How to Make Him Want You (10 Simple Guide)

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How to Make Him Want You

How to Make Him Want You (10 Simple Guides)

How to Make Him Want You
How to Make Him Want You

A relationship that will succeed requires extra work and a twist of the normal routine. If you actually believe in playing games or not, if you want how to make him want you, then the natural laws of relationship must be burnt a bit.   

You have to raise the romantic appetite of your man to always keep him wanting to be with you all day. As a lady who is prepared to make your guy glued to you, there are certain principles in a relationship you must know. And these principles you are about to know will help you to keep a strong bond between you and your partner.


Let me take the opportunity to ask you these few questions about your relationship as you read this article.

  • When was the last time you surprised your man with a gift?
  • What value do you place in the relationship aside from offering him your body?
  • What is your role in building the relationship?
  • What new things have you added to his life since you became partners?
  • What do you think is unique about you that will not make your man not cheat on you?

I don’t require any answer but you can share yours in the comment section for my personal response to you. As you answer them yourself, it will help you to also know how to make him want you all the time without giving a gap.

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Let me also give you some tips to make him want you all the time or day in the relationship you find yourself in now.

1. Be your Own Version

How to make him want you

You don’t have to pretend to make someone happy. Keep being who you are and do not elevate yourself to be like someone. If you actually want to learn how to make him want you, then you must be yourself.

Don’t fake your own life to be like someone. Keep your own version of life with imitation. Have your own pattern of life that is unique for only you. You will eventually see how he will keep tracking and moving along with you happily.

2. Don’t Let Someone Change you

Don’t look at what others will do or say about you. You already know what you want and what you want to achieve in your relationship. Do not allow what others say to change you in any way. [Tips: Find out the hidden secrets of how to get a good man and keep him forever]

If you want to learn how to make him want you, then you must ignore all hearsay. Craft a life that fits you and your behavior. Avoid negative images that can destroy your relationship goals. Keep being yourself and nothing else.

3. Be a smart lady

How to make him want you all the time

Smart people are liked by many because of their good thinking ad the positive ideas they bring to their relationships. Beauty counts in relationships but not absolutely.

Men also like brainy ladies who can bring greater ideas to support the relationship. Don’t try to show that you are smarter than him.

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Help him with ideas for him to achieve his career goals. This will help you win his heart completely.

4. Show natural Happiness in the relationship

When you smile, you help others to forget the worries and sorrows they find themselves in. Being part of a relationship like this and learning how to make him want you to require happiness and a smiling mood. 

Do you care about his happiness? Then show him that beautiful charming smile when you are together chatting. Keep making him happy at home and he will never make you sad as well. [Tips: Check out the simple ways to make a man happy in your relationships]

5. Give Him the Attention he requires

Give him the attention you can but not too much. Just demonstrate to him you are interested in his activities and even what he says. You must be a good listener and not just talkative.

Pay attention to his words and make him feel secure in all he tells you. You have to balance your life in such a way that will make you get time for him in your relationship. [Tips: Find out the simple ways how to get his attention even if he ignored you]

6. Show Surprises

Don’t let him know you are preparing for his birthday. Let it be a surprise day for him on a special occasion you have together.

If it is his birthday, you can get him a designer shirt or even a cake for the special day.

Learning how to make him want you to require little surprises from you towards your man. Keep him in a surprised mood when he is having such a day. I promise you that you will always love to do more after your first trial.

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7. Dress Appropriately

Dressing is not about clothing only but your entire outlook should be special. From your head to toe should be your priority as a woman.

Make sure your hair smells good and change it often to keep you beautiful always. Keep dressing appropriately as if you are yet to know him. This will keep him wanting you forever in the relationship.

8. Compliment him if Necessary

Everyone loves to be complimented, the same as your man does. The key to learning how to make him want you is to show you like him. This can be done by complimenting his activities and accomplishments.

Make him feel better to have you as a partner who cares and loves his work. You can complement his work, dressing, his way of doing things, or anything nicely. [Tips: Find out our tips about how to make a man chase you in a relationship]

9. Have Love Play with Him

There are different kind’s jokes and plays that can spice up your relationship. Some can be normal teasing in a modest way and laughing with each other or even setting up your bedroom pillow play.

Gentle teasing with a coy smile will show that you truly love him and much will be displayed from his side as well. Don’t insult or use offensive words that could spark up arguments.

10. Demonstrate to Him that you’re independent

If you want to learn how to make him want you, then demonstrate to him that you are independent. An independent person is the one that the man will chase.

Don’t drop everything on him to do for you. Show that you are capable of taking on some personal responsibilities. He will chase you for your attention.

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