10 Ways on How to Keep A Woman Happy in Bedroom

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10 Ways on How to Keep A Woman Happy in Bedroom

how to keep a woman happy in bed

It doesn’t take much to understand how ladies feel just patients and care can make her feel the heaven in you. You love her, I know but do you make her happy in the bedroom.


Become the bedroom commando to this woman with just the juicy feelings in you. Woman takes time to arouse in bed unlike me who easily get aroused the moment the smooth body is touched.

There are great super sexy erotic tips on how to keep a woman happy throughout the night. Do you think making her happy means she is ready? No, she is just getting ready for you to make her happy.

Men are always accused of being self-serving without thinking of their women. Take time with me to know the best ways to keep a woman happy in the bedroom.

1. Seductive Foreplay

how to keep a woman happy in the bedroom

Prepare her mind earlier hours before time. If you want to have her in the afternoon or evening, prepare her mind earlier before the act.

Foreplay goes beyond touching, kissing, or any other sexual pleasure. Sit upright and prepare your women’s mind for the act to keep her happy before your main match.

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 2. Keep it simple

What do I mean by keeping it simple? Never ever rush to make someone extra happy, keep things simple as your own game. Are you getting my strategy? Just don’t rush like a thirsty man on the desert seeing a cup of chilled water.

Use all parts of her body to make her feel super erotic for you. I mean explore the body and don’t just be at one part of the body.

Be mindful of where she shows a reaction, and make things better to keep her happy. Gently touch her lips with yours and don’t be so quick in the act of kissing.


Give her a gentle kiss. Not aggressive kiss like others do. You have to learn how to kiss well not the prolonged type of kiss we see others do.

It should be something that makes you enjoy the moment in the bedroom. You don’t have to be sucking his mouth like ice cream, be professional in the act.

4. Master Spicy talks

Giving your lady a spicy talk will make her feel extra high for you. Tell her what you like about her inform of flattering her at that moment.

As a man, you have to master the way to pour sweet words for the queen at the moment. Don’t be arrogant, learn to be master of the courage of leaving her amazed and surprised always.

5. Know what she demands

keep a woman happy in bed

Every woman has a special thing she wants from her man during that period, get to know what she really wants. What she needs matters most. You exploring her entire body and seeking her concern will make you know what and where she wants.

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She may not tell you directly what she is interested in during the act of foreplay. You don’t need to get a direct answer before getting what she needs or wants. Be smart in identifying that probably not asking her of it.

6. Increase Her Pleasure

Women have a lot of things they want from men especially when it comes to intimacy.

Think of taking her through all the stages of intimacy pleasure. You must be with her to the pleasures she demands and let her feel every bit of the process.

It is a great step on how to make a woman happy for sex.

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7. Be Super Player When You Reached the Point of Happiness

Let me tell you this, most of us are unaware that women have a special related which is their sexual organ. It is almost the same as your scrotum. Touching it harshly is almost the same as hurting yours.

It requires smooth touches and not a rush. You having patients will ignite her happiness and unexpected shouts from her. Yes, you are on track to attracting her complete happiness.

Play her romantically and touch the sensitive part of her to get her sexually aroused during the process. As a man don’t be a one-minute sex partner. It annoys women done denying them money.

If you are not lasting longer, it might be your poor romance or health challenge. If it is health-related, get your doctor to involve in the solution or learn to get the solution.

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Touching softly her body is like an electric shock to her. She will go deem for a while since it will make her completely happy during the game. Keep it cool.

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8. Please Her with Nice Smell

Let hygiene be your priority and never look down on your woman. Please her with nice fragrance and nice dress. Let her feel proud to be with a man of purity in terms of dressing.

You must always change your dirty shots if you really want to get attracted by her. Appearing descent is part of the ways of how to keep a woman happy when you are in the bed.

She will never love you back with that sexual pleasure if you are badly dressed with dirty shots or clothing. Be neat and have it neatly.

9. Give her Compliments

Did you remember the first day you met each other? You mentioned great things that made her love you most. Do the same during the process and be innovative than being on one thing over and over. How to keep a woman happy in bedroom is determined by yourself.

Let her know how you appreciate her a lot than any other woman out there. If what you compliment her sounds awful, then don’t go ahead to make things worse.


Don’t forget to make your woman get to her climax. The above points include some of the ways on how to keep a woman happy in bedroom activities. Picking out some of the strategies may help you get a successful marriage.

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