Signs she is Dating Multiple Guys: 10 Undeniable Facts

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She shows the signs she is dating multiple guys

Signs she is Dating Multiple Guys: 10 Undeniable Facts

signs she is dating multiple guys
She always hide secrets information but laugh over it

One of the common signs she is dating multiple guys is that she is secretive about who she always speaks to on phone. She can even be with you and receive a call from a different boyfriend, but you will hardly know who she is talking to.

There are so many signs including her time talking to you on phone. She can even pretend to be talking to a relative when you call but will never let you know that person. If you are seeing some signs she is dating multiple guys then you must take some steps to know the truth and settle any pending issues.


Signs she is dating multiple guys? The common way to detect is her change in behavior towards you. She acts as if you are begging to be with her in the relationship. Check the sign very well because we speak from experience.

She can sometimes decide to ignore your calls and will never call back to say sorry for not answering but complains you worry her with too many calls. This is a clear sign she is dating multiple guys and want a way to take you out.

What to do when this happens?

Be clear to know you are losing her to some other guy. I won’t advise you to pick up a fight with her but study her well. Can you stop calling her for some time? Try if you can to be able to see if she is truly in for you.

Pretend she doesn’t exist to send her a signal that you can live a decent life without her. Most of the time if you are showing up much time to her, she feels overvalued and start to devalue you.

If she doesn’t follow up to find out, think twice because she can lead you to ditch if you keep pushing for love from her.

1. When she never talks about her future with you

If a woman or girl doesn’t talk about her future with you it means, you aren’t in her plans or she isn’t interested in you. You are just on the side.

Because, when a woman is interested in you, she talks about her future with you, what she expects from the relationship, how she wants it, etc.

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Her refusal to discuss such with you are signs she is dating multiple guys which she sees those more important than you.

2. Signs she is dating multiple guys? When you have never met her family or friends 

Beware and study these traits of hers very well as you find yourself in a relationship. A girl has to make her man happy in a relationship and find romantic ways to make them stay in love forever.

In your case she doesn’t even want you to see her family neither does she want you to know her friends. This is a sign you don’t have to overlook.

There could be a reason that she is discussing you with her people or she is dating multiple guys.

To know she is dating multiple guy’s. This looks odd but truth is, a lady likes to be with a few guys same time.

But among all, there could be a serious one who might know her family or have met her friends. It is your responsibility to dig deep to find out about her friends or families.

So if your partner doesn’t make an effort of introducing you to his friends or family it could be an indication that she is dating multiple guys.

What to Do if you See that signs she is dating multiple guys?

You are in a relationship to get happiness and have a dream partner. Make sure you take the bull by the horn to know her friends or family.

There will be some pushbacks and rejections to know them just because she is hiding some truth from you.

Never get disappointed when she shows pushbacks. Do your own analysis from her work side or close people to know her true friends and family.

3. Signs she is Dating Multiple Guys? She has No Time for You 

To some it’s cause of their busy schedules at work. She keeps given excuses and telling you when was busy. Shine your eye guy. She is hiding some truth

But when it is not like that from the beginning but a sudden change without giving you a reasonable examination of her busyness, it’s a sign she is dating multiple guys. All of a sudden she give an excuse for time. Be warned!

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What To Do When She Doesn’t have time for you

If she doesn’t have enough time for you give her space. Don’t always ask her why but do your responsibility as a man.

If she comes back to explain why she is not getting time for you she is deeply in love with you but just that she was busy.

4. Fighting More Than Usual 

When a woman starts fighting you unnecessarily and more than usual then it is a red flag for you. When a girl starts to compare and contrast you with other guys and it seems you aren’t leaving up to her expectations, it’s a sign she is dating multiple guys.

What to Do

Don’t be fuel to any quarrel she brings out. Be focused and never allow her to stop you from achieving your dreams. Be the most patient and do these things to get her back by changing her mind listen to you.  

Not everything demand has words so cool down your temper and know not all ladies like cheating.

She can be emotional sometimes so don’t be rude to her which may lead to misunderstandings in the relationship.

5. Her Phone Constantly Blows Up

What do you see when she is sitting next to you? Getting tons of texts and messages to her DM. she laughs at messages received but fails to say a word about them to you.

Notifications pop up frequently but she feels reluctant to check them in front of you are all red flags and signs she is dating multiple guys.

If a woman constantly avoids you using her phone or even touching or seeing it. e.g., when you ask her of using her phone to check something real quick or for calls.

There is no big deal to have an issue with it, right? Unless she is thinking what if the other guy sends me a text message?

6. She Doesn't Introduce You as Her Partner 

When a woman or lady loves you, she feels proud to introduce you to her friends or relatives.

It could be you have gone to a few events with her but she refuses to introduce you as Her Partner but rather calls your name.

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It could be you aren’t the only one in the picture and this is also a sign that she is with multiple guys.

No matter what happens she must make a point of introducing you to her family. If she doesn’t, then the red flag signs shows she isn’t in for you.

7. When Conversations Become sided

When she wants you to listen to her but she refuses to listen to yours. When she seems to have no time of hearing your problems.

This isn’t only an extremely selfish sign but a fact that you aren’t the only guy in her life. Why would she waste time hearing you out whiles probably she has a date with the other guy she might be thinking of?

A red flag shows she is with multiple guys and you are just adding up to her numbers.

8. When Your Woman Posts More Revealing Pictures On Social Media 

This means she is interested in catching the attention of other males. A woman who solicits romantic attention of this sort is likely to date multiple guys.

Be monitoring her frequent post on social media and see the captions against the post. You will get to know the meaning and her intentions about each post. She wants to keep her other guys, romantic and loving.

9. Signs she is Dating Multiple Guys? She Talks about male friends A lot 

There is nothing wrong having make friends and talking to opposite genders. But to the extent of always talking about male friends with your partner might be a sign of her dating multiple guys. She may use my male friends to cover the relationship she has with them 

Such actions from a woman could be a signal of her dating multiple partners.

10. She Read Your Messages but Does Not Reply

Don’t think this is real love. You text or chat with her she doesn’t respond. You will see she received and read but no response. It could be she is with the other guy and doesn’t want to create suspicion. You have to see that you are part of the number of guys she is dating.


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