness, you’re building more branches on the thorn tree of bitterness in the brain.

Your thoughts can be like thorn tree
Your thoughts can be like a thorn tree

Thus you are re-enforcing it and making it stronger. Also, while you are meditating on that unforgiveness, the hypothalamus will secrete chemicals shooting into the trees of your mind where all your pre-existing memories are located.

These chemicals generate a wave of electricity that passes through the trees of the mind. It is called, the breeze through the trees.

The breeze through the trees re-activates pre-existing memory/thorn tree of bitterness towards your mother-in-law, thereby bringing those pre-existing thoughts into your conscious mind.

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When that thorn tree is re-activated, thorns on the tree secrete toxic chemicals that begin to make you sick.

In our example of bitterness towards your mother-in-law, the toxic chemicals will set in motion a sequence of chemical and hormonal reactions that can lead to breast cancer.

A thorn tree of fear and anxiety will release toxic chemicals that can lead to over 100 incurable diseases like angina, heart failure, high blood pressure, allergies, and asthma.

A thorn tree of anger, rage, and resentment can cause aneurysms, strokes, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.

A thorn tree of envies can cause osteoporosis. A thorn tree of low self-esteem and guilt releases toxic chemicals that can cause depression, addictions, migraines, weight gain, and autoimmune diseases, to name a few examples.

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