12 Romantic Surprises for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday to Make Him Happy

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Romantic Surprises for Boyfriend Birthday to Make Him Happy

12 Romantic Surprises for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday to Make Him Happy

Everyone deserves to be loved and your boyfriend equally will appreciate your kind gesture during his birthday. In this article, I will be sharing 12 romantic surprises for your boyfriend’s birthday to make him love you more than you could imagine.

Do you have a boyfriend? If you answered yes, then this is the article we are listing the top gift you can give to your boyfriend during his birthday. You can choose any one of the surprises and make his birthday a lovely one ever.


12 Romantic Surprises for Boyfriend’s Birthday to make him Happy

I know women have the compassion to show love and are able to surprise men more than men do women. If a woman is planning to give out something, she looks out for the best that can make her man happy. Planning to do that for your boyfriend’s birthday?

  1. Get Nice Colored Candles Lighted in His Room While He is Asleep

Get different colors of candles and light them and place them behind his bedside. When you do this while he is sleeping, he will wake up to see the happiest moment in his life.

As discussed, this should be a surprise than you doing it in his presence. You can also light candles by his breakfast to make him feel the love of his life.

These beautiful candles you lit will make him happy when he wakes up to see the beautiful light glooming through the rooming. Do it when he is not awake.

Slowly wake him up and sing “happy birthday to You” for him to see how lovely you cherish him.

2. Organize a Simple Birthday Party

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From your budget can you organize some small party for him? This will come a long way to invite lovers from different places to witness the day. You will meet his friends as well as your cherishable friends to commemorate the day together. 

Having a birthday party is a great way to surprise your boyfriend during his birthday and spend quality time together.

Invite friends to help you celebrate the day together. If your guy is cool to meet family members, then you have to invite them too. Ask him the type of people he will want to see at a party.

3. Simple Gift for him to remember

Get any gift you can afford and send it to your boyfriend. It shows some romantic surprises for your boyfriend’s birthday. You don’t need any expensive gift before he knows you love him.

As a symbol of love, I will urge you to get him a simple gift that will never be forgotten. Some gifts like personalized jewelry, wrist watch, or a laptop bag can make his day lovely.

You can have a message well written in love words for him as you hand over the gift to him.

Are you in doubt? Just append a secret message in the ring or jewelry you are giving to him. It will sound powerful and melt his heart.

4. Ask your Boyfriend to dress in a certain form

As you mark the special day for him, you can suggest what he should do for you. Have a special dress that both of you can do to mark the day. You will have to choose what to wear but it should match what he also wears. Dress formally if you can and change to casual during the late evening.

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5. Be the First to Wish Him

Many people will wish him during his birthday including his ex and old classmates. Make sure your message gets there before any other person.

Write a special message and send it to him for him to wake up and see. There are several messages you can write for your birthday during their birthday.

Try to adopt a writing style that will melt his heart. He will read your message before any other messages that will come. Read online to get an idea of how to draft a beautiful message for him.

6. Prepare His Favorite Meal

Due to pressure from work or school, we may not have time to enjoy some of our favorite meals. If you want romantic surprises for your boyfriend’s birthday, try and get him a surprise meal.

You already know what he likes, try and prepare it nicely for him to celebrate the day. If you don’t know try to aks his favorite meal. This can be done before the day of the birthday.

7. Surprise Him at His Work Place

Send him a surprise gift at his workplace to indicate how valuable he is to you. Posh flowers and sexy pictures of him at the office will make him feel loved.

8. Organize Lovers Sporting Activity for Him

If you know your boyfriend is a lover of soccer, then organize special soccer for him during his birthday. Choose where this will happen and allow a few friends to be part of the team. You can either be the coach or the referee during that special day. You will both enjoy the game and feel special for the day.

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9. Buy some special Drinks for your lover

We sometimes forget how we celebrate that day as special lovers. Do you know any special drinks he always buys and stocks in the refrigerator? You can buy some for him as his birthday present.

10. Choose to organize a special game for only two of you

This can be a romantic game you’ve never played before. Let him have the fun he never expected. Play with him in the room either than intimacy. Hide and seek games. And another playful moment with him can do well.

11. Have a Trip with Your Lover

Another romantic surprises for your boyfriend’s birthday to make his heart melt is having a couple of trips. You choose can choose to have a special trip with your partner to mark this special day.

This can be done by going to the beaches, new discoveries, mountains, or any tourist places to make your day or week special. It will allow you to spend the whole moment having chats, and fun, and ignite love.

If this can be expensive for you then look around any place to have full-day fun over there. Get balloons and decorate the place if you get to sit together.

12. Make His day a blessing

Think of any fun thing that can make his day special. It can be videoing him walking or anything special for you all. Make him smile through jokes and other lovely things.

Plan something unique to make his day. Prepare something special for him. It can be a gift he never expected. Wrap anything you want to give him to make his day.

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