How to Win Him Back -10 Workable Ways

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how to win him back

How to Win Him Back-10 Workable Ways

how to win him back

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you broke up and are looking for ways on how to win him back.


Unfortunately, just a little number of people know what it takes to get their ex back after a breakup.  That’s why most ladies don’t take a chance.  We tell ourselves that this is a waste of time and that we will come out with a more broken heart and humiliation.

You constantly wonder if it’s possible to get him back. Unfortunately, uncertainty drives you crazy.

Fortunately, I have good news for you … Yes, love regaining is possible! Oh Yeah, You can get him back.

Nothing is too tough beyond repairs, yours is to embrace the current situation in a good faith.  And this is where we often get it wrong.

If the separation is causing you a lot of pain, the tips in this article will help you put the odds in your favor in getting your ex back for good.  We are sharing with you how to win back with just the few tricks.

Let’s go!

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Tip 1: Try To Stay Calm

win him back

Have you split up and think it’s the end of the world?

Has your man left you and you are thinking about how to win him back?

You feel remorse and think about everything you should have done differently.  You panic at the thought that your story is well and truly over.

For many people especially ladies, staying calm in times of adversity is no easy task.  It makes sense: it feels like her world has completely collapsed.  The person we loved is gone.

Recovering from a breakup is not easy.  If you are going through this right now, I would like you to take a step back from your emotions.  Try to breathe calmly and think of some things that can help you.

Stop sending desperate messages.  Don’t let frustration and anger get the better of you.  The only thing your ex needs right now is space.  By not giving her that moment of calm, you only make the situation worse.

It’s not just about getting him back, it’s also about keeping him!

First, you still have plenty of time to turn the odds in your favor.  You don’t have to convince him to come back to you today.

Even if it was your ex who broke up, he still needs time to heal before opening up to another relationship.  The panic you are feeling now is therefore unnecessary.

As long as you take the right steps, regaining love is possible, and having him back is not in any way utopic.  Also, be aware that doing this could end up missing your ex.  It might sound strange, but not seeing each other for a while is often enough to win him back.

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Tip 2: Analyze How the Breakup Went 

win him back easily

When trying to win back your ex, it’s important to carefully analyze how the breakup went.  This may not be all that important to you in terms of the decision, but let me tell you it matters a lot than you can imagine

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Understand that, there are numerous ways relationship comes to an end.   How a breakup unfolded influences how best to win back your man.

Start by considering who ended the relationship.  If it was your ex who thought the relationship couldn’t continue, you will need to convince him that there is still a possible future between you.

Did you end the relationship?  In this case, you will need to make it clear to him that you still care a lot about him and you will need to take into account that you have probably hurt him.

Also, think about what was said at the time of the breakup.  If the breakup happened in a civilized way, romantic recovery is more likely.  However, sometimes we exchange hurtful words that we don’t really mean.

In this case, you have to apologize and say that you didn’t mean what you said until you can hope to have a chance to get him back.

 Tip 3: Think About the Reasons for the Breakup

how to win him back

Sometimes ruptures are caused by a single incident, but this is rarely the case.  Usually, this happens because problems have built up over a long period of time.

To have a chance to win back your man (and not endure a second breakup), it’s a good idea to think about the factors that led to the end of the relationship.

If your car catches fire, you won’t get back behind the wheel until you know the cause of the fire.

Some people tend to think only of what their ex did wrong, but you too are probably guilty in some way.  So think carefully about what you could have done differently.

Various studies have shown that most breakups can be explained by the same reason: we don’t communicate enough.  If it turns out that this is the only “real” issue between you and your partner, chances are you can fix it and find a good relationship with your ex.

The couple may also have faced greater difficulties.  Maybe one cheated on the other, for example.

If so, you will need to go the extra mile to get your relationship to work again.  In a case like this, it is advisable to consider a couples therapist.

The main reason you need to understand your own mistakes in your relationship is that it will help you get him back.  It’s important to show your ex that you understand why your relationship has broken down.

You have to show your willingness to work on these issues for a second relationship between the two of you to be possible.

Tip 4: Cut Off Contact with Your Ex for A While

how to win him back

When you are sure you want to win him back, you may have a tendency to want to contact him again.  You miss your ex, you want to see him again, and you are ready to win him back, so why wait any longer?  Shouldn’t we get started right away?

No, that would be a mistake.

If the breakup is recent, seeing you again will inevitably lead to a lot of intense emotions.

Approaching your ex too quickly can cause a lot of discomforts, confusion, and even sadness, which would greatly reduce the chances of getting back into love.

So, it’s best not to have contact with your ex for a while.  It usually takes at least a month.

During this time, you shouldn’t just avoid face-to-face encounters but you shouldn’t call your ex, chat online, or text or email him, either.

By respecting this period of silence, you will notice that your own thoughts and feelings will be clearer and in control.  And that will be very important for the future when you decide to reestablish contact and get him back.

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Tip 5: Keep Smiling and Be Happy

win him back

Of course, your relationship is over and there is nothing to be happy about.  It’s okay to be sad.

But my advice is not to completely suppress your grief;  I just want to say that you should definitely not stay in your house crying all day, because it will not help anyone.

Besides the fact that it is, of course, better to keep doing things that make you happy, it also helps to increase your chances of getting him back.

If you want someone to fall in love with you, you better not come off as an apathetic and sad person.

This applies even more to your ex since he knows why you are sad.  If you show him that you are completely devastated by the breakup, you are indirectly telling him that you depend on your relationship for your happiness.  It’s not a healthy foundation for a new relationship, and your ex won’t find it attractive.

So keep doing things you love and try to distract yourself from your grief.  It is especially important to continue to hang out with other people.  So be sure to see your friends again very soon.

This will help you regain your zest for life and increase your chances of winning your ex back.  In addition, if ever the reconquest of love fails, you will have learned how to be happy alone!

Tip 6: Work On Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is crucial in the realm of love.

For many people, self-confidence is one of the main factors that determine their attraction to someone, and scientific research confirms it.  So be sure to give your ex a sense of self-confidence.  It is best to convey this impression because you do have confidence in yourself.

If you want to convince your ex of your worth, you have to believe in yourself first.

So work on your self-confidence.  There are several ways you can go about it.  You can get therapy or read personal development books, for example.  You can also just search for areas that you are good at or surround yourself with people you value.

It’s about showing your ex that you’re still going through life with your head held high.  This will only increase the likelihood that he will fall in love with you again. It is indeed possible and the surest way on how to win him back.

Tip 7: Make Your Ex Jealous

You might think that this doesn’t really work.  Trying to use jealousy to win him back may sound like a teen sitcom cliché.  You might even think it cruel.  Some clichés, however, are clichés because they are true, and that is undoubtedly the case here.

When something is inaccessible, we start wanting it even more.

If you date other men and your ex notices, chances are your ex is getting a little jealous.

You are probably still in his head.  So your ex is not going to appreciate seeing you go off with someone else.

The point is, your ex will see that you are “available” in the love market again.  If you don’t really feel like having sex with all kinds of people to make your ex jealous, you obviously don’t have to.  It’s more than enough that your ex feels like you are flirting with other people, or at least that you are ready to do it.

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Your ex will want to prevent you from forming a relationship with someone else.  You will awaken, so to speak, his hunting instinct.  Also, his jealousy will probably make it clear that he still loves you somewhere.

Tip 8: Make Sure He Misses You

Know how to win him back

Ultimately, the goal is for your ex to decide that he wants to find you, but before that, he will have to go through that realization first.

A good way to do this is to make sure he misses you.  This can of course happen naturally, but when you want to win back your ex, you can also try to create that lack.

It is therefore important not to be desperate and to hide the feelings you have for him a little.

Don’t be too present in your ex’s life (something that is always there can not be missed), but when you do see each other, show as much enthusiasm as possible to let him know that everything is fine.

No matter who broke up, you can be sure your ex had some doubts too.

You must answer these doubts precisely.  Your ex must be sorry that the relationship was over.  This will probably only happen when you start to miss your ex.

Show your ex that breaking up was a mistake.

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Tip 9: Take Care of Your Appearance

You might roll your eyes as you read this because you can’t believe I’m suggesting something so shallow.  You’ve been in a relationship with your ex for a while, and you know each other better than most people, so something as superficial as appearance doesn’t matter, right?

Having said that, I will try to convince you that it is important to take care of your appearance when you want to win him back.

To win him back, you have to make him fall in love with you again, and you fall in love much faster with someone attractive.

If your ex-partner crosses you with disheveled hair, bags under your eyes, and old clothes, he or she is unlikely to think, “I’m going to give it another chance.  ”

So make sure you always have clean hair, pay special attention to your personal hygiene, and wear clothes that suit you.

It can also help to get a new haircut or exercise more often.  Do whatever you can to be the best version of yourself.

Your ex already knows you.  Therefore, when you want to win him back, you have to pay special attention to your appearance in order to make a good impression.  It may seem superficial, but when you want to succeed in a romantic recovery, you absolutely have to take this advice seriously.

Tip 10: Slowly Start Flirting Again

win him back again

If you feel like the time is right, you can start flirting again.  But you should only take the initiative if you are sure you want to win him back.

Slowly you will have to give him signs that you still love him.

You have the huge advantage that you have in the past.  You’ve tried to win over your ex once, and you know exactly what he likes and dislikes.  It is by using this knowledge that you can win your ex back faster.

Be careful not to flirt too early and go gradually.  Otherwise, you risk creating confusion or fear in your ex, which can lower your chances.

Your previous relationship is over and you must now build a new relationship from the start.

I hope you find the tips in this article helpful in getting your ex back once and for all.  In love, unfortunately, there are no guarantees, but if your relationship has any chance of survival, these tips will likely help you get started on the right path.

When you get back together again, you will have to work very hard to make your new relationship work, and you will have to face your differences.  But if that means you and the love of your life can successfully resume your relationship, that’s a very small price to pay.


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