10 Undeniable Signs she’s losing Interest in you

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10 Undeniable Signs she’s losing interest in you (What to do)

When love fades, the ripple effects are insinuations, arguments, and drama in the relationship. You may be wondering why she is not giving you time anymore, and she is even okay when you are not calling her. The truth is that she’s slowly losing interest in you and finding ways to push you away. This article will help you explore the signs she’s losing interest in you, no matter how hard you try to impress her with your fantasies.

When love starts to diminish, you have to find ways to amend it or walk away because women have various ways to push men away, especially when they are not more interested in the relationship. The fact that many relationship experts fail to tell you is that, they’ve found someone better than you and want to leave you.


They are probably thinking about you now as a result of what you have accomplished for them. Some people fear breaking your heart, but when the time is right, they will for sure do so. When you find yourself in that situation right now, I will show you all the obvious signs and the best ways to handle them.

1. The Lady Reduces Conversation

man, black man, mobile phone- Show how signs she's losing interest in you by reducing conversation

At the beginning of your relationship, it was full of time and dedication for each other. She even feels sad when she wants time to relax. There are undeniable signs she’s losing interest in the relationship. Now is the time to communicate with you.

Excuses upon excuses are now the relationship anthem she has for you. After making all the effort to talk to her, she will be complaining about funny things and wishing to end the call.

She probably did not want her new lover to know that she has you in her life because she is devoting her time to someone else. You must keep a close eye on her and interpret the significance of these facts.

2. She Always Causes Drama

Drama in relationship shows how signs she's losing interest

Although you may believe that you are the one who always causes issues, your expulsion from her is actually part of the plan. She set the stage for every miscommunication and act of violence in the marriage.

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Things that were comedies in the past are now karate movies. This is a blatant indication that she no longer cares about you. This might not be her fault because many women easily get bored in relationships.

Therefore, it is possible that your girlfriend started this drama for no reason or for other unrevealed reasons.

Some people can not end a relationship with you by being open with you. You should be able to understand what they are doing from their actions.

How to handle it

You may decide to ignore her drama until she feels well enough to talk nicely to you. If you also see signs she’s losing interest due to some factors, try to embark on holidays with her, to turn her drama into happiness and jealousy.

3. She Feels No Affection for you

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Just like we discussed in the previous signs, check her behavior and mood in the current situation. If her behavior then was so affectionate, and has now changed, then those are signs she’s losing interest in you.

She is clearly rejecting you if she starts giving you space and expressing a desire for solitude.

The Best Way to handle it

You can deal with this when communicating with her. Tell her how you are feeling and how her new behavior has affected you.

If you do this and she continues to act in this way, please give her some space or leave. This will protect your happiness and self-respect.

4. Less Attention or No Attention at All

Attention plays a key role in every relationship since it is about mutual understanding, care, and emotional life. Anything shortened in this is a foul means to tarnish what partners planned.

When attention from her starts to shrink and your girlfriend insists on being alone, then you have to look sharp.

No matter how many times you call, she will not pick up. This may be a red flag for your relationship. It may also be that she is busy with other activities.

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How to deal with it

Give her time, and don’t be in a haste to judge when that is her first time. Everybody has bad days, and not every moment is appropriate for conversation. If it keeps happening, go up to her and ask why.

5. She tries not to impress you anymore

If you have a girlfriend who suddenly stops to show you the posh dressings, the smooth talks, the attentions, and the surprises, then her line of action is changing.

If she stops doing all the fun things, then she is no longer interested in impressing you. The truth is that she is no longer interested in your activities. In this instance, she is growing distant from you.

Did you see some changes in her dressing when she moved out with you? Girls love to display their clean clothes when they are with their guys, but anything outside of this is a warning sign.

6. She Does Not Initiate Communication

signs She's losing interest with poor communication
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If you don’t call her, she will never make any attempt to call you. After she receives your call, you are the one doing the talking while she listens. Relationships should be a mutual effort, not a single source.

How to Handle It

When you realize she is not getting you the attention you want, end the conversation without hurting your feelings.

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Give her time if it is her first time behaving so. Don’t always initiate the conversation because it has become the norm.

7. Signs She’s Losing Interest: Her Loss of Happiness with You

Women enjoy moving and having fun with you in an active relationship. If you have been taking notice of your girlfriend, you will notice how she behaves when she is happy. When this happiness starts to wane, she starts to look for it elsewhere.

If your girlfriend is the fun-loving type and you begin to see her behaving otherwise, then be worried because she is slowly losing interest in you.

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8. She Is Always in a hurry to End Phone Conversations

How she behave when she is not interested

Girls love to be on long calls without getting tired when they are with the right partner. Getting to be with the right partner requires, by nature, mutual understanding.

If you have realized that your partner is always in a haste to end phone conversations, then your partner is not happy with you. These and the others are clear signs that she’s losing interest in you.

9. You are not part of his plans

Before then, she always included you in her plans. Now it has changed. She no longer includes you; she now coordinates all of her travels with other fans. She is careless about you when you go out.

These are unmistakable signs that you will not be loved again. And she’s losing interest in you day after day. This is an indication that you are not her match and the relationship is not right

How to Handle It

To get your respect and love, just walk away from the relationship.

10. Negative Body Language:

  1. Harmful Eye Contact: When she loves you, she will be happy to show you positive gestures. Without love and less interest, she will show you negative eye contact.
  2. Poor Physical Contact: You will try to touch her, but she will oppose you or not show any good affection. It doesn’t matter how romantic you are, she will never be happy with you.

These are clear signs she’s losing interest in you and the entire relationship.


To wrap up the signs, let’s have a summary of the signs she’s losing interest in you and the relationship entirely. These signs will allow you to position yourself well in the relationship.

Take a look at the list of warning signs: She cuts down on conversation, she stirs up trouble and tends to blame you, she shows less affection for you, pays you less attention, does not make an impression again, she fails to start up a conversation, she ends phone calls quickly, she treats you with less importance, and she displays negative body language.

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