9 Signs That Made Me Know I Love Him More Than He Does

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9 Signs That Made Me Know I Love Him More Than He Does

i love him more

Are you in love?

Do you love your partner more than he does? If yes, what made you know you love him more than he does?


If these are your thoughts, then worry no more I am going to elucidate some signs that will depict you love him more than your partner does.

I must admit that you are not the only person who has no idea about this, many people to is clueless about these signs.

When I was in college, I had broken up and gotten back together with my high school sweetheart more times than I could count. I loved him so much and I thought that since we had gone through hell and back, there was no way we wouldn’t end up together in the end.

As we got into our sophomore year of college, I began to realize that what I thought would happen wasn’t going to ever become reality because the love wasn’t mutual.

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I found myself feeling empty because I wasn’t getting the same amount of love from him that I was putting out.

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Although I felt as if I could deal with it at first, I quickly discovered how miserable and insecure it made me and ended things. Sure it hurt, but it was better to end it than to hold on to something that wasn’t meant to be. All because I love him more than how he expected.

So, if you’re not sure who may love harder in the relationship, these nine signs may be able to help you figure it out.

1. You Are Willing To Leave Your Friends Behind, But They Aren’t

In the beginning, I had nothing it was going to work out like I never dreamt of.  As a matter of fact, I love him more and am willing to do more things even leaving my close pals for him.

If you are the only one willing to miss time with your friends, you may show the most love in the relationship.

Whether you are canceling because you want to spend more time with them or because you think they’ll need you, you’re thinking too much of them.

2. They Don’t Do For You Like You Do For Them 

i love him more

A few years ago, I found myself in a relationship that wasn’t too good for me. I was doing so much for this person that I loved, but never getting anything in return.

From cooking to buying gifts, nothing was ever reciprocated — not even on holidays. Though it took me a while to honestly admit it, I knew that I loved him more than he loved me.

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3. You Feel As If They Will Leave You For Someone Better

Although this feeling can also be attributed to insecurities within yourself, if you’re feeling like he can do better than you, you just may love him more than he loves you. Putting your spouse on a pedestal will do nothing to elevate your self-esteem, but will do too much for your ego.

4. You Know More About Them Than They Do About You

I love him more than that

Lifehack noted that if you know more about your significant other than they do about you, there’s a chance that you love alone.

When your spouse is not willing to be open with you about their lives, it shows that they are not invested in the relationship.

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5. You Take More Initiative to Do Things Than They Do

According to relationship experts, if you are the one taking all the initiative to plan things in the relationship, then you may be in this situation.

Relationships take work, so if you’re the only one putting it in, you’ll always be the one loving more.

6. He Never Mentions You In His Future 

A friend of mine would always tell me about how she felt left out when her boyfriend talked about his future because he never mentioned her in it.

When having conversations with your significant other about your future, if the love is there, you will never be excluded.

7. His Dreams Matter More To You Than Your Own

If your dreams are put on hold because you want to support their dreams, you may be the one loving too hard in the relationship.

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Though it may seem as if you are encouraging and motivating them, you will find yourself unfulfilled in the end.

How can I let him know I love him more to make his dreams a reality?

8. You Always Want To Work On Your Problems & They Don’t

Lifehack noted that if your spouse is not willing to compromise on the issues that you have, you could be the one that loves more.

Relationships require both of you to work together and if only one person is doing that, the relationship is bound to fail. I felt that I love him more, so all things I do in the relationship is to make it happen for all of our benefits.

9. You Sacrifice Your Happiness For Theirs 

According to marriage counselors, if you’re making continuous sacrifices for your spouse and they are not, this is a sign that things are not as good as they seem.

Although love may be a selfless act, if you’re the only person giving, the love may only be one-sided.

I hope now your ambiguity concerning this is cleared? If you have any other questions or comments concerning these signs, leave them in the comments section


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